November 18, 2010

Roots of Thought 1

Read this fellow comrade.
The intention is real, but the hegemony is seriously depressing, the claws of power are still clinging in the disparity of human social, created to allow oppression to run from the veins of the children,maturing through times.
Bursting into illusion created,creating a continuous enigma of our deteriorating society,where being truthful means being in vain.
Wake up people, it is for ours to be conscious!

November 12, 2010

De-Prioritized of Priority.

Read this and this, fellow comrade.
It is very clear, the collapsing in determining the priority of the government of the day, any government, really should spark a concern for those who care.
Greater direct action between all strata of oppressed people must be put at a very high level, for us to push for a better understanding of the real issues plaguing our society nowadays.
We are seeing the collapsing of the governmental institution and structures as a result of
de-prioritized of our society issues that continue to plague and badly affecting the nature of our society.
If they can fund a war, why not for education?
There is no time to spare in this struggle. Do it in every way we can.
Education as an investment, not a business.

September 26, 2010

Perspectives on Malaysia-Indonesia Ongoing Confrontations.

The ongoing disputes between Malaysia and Indonesia, is nothing less as a result of our own ignorances, our own disgraces towards our fellow humanity.

Instead of discussing the oppressive situation of the peoples, both nation, with the heavy nationalistic point of view, falls into the trap of unnecessary arguments instead of addressing the deteriorating situations term received by fellow human.

It is a pure shame, for both nation, to divert the majority oppressed people with the issues of country's sovereignty within the nationalistic scopes,when the actual beneficiaries are the people on top of the hierarchy,the government with the policies, comfortably continue to manipulate people, with the Indonesian government, continue to send their citizen, without any proper protection in term of humanitarian perspectives, and the Malaysian government, without any measures to curb the inhumane treatment received by the workers.

It is time, for us to understand the systems, to show solidarity beyond boundaries of the nations borders, it is not for the nations, but the survivals of us,the human with dignity.

  • This is an article without proper research, but it is the idea of the people that I am trying to projected, and share it with us,fellow human.

September 13, 2010

Knowledge and Its Factors of Expansionary Process in Malaysia.

Understanding of knowledge as primary priority in embarking a new sense of civilisation progress is worth to be understood by all major spectrum of society,thus leaving us with diverse range of questions of' 'what is a knowledge,actually?' and what does it meant for Malaysian?

Therefore, in a micro perspective level,I would like to list the arguments within Malaysian scopes,in order to understand the expansionary process in a localised and understandable manner of our domestic society, in no particular order.

  • At what level does knowledge comes as the priority in our society?This argument is really important to create the much needed relation between knowledge,and other symbiotical entities of social affiliation.Examples,religions,ethnicity,etc.
  • How did the penetration of knowledge literacy was first being introduced and integrated to the masses, as a whole in our social structure?In relation to the point of discussion,does structural hiearachy and bueracracy affecting the result of penetration,and what are the example of social medium responsible in providing infrastructures in the expansionary process of knowledge?
  • In what sense does the expansionary process of knowledge accumulation is being developed during three different era of Malay Sultanate,pre independence and post independence of Malaysia?This is to ensure subjective and objective observation can be determined, for a better analysis in relation in line with the time frame set up.
  • When is the exact range of time where the conciousness of knowledge were being actively elaborated?Are there any particular time range where there is sudden awareness of knowledge?It is very important to allow better understanding of the 'catalyst' involve in the process of knowledge expansionary.
  • What are the social entities representing the needs for knowledge elaborative process?examples,unions,agencies,intellectual bodies,etc.
  • Are there any blockade regarding the elaborative process of knowledge, in term of issues on social entities, for examples,stigmas,taboos,etc?And how does its affect the knowledge elaborative measures?Does the elaborative process of knowledge experience stagnation within the society milieu?says,as result of oppression,authocratic usages of authorative tools,example,government agencies?
  • Is the global social,economical and political climate affect the output of the expansionary process of knowledge?for example in term of political perspectives , the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the rises of Islamic groups in our nation political landscape?
  • Are there any definite possibilities of any sorts of cultural exchanges process responsible for the process of knowledges exchanges within the region?Such as,amalgamation, integration,assimilation and acculturation activities that occurred in the time frame proposed here.

In order to understand the needs for knowledge and its expansionary process in Malaysia, retrospective views of historical accounts regarding social, political and economical scopes of studies must be taken into account for further enhancement,especially in the needs to prioritizes our strands of knowledges for future social construction of our society fabric.

September 6, 2010

Flowers of Thought.

Exploitation is everywhere, discrimination is rampant,

What are we doing in times of wants above the needs?

Is it until when we saw all the illusion to become a reality, then we will be conscious?

Conscious of how bad, that we are actually being treated, and worst, how bad do we treat 'others'.

If the flowers of colours and vibrant bring the sorrows for others, so what do we lives and fights for?

*Flowers can be symbolise as a nation.Do hope that we can digest the meaning.For a better world

August 20, 2010

Political Culture of Schizophrenia.

The understanding of where we belong and being affiliated in the systems of society, purposely putting us into a sense of urgency in ensuring that the true connections of ideologue can be established organically, and seen as natural process of ideologue assimilation, with some of the confusion regarding the needs and practicality of the ideologue, thus making the question that were being posted here, will be an enlightenment process in reflecting the essential of an ideologue, within the scope of the society itself.

In what sense does the elements of schizophrenia are rooting in our culture?

What scopes of domestical affiliations are being affected and experienced deterioration, as a result of these phenomenon?

How does the individual, as in a unit and the masses, as in the populist measures can be identified with having a cultural schizophrenia?

At what states, does the symptoms eventually affecting the structural systems of the society?

How do we be able to distinguish and differentiate between the confusion and deterioration within the scopes of cultural aspects?

What is lacking, in term of our understanding regarding the confusion cause by self culture, involving traditional elements, says the monarch system in modern system polity?

In what limits does the cultural schizophrenia are affecting the expansionary process of domestic ideologue?

How do we establish the relation between needs and wants in cultural practices, to avoid confusion and deterioration in terms of forming a symbiotic relationship within aspects of cultural obligation and cultural progression?

In what sense does the expectation in understanding of the cultural schizophrenia will help us to assimilate between different disciplines of modern knowledge, into cultural preferences?

July 31, 2010

Language and Expansionary of an Ideology.

Language.Ideology.Two different disciplines, yet are forming an interdependent relationship in the survival of both entities.

The needs to understand both disciplines, and uncover the salient effects of both entities are worth trying, in search for the new paradigm of the society idealism.

Basically, the logic behind language is as a means of communication, and ideology, as a means of ideas achieving goals.

So what do we really can relate and form in order to effectively interpret the ideas of achieving goals,as an efficient means of communication.

I do believe that the real answer can be obtained through the understanding of below questions, in no definite order.

  1. What is the real function of language,and how do the ideas of ideology bind behind the language functionality?
  2. How do we understand language, as an analogy to describe ideology?
  3. Is the language,either being use domestically or internationally, will reflect the types of ideology form?
  4. How do we maximise the usage of language in the expansionary means of ideology?
  5. What are the actual, basic characteristics of ideology that are interdependent and significantly related to the nature of the language itself?
  6. Is there any definite language, for the world,as we are implicating the usages of democracy, as the world mainstream ideologues?
  7. How do we be able to justify language and ideology expansionary method with the locality of the society involved?
  8. And finally, is there any limit to the ideological trajectory to the language potential projected within the same scope of functional characteristics?
The questions listed above were only some of the questions that we need be able to relate and prove the workability, as the searches for a definite ideologue of the society today, I believe, lays on the basic needs to understand the basic natures of both language and ideology, which is as a means of communication for the process of ideas, which do reflect the needs of the society.

June 23, 2010

Questions on Terrorism,Media and Society.

Is it true that there is terrorism?

Or is it just a serious media manipulation in manufacturing consent regarding the situation?

Or are the terrorists merely react towards the reactionary inputs they receive from the media,thus satisfying the media reflective outputs?

The media does reflects the society.

How do our medias are being reflective of our current state of society?

June 16, 2010

Roles of Exploitation and Discriminations and Its Effects.

The nature of human, to gain profit and to practice racism, for examples, is an unnatural act within the civilized human society, which clearly deteriorate the norms of our most fundamental, and basic social construction mediums and significantly giving regressed effects onto the oppressed entities.

It must be understood, that the roles of certain divisive qualities lays in the roles of exploitation and discrimination regarding the needs of human essentialisms, both in the material and non material segments.

It is best to define human essentialism in two broad and general definitions, which can be categorized into material and non material essentialisms. The first category, which is of human material essentialism, it can be said, it is relatively related to the roles of exploitation, said the labor force.

In this particular conditions, to provide human essentialism in term of material being, the conservative, current means of doing things that is being implemented clearly gives salient divisive edge to both entities implicate, the labor and capitalists, in providing the exact output of material human essentialism, thus stimulating another formation of divisive factors of non material human essentialism, with the methods of discriminations.

As the first result of exploitation oriented methods, the latter effects of discrimination are much more devastated, where the whole pattern of human social construction can solely being build in form of policies and implementations based on sentiments, examples, referring to the extreme ideologies(religions, political views, races, etc) interpretations of and denying the natural nomadic behavior of scattering human population in searching for a better life, in particular for a better human essentialisms edge.

The practices of discriminatory in line with the conscious ignorance and perpetual isolation practices in the society, in the long term prospects will justify the undermining of human essentialisms, in a critical scarcity of human needs, examples, in medical scopes and expansionary of knowledge, and worst, if we are analyzing the discriminatory effects in a much more micro perspectives of a nation.

Human essentialism potential should be based on pure needs, with the exclusion of exploitation and discrimination to be left out from any ideology aspirations, in order to achieve the desire outcome which is not just a mere mirage, but a reality, with the key bridge in between them is the rational tolerances.

It is a total challenge for any ideologue to be perceived perfect in implementations and practices, but the trial and error within any rational interpretations, without a doubt, will soon spark a serious enlightment era to the implicate segment of the society, with the oppressed as the objectives of struggles for the betterment of the sick world of ours.

June 14, 2010

Races, In Means of Economical Exploitation

Radically said,I am no longer believe in races,unless as a means of highlighting and celebrating cultural diversity.

I do believe,in order to sustain the world, we must start looking from the same humanitarian perspectives in order for the betterment of the society can be carried out holistically.

The ability to implement the revolutionary way of doing things,should be much applauded by the society,minus the races as the factors in human building.

There are no forward in future days, unless all the stigmas are being abandoned by guts and glory of understanding ourselves of one races. Human races.

Races, ethnicity, or even natives entities, plays a very deteriorating factors in our quest for economic inclusivity policies, as the true means of social engineering construction.

Back to the roots of social construction, it is the economical edge, that continue to be the effective tools in the segregation of the races, in achieving the manipulation of political polity process.

Democratic practices, through this means of segregation, is the actual hidden power in making discrimination,said racism, a reality.

A continuous proposal and implementations in avoiding the actual interpretations of social diversity, remains the blockade in understanding the needs of economy, as the methods in resolving the woes involving racial issues and its usages to maintain political grips using races as the potent camouflage.

Resolving the issues of the races must be started by the willingness of us, the human races, to start understand that we are made up of the same material needs with the actual segregation catalyst lays within our enjoyment in enjoying the greeds of power,mainly political power to maintain economical advantage in the name of races.

As a matter of facts, the symbiotic relationship between racial discrimination and political power, in order to maintain economical manipulations is being strengthened day by day, making the world free of discrimination, is only a mere illusion.

It is nothing new to be able to present a rational argument of condemning the racial tones in our society nowadays, but the success of implementations are for us to chase with the actual believe in inclusivity idealism, starting with what we believe as the human essentialisms factors, as the pillar of changes in our way out of this misery.

Human essentialisms

(healthcare, education, absentee in any form of material or non material poverty through non discrimination channel)


It is a shame.Pure shame.

I have no doubt that here in Malaysia,there are so many of us did not have proper house,and worst,even did not have a proper sanitary systems.

Yet,our leader of today,proudly build a castle with the overall cost ballooning,for almost 100%.

I do not give a damn,if it is your money,but it is our money.The people's money.

June 9, 2010

Chartering Prospects of The New Forces.

Recent uprising of a new political bloc, comprises of Brazil, Russia, India and China with the notable acronym of BRIC, and surprisingly the Muslim populated nations of Iran and Turkey, both with a long history of civilizations, will surely chartering a new direction and prospects for the betterment or even an absolute risk of failure within the current hegemonic grips of United States and its loyalist ally, of United Kingdom.

Back with natural resources, strategically located, prominent contributor to advancement of technologies, quality and effective leaderships persona, are some of the qualities in reflections of the progressive new front of forces, but what are the actual prospects for them, in taking up the challenges for making the world a better place with the many challenges ahead.

Critical analysis must be made, through active participation of the world civil society, in order for us, to be benefit under the new flags of power with the whole disciples of human essentialism, can be thoroughly review and intensively implement.

It is the nature of power, to stimulate greed, and it is not an exclusion factor for the listed nation, unless they seriously take the forefront lead in reaching out the empowerment of its society, and best, with the participation of the whole world society within the humanity scopes comprises of their openness to articulate the ideas in economic, politics and socials, with the absolute beneficiary, is the world populations.

The biggest distractions, on reviving the needs, common needs, of the world today, come from the inability of the respective nations in working out within the same framework, for example, in human rights issues, where clearly, some of the potential nations, are still struggling to cope with the demanding needs of human rights issues to be addressed, as continuous refutations by the authorities, and worst, by the people themselves, seriously leading us away from the actual unity in building a serious power to be reckoned with.

In order to achieve the respectable positive output, there must a serious input, starting by the readiness of the top authorities, to address any matter within the scopes of humanitarian essentialisms face by any nations, in inclusive manner, rather than practicing selective exclusivity in order to gain political mileage, thus creating unnecessary consequences regarding the building up process of the much needed regenerated entities to bind people, with the world as its priority.

I do believe that the ongoing practices of divisive factors, within the nations, to protect the so called 'sovereignty' of the country, is an absolute illusion, as the people should be aspired to be guided under the same platform of humanity essentialism, which is the way forward in making the idea to be relevant, in the search for a new base of idealism, with the essentialism based humanity should be prioritized in order to propel the future power, to a new standard of responsibilities.

Justifications through the people participations, on all aspects of societal disciples, economic, and politics, are seen as the main catalyst, in enhancing the needs for democratic platform, in ensuring, that the actual objectives in setting up the new sets of world powers, is not to acquire precedents from the current imperialistic minded nations, unless to emancipate the whole world populations to a higher degree of humanity practices ,not only in their respective countries, but the world as a whole.

June 8, 2010

Of Boycotting the Egypt, and Reformations in the OIC.

The nature of this boycotting campaign is more towards as a reactionary protest of the Egypt government, rather than the people of the nation as a result of the unpopular moves of shutting down the Rafah Border taken in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Continuous condemnation, must be channel straight to the authority of Egypt, who continues to be more inclined towards the United States foreign policy rather than the masses of the Egyptian country, whom I believed in taking up an independent stance as a sovereign country.

The first steps, is by reviewing its places in the Organisations of Islamic Conferences (OIC), and holistically, taken a drastic changes to the structural of the OIC, to be an independent entities, instead of being divided under the nation flags, which clearly send a wrong message in uniting the ummah.

Secondly, OIC, must take a serious stance in highlighting the needs of the peoples comprises of economic,political and social strategically, and views human rights as the main catalyst in regenerating the reformation within the peoples movement, led by the people themselves as clearly, human rights violation is a salient rampage in most of the Muslim populated countries.

Thirdly, building an intellectual fronts comprises of scholars from various school of thoughts, in addressing the actual needs of the Ummah, instead of sidelining on the authorities of the corrupted government incapable of making a changes,as a result religious camouflages approaches, building a neo-fascism which disallow healthy and democratic debates in order to stimulate a knowledgeable society,as a whole. .

Fourthly, there must be an independent body, in every OIC states, responsible in ensuring the universalism values and essentialism needs of all the peoples society, such as the importance and enhancing of educations proggrames, are being put in line, to ensure the uniformity of people's priorities.

Fifthly,the practices of putting the religious body under the government authorities, must be intensively review, based on the meritocracy of the proposed guidelines based on the capability and ability in putting through the much needed reformation of societal interpretation based on religious intellectual disciples.

Lastly,although I believe that this should be the number one in the list, is our society must be guided by the Quran and the Sunnah, and must be seen as an important sets of constitutions,especially in the OIC political structure.

The modest lists of mine, are far from convincing and complete, as it is merely touching on the basic deeds of reformations of the OIC, instead of the whole Ummah, but I believe that OIC, is the most realistic platforms in relishing the reformations of our society, in the most democratic ways, as uphold by most Muslims.

The actual reformations process are far from being started, nor it will be started in the near future, unless we, as the Ummah, clearly have the capacity in justifying the needs, in the same social wavelength, in building, not just another political power front, unless we clearly embedded our mind that we are not going to be just another warfare based imperialistic mind, but to focus on the human, as a whole rationally, and not sentimentally.

May 31, 2010

Understanding Terrorism and Its Roots

It is simple, to fight terrorism, is by abandoning the current economic system of ours nowadays.

Suppressions have become norms.

Continuous negligence on humanity.

Basic essentials items are a scarce.

It does not take religious or races affiliation to breed potential terrorist.

Just continue to oppress the people, and through desperation.

They will become one.

And what are we doing in term of avoiding the continuation the traditional breeding ground of terrorist.

I guess we are doing nothing by still living in the same current oppressive economic systems.

I am guilty of this, and yes, I want to do something about this.

Open your eyes, listen with your ears.

This is our time, to make a different.

Please read "Confessions of An Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins, to thoroughly understand what is a terrorist actually, and what it is made up of.

May 30, 2010

Rationalization of Subsidies and Its Effects Towards Education

The rationalization of subsidies, as proposed by the government in order to control the deficit of the country's yearly budget which has steadily rose up to 7.4 percents every year since 2009 as a result of mismanagement and incompetence of the authority as projected by Malaysian Institute of Economic Research must be taken into consideration.
Still,I do believe that certain quarters of the industries should not be allowed to be interfere as a result of this so called 'rationalization of the subsidies'.

The certain quarters of sectors that need to have an absolute channeling of subsidies is the education sectors as in the objectives stated in the New Economic Model (NEM), which clearly promoting the three pillars consisting of sustainability, inclusiveness and high income trajectory for the population.

In order to implement the NEM, the failure in addressing the needs of education and its disbursement of an effective allocation towards education sector is a catalyst for a stagnant development in reaching out the objectives of inclusiveness within the nation populations.

It is my utmost fear that the resorts of slashing the subsidies for the education sectors, will negatively implicate the nation in the near future, as I believe that education should be seen as an investment for the people, and not to gain political mileage within the country political landscape.

The ability of the country premiership in securing the education towards its people, regardless of races and creeds, should be the priority in our national budget in ensuring sustainable development of the country in producing professional workforce can be achieved.

The educational literacy should be enhance, on par with the world standard, in order to gain result of the capital development for future expansionary educational process within the country, as I believe that, by providing dependable systems of education, then only the nation is in the right direction of becoming a developed country.

Once again, I am stressing that any process of cutting the education subsidies will only have stagnated implication on the seriousness of the government in creating a world class population in order to compete with the rest of the world.

Rationality Above Sentimentality.

Malaysia will be projected to be bankrupt in nine years time, and according to Idris Jala, the cause of the situation happen as a result of giving out subsidies.

I beg to differ, although the acts of supporting the subsidies is being made in a populist stance, we must understand where the country is going under this current corrupt and incompetent administration.

Surely, it is doom to fail, unless we are dare to change.

It is not merely just a change, it should be a revolution, in terms of our mind sets. We must start being total independent, and the rakyat should be the political capital in the acts of implementation, and not just another votes for the government that we are electing.

Rationality must always be above sentimentality. And it is time to do that.
Go read and participate. Spread the word.
Be part of it.

May 25, 2010

Reminder for Us

Continuous suppression on workers are daily, and worst, we did not even care to do something.
What we do really care, is how to use exclusivity instead of inclusivity in making a policies, neglecting the masses.
What are we becoming of actually?
Everyday, we are fighting on races and creeds basis, forget that we all need the same thing in our life.
Remember this.
Poverty does not account your color, so does your willingness to make a difference.

May 24, 2010

Reactionary Practices in Expansionary of Idealisms

It is deemed as a natural and organic process of civilisations to challenge its past, and in order to survive the rigorous process of that, the nature of idealisms practises must be in line with its forces, the society.

However, the ability to withstand and balance the relative position of theory and practice differ from the social and the physical sciences application thus creating a void for reactionary practises, to prevail as a result of failure to content with the progressive nature of its milieu.

Although it is common to experience reactionary practises, as part of the idealisms expansionary process, the inability to interpret and tackle the societal reality of its economical, political and social, at the first place, will only lead to total failure in the survival of the idealisms itself.

The absentees of idealisms, within its scopes of implementation left us, the people with various scopes of reactionary groups to prevail. For a salient example, the failure of capitalism, bring us with another set of idealism, which is the socialism and vice versa, as a result of active reactionary practises within the society.

Society participation, in the process of reactionary practises, must be encouraged, to avoid any totalitarian nature of the governing authorities in working against the essentialism of society needs, in order to build a sustainable scopes of ideology within the relevant principles, with the society, as its primary objective of ideology.

Anything beyond the affiliations of the society, will project to a negative negation for the idealism practises in the process to abide by the nature of the social affiliations, and its ability to tackle the prevailing conflict of interest within the governing authorities and the masses.

The reactionary practises, comprises of societal elements must be stimulated by the humanity approaches, led by virtue of principles of its society, and not by the interference of the ideology as it must be in line with the needs of society essentialisms.

Any resort of reasonable or even anarchist approaches, whether by the government of the people or by the people of the government, must be deemed suitable in instilling the real reactionary of idealisms, to enhance and stimulate the society to the maximum level of understanding to their own set of idealism, and principles.

As a matter of facts, any idealism practises, without the reactionary practises within its scopes of implementations, without confrontations and arguments on its dogma, is destined to fail, as the dependable system in order to rebuilding our corrupted civilisations.

May 19, 2010

Understand and Criticizes of State's Relation.

Recent economic downturn of the United States of America, affecting its allies of powers around the world, really was a blessing in disguise for all those in power of our respective country to create and venture into another bilateral and unilateral relationship to distant ouselves, from the hegemony and imperialist politics approaches of the United States and its junior partners allies.

This radical idea of mine in forming a structurally solid government backed by the people centric alliance, are in purpose of creating a more credible, reliable relationship within the nations based on mutual respects, and to uphold the sovereignty of the respective country by the people themselves in order to isolate the power of the modern day imperialist.

The continuous oppression of the United States, especially in terms of their economic policies, were seen as an effective tools in creating a successful divide and rule bloc, by using the means of segregating the integral part of the world society in various exploitation incidences regarding the human rights, which only exposed us, the nations under the so called authorities of the world, both, to their own game of profit, for the allies, and poverty, for those who revolt.

Palestin-Israel conflict, for an example, continue to be the scapegoat of this kind of salient exploitation as a result of our strong dependency on United states foreign policy, deteriorating the functionality of a sovereign country in condemning any forms of human right issues. As a result of this situation, the foreign policy conscience the allies’ nation’s only to a limited scope of physical intervention, except for minimal impact objection, for an example, only during the United Nation meetings.

Worst, any means of democratic measures, involving the humanity means in forms of medical supplies to the badly affected areas of the Palestinian territories also being restricted as it is deem to be seen as against the policy ruled, and roughly being implemented by the United States to the people of Palestin.

It is an absolute shame and disgrace to the entire nation, who practises total silences in order to maintain the authoritive power within their own country, by any shameful means as the exploitation does not stop by stopping the United States only, as the real catalyst of the implementations success, are always the authorities of the nations themselves by agreeing in establishing a puppet regime, by repeatedly turning blind eyes to the real situation and deaf ear to the plight of the oppressed as a result of to satisfy the imperialist state of mind and own lust of power.

Indeed, there is no other suitable time of urging the peoples of all the nations, to have a very serious consideration regarding this situation except for now, by enhancing our respective bilateral and unilateral relationship between nations in creating understanding regarding this situation, to stop, total dependency of the economical grips by building sustainable allies of ourselves.

We must be on the forefront of this idea, through understanding of the real issues, which is our failure in creating an independent economic system, which is currently structurally exposed to various serious exploitation, by the introduction of the free market, which permit the United States of comfortable interference within our national landscape. And the recent economic downturn, I believe was a key turning point for all of us, who believe that egalitarianisms within people of nations should to be put in practices.

However, the questions will remain, whether we are really up to the challenges ahead, by creating formidable alliances, with those who believes that all nations and its people are created equal as to ensure the success of this idea of mine, with a great solidarity from the peoples to abandon the corrupted old regime system.

*As in the proposed idea of mine, I do believe that, the people should be put on top of the nation, to avoid any contradiction and conflict of interest within nation, by merely focusing on the state of its peoples, and the nations, only acts as the common platform of the people.

*United States was being choose, to portray what a dominant force could do, to the other part of the world, if the power is left unchecked.

May 18, 2010

Media Failures on War Against Terrorism

The understanding of recent terrorist acts occur around the world today can be traced back and analyze based on several integral factors embedded in the issues surrounding the terrorism itself. One of the factor worth to argue lays in our roots of dogmatic, biased understanding of different culture in affiliations within our own media practices.

The media ability in articulating reports regarding terrorism can only make the perception of religious-based terrorism worsen day by day in our new, globalised era of information as in the study by Noam Chomsky on the Iraq invasion by the United States which had created " a sevenfold increase in the yearly rate of fatal jihadist attacks",which clearly justify the needs to reform how the new form of media should be maximized in order to minimize the impact of terrorism,in years to come.

It must be understood by all, that most terrorism acts are being catalyzed, by self ignorance and isolation of the society, towards the roots of dogmatic lies being spread out as a result of sidelining the media potential, as relevant medium in portraying the much needed information.

Various sources of information in revealing the current acts of terrorism, within affiliations scopes, whether it is religion or nation, are something to be condemned off. It must be spared in mind that, terrorism has no affiliation, except as a result of our own affiliation's ignorance.

For an example, take the case of Faisal Shahzad,the alleged terrorist Pakistan born American by citizen. In this particular case, there is a significant growing dillusionment with his own country system failure in addressing the needs in building a bridge of cultural understanding, and the failure of the media in reflecting unbiased information, which is getting scarce day by day and it is not a minority cases affecting our milieu today.

The medium of media information now, is no longer just a mere information carrier, it has being used as an effective political warfare tools in carrying propaganda against terrorism as it is now, but I do believe that this kind of media practice will only produce more harm than good, in infiltrating more damages towards the relation of terrorism and on the implication of affected nation.

The quick allegation of the media especially on terrorism acts in making various statements and claims towards certain affiliations is a sheer regret, as it does implicate a serious complication in fighting and winning the war of terrorism, which is producing more and more potential terrorist as a result of misinformation in affiliations within the terrorist networking, mainly operating where there are continuous suppression and oppression in the region by the so called authorities of the world.

Logically said, why are there continuous occupations by United States, in those region unless to spark a new risk and potential of rebel terrorism?

Is that the only way in spreading the idea of democracy, which is through undemocratic preaches, which is the war?

These are some of the question that the media of the day need to answer, before implicating any acts of terrorism within any scopes of affiliations, in order to divert the war on terrorism to its right place, which is our ignorance in celebrating our own differences.


For the people of Thailand ,march on!

May 16, 2010

The Unbecoming of Party Oriented Nation.

The failure of civil society in recognizing the much needed reform in projecting the political orientation of our country will lead us into oblivion perspectives in our nation development.

Indeed, the confusion of party, as the platform of nation struggle, should be put to an end in order to path the new way of struggle within the society, which is through their total participation, minus the involvement of the political party as their base of movement.

The struggle movement of the civil society, should instead focus on widen their societal ideologue comprises of nation interest, above any political strand available in our nation political landscape to enhance the effectiveness in overcoming the woes of the nation.

Sets of arguments should be tolerated, by those who believe for truth to prevail, and not unveil, unless by the participation of the society at large and not just confine to the party views and dictatorships of its related authorities figures.

The ability for society to take charge of the political progress of the nation, should be seen as the pure democracy practices and the way forward in relishing the real opportunity of creating a utopia society.

The confinement of party, as the movement of people, should be seen as a deteriorate medium, as the movement of the peoples are being oriented by the rigid party principles, and not the principle virtues of the people themselves.

In order to understand the needs of the party, we should first understand its factor of party's formations, which mainly consists of majority supported affiliations concept, for example, religions, races or even idealism based party.

As stated above, affiliation is the most significant factor of party formation, but how about those in civil society, who have different sets of argument? Are they will be sidelined as a result of the so called majority?

So, how is the process of democracy going to take place, within the confinement of the narrow parties perspectives, when at the first place there is real, significant neglection in our part of society?

It is our time and duty of relishing a total holistic approach of democracy, in celebrating the needs of multi stranded ideology in political orientation by avoiding any forms of selected and biased democracy practices among the peoples of the Malaysian state.

May 13, 2010

What's up,PERKASA?

It is a basic logic, for you to gain support, you should have the support of the majority, and it is what PERKASA has been doing intensively within the last two years, post of 12th general election.

They claimed that, the Malays are being threatened to lose their stake of their own mother soil. Or is it?

Behind every logic, there is reason, and for PERKASA to claim that, they should provide us, the rakyat, with some statistics and facts to support its logics, which they did not and fail to do so, except for playing with sentiment driven propagandas.

I do think and believe that, it is not merely the power, it is the lust of power, within the so called nationalist scope of ideologue, that they are continue to suffer the disillusionment of losing power. It is the protectionism of the Malay Borguise, hiding behind the Malay peasent, in order to tighten and maintain the grip of power, in order to sustain the wealth of the status quo, manipulatic minds of powers within our country.

In order to justify that, we should look at the PERKASA's so called struggle all this while, are they really fighting for the oppressed majority Malay?

I am daring to say NO. Just have a really good sense of mind, and do think.

  1. Are they fighting against the government implementations of the Goods and Services Tax, which clearly affect 60 percent of the Malays majority household?
  1. Are they fighting for the minimum wage requirement for all the Malay, to be able for them to lead a better life?
  1. Are they fighting against the usage of English, instead of our national language for Mathematics and Science in our school?
  1. Are they fighting against the government actions of relocating and taking the land from the people of Berembang, Segambut and Plentong Jaya?
  1. Are they against the government usage of all the oppressive acts (Internal Security Act, University and College University Acts, etc) which clearly affect the Malay majority?
  1. Are they against the FELDA policies, which clearly have gone to be used as some to enrich only themselves?
  1. Are they against the maksiat, of all kinds in our top national leaderships?
  1. And most importantly, at the first place, are they setting a good example, of how a good Muslim should behave and embrace their brothers and sisters of different religions, races and creeds?

Justifications of races or any chauvinist minded idealism, as a platform of political struggle is something that we must avoid in relishing the construction of a true Malaysian state, in achieving what, we as a Malaysian really deserve for our country future.

May 12, 2010

Urge for All Young People.

The task in reviving the spirit of the young generation, must be put in line now, for those who believe in real reformation of our country, by thinking above partisan line, but full of principle in virtues of what a reasonable country man, would do and not do, in understanding the real, significant problems lies, in the roots of the Malaysian society.

Egalitarianism in terms of treat is a mere illusion of our struggle as there is no clear hope in our survival, thus making the reality far from convincing unless there is a revolution of society mindset, in understanding of where the problems rooted.

We do and are expecting nothing from those in current authorities, except for continuous aggression and baseless propaganda of 3R,the Races, Royalty and Religions, as the tools of majority manipulative medium, in curbing the vocation of the young people's responsibilities.

The decaying and rotting institutions, of the political, societal and economical milieu of our country, should be seen, as the real opportunity in diverting the axis of traditional power, to the real, dynamic, energetic people’s power led by the young people, with young minds of idealisms.

In fact, it is something extremely very important in creating forces of idealism and forces of implementations, in terms of the masses, with the young people as the catalyst of the movement.

It may be seem to be idealistic in nature, but the nature of the reality now in Malaysia, is a way far more worrying, and if the trends of isolation and ignorance within the young to continue, it will only lead to one thing, the disarray of Malaysia, as the whole nation, and remarkable failure of a fail country once a power to be.

Continuation of the young in making the silent majority a base of their options, are and should not be encouraged, as it is the mental and physical toughness of us, that prevail the true caliber ,in order to address the societal calamities, involving every roots of our nation woes.

Discouragement of the silent majority culture must be seen as the ignition in creating the much needed reformations within the corrupt institutions of ours, by creating significant mobilizations, participation, through holistic approach of the power to behold, on why and how the systems are working within the Malaysian society structural, in general, and the world, as a whole.

History has always repeated itself, and it would not be a failure, for us, the young people to triumph above the stagnant idealisms of the old in creating the world of ours. We should not be the victim of the struggle, unless the victor in our clashes of war.

Manipulation of Malay Votes,And Its Effects on Nation.

Circa 1999,the distribution of parliament seat was being made centrically among mixed race constituent, in order to maintain the status quo of the current government after post year 1998 Reformation, mainly to avoid the greater effect of Malay swing vote.

In 2008, the same seat allocation was still in practice, and a greater Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian swing vote happened, thus making the reduction in traditional government parliamentary seats especially in mixed constituents area.

We can conclude that, the so called nationalist of our country, are willing to manipulate the Malay vote’s bank, by using the issues of Malay supremacy, as their main political issues and continue to divert the needs and priorities of the nation, before parties.

The questions remained on the government side of the day, whether it is true, that they are fighting for Malay centric agenda, or is it just merely a political survival using race, as the camouflage?

I believe that, the justification of power survival is the main motive behind the reshuffling of parliamentary seats on year 1999 general elections, and we should continue our analysis for this upcoming general election, with I am predicting there will be a major overhaul within parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak, in order to maintain the status quo of the government.

Is it the status quo of the so called one race that we are going to defend, or the nation as a whole?

The choice is yours to make.

May 11, 2010

New Paradigm of Democracy Interpretation,United Kingdom Post Election

The failure of three main political parties, Labour Party who reigned the premiership for 13 years, Liberal Democrat Party, the unlikely king maker of British political horsepower and Conservatives Party as led by David Cameron in making the first significant political breakthrough, to gain a comfortable majority and absolute mandate in the last general election of United Kingdom had spark a new dimension of understanding within our political milieu.

The question remains whether is there a new paradigm of understanding the meaning of democracy, in order to stimulate the much needed reform in our political faith?

I believe the answer is yes.

The recent democracy practices of electorate, is the main power in creating the much needed understanding of the new sets of democracy rules, where uncertainty of the government, meant as the real political power for the peoples

It may seem as anarchistic in nature, but the totalitarian state of the government is more dangerous in nature, as the whole state power, are within their own compound.

The real nature of democracy is from the people, for the people, as ruled by Abraham Lincoln and it must be understood, and cannot be underrated by any means of power, except by the people themselves .The utopian society of idealism, are within our reach as the basic roots of democracy, is being revived through the political understanding of ours.

It is time, for us, to have a clear, distinguish facts, in the argument of political government, whether we, the people who are leads, or are we just another political means of manipulation in achieving political consensus among the so called leaders of our day.

The logics behind these issues is that we are too vulnerable for all propaganda that are being spread out by the authorities, in example, how could the united kingdom government allow the continuation of suppression in Iraq, using war as the answer, when at the first place, I believe that most British peoples were against the idea of war at the first place as initiated by the former prime minister, Tony Blair in ordering its troops for an invasion of Iraq, with another allies?

The imbalance of representatives’ numbers in the system of Westminster, should put democracy of principle to their own test, sticking to a more people oriented approaches, in order to create a new significant symbiotic relationship between the people, and the government they have elected.

It would be a blessing of disguise, for those who believes in quality, instead of a strong quantity, if we can really articulate the idea of creating strength within principle as laid by the peoples themselves, implemented by the government, and not by numbers only, as logically said, quality does not mean quantity.

This idea is a pure hypothetical analysis on how we can stretch our power, instead on focusing on the power of authorities, which are supposedly in line with the majority of the peoples.

Hope are something that is not going to make us fail, and the hope in seeing these continuation of electoral trends is hypothetical, in achieving the balance notions between the idea of 'anarchistic' or pure 'totalitarian' in modern day practices of democracy.

Let us hope only the best to prevail.

March 6, 2010

On Proposing Realistic Relation Between Studying and Working Milieus.

The understanding of working ethics according to Freidrich Engels is for someone to to enrich themselves in a continuous learning process in order to be independent,to survive in the constant evolution of working milieu.

Significantly,the contradictions of the learning process approaches within the working environment had changed the process and method,and worst,affecting the basic foundation of the process itself,the education,as a whole structure of symbiotic relationship between the relevant of studying and working environment.

Is it only a coincidence that we are seeing peoples are being hindered of their chances in terms of social sphere exposure of studying thus affecting the scopes of works prospects based on the inability to rationalize and adapt the Engels ideas of working ethics?

Or are we facing the ignorance on the most fundamental basis of our social systems comprises of the social,economical and political perception towards the deteriorating efficiency of the systems in use of our current modern society in celebrating the ethics of works as proposed by Engels?

Chances that we are,the majority of the masses of the human race,lagging behind is as a result of continuous discrimination policy in creating salient relationship between working and studying,thus affecting the whole strata of our society in understanding the 'Domino effect' between working and studying in a long term prospects towards the modern civilizations of ours thus rely heavily in our responsibilities to change our way of articulating the power of education.

So what are we doing in order for the consciousness of the people regarding the understanding of the education and working to be achieved,in order to liberate us from denying us of celebrating the diversity of knowledge disciples in studying and the applications during practices to create the much needed relevancy of affiliation between studying and working?

Or is it just a mere illusions of Engels's idealisms himself?

February 26, 2010

Thoughts on Potential Civilization's Assimilation.

The needs for the emergence of thinking regarding assimilation of civilization should be understand holistically to ensure the survival of the human kind in their own natures and milieus.

The consequences of historical civilizations are one of the most important structures of our historical entities,in understanding the symbiotic relationship between the elements of the civilization,and the discipline applications towards the social sphere milieus itself.

There is a need for thoughts to counter the theory of 'The Clash of Civilization' as proposed by Samuel P. Huntington to ensure the survival of the civilizations to be prevailed by its own qualities and values,and not by its reasons of deteriorations factors.

In order to propose the assimilation factors of civilization,we must first be able to understand the issues comprises of the relevance ideas regarding the subjects hold.Here, I would like to share some of the ideas related to the matter of discussion.

  1. How do we integrate the differences and similarities prevail in our history of civilization?
  2. Is there any possibilities that the continuous process of civilization can be proceed,without the needs of the civilization destruction?
  3. What are the mains catalyst of civilization assimilation factors?
  4. How do we articulate and understand the levels and process of civilization in our history?
  5. What are the main objectives of assimilation process in relation to the survival of the civilization?
  6. How long does does it takes for a civilization to be established based on the universalism of its approaches?

Conclusions are far from being achieved here,as it is only a matter of time,before we can fully understand the actual needs of an assimilations theory for our civilization comprises of the exclusivity and inclusivity of the social sphere to achieve the continuity and survival of the human races.

February 17, 2010

Youth Isolation of Political Idealisms.

The practicing of political idealisms regarding our society today is a worrying and unhealthy trends of our national landscape in terms of the isolation participation from the youth through the sets of repressive law such as University and College University Acts (AUKU) being imposed on them as a tools to manipulate and means of preserving the status quo of the authorities.

I do believe that it will only lead to two astray condition of our future society,the sheer ignorance and fanactisms,thus affecting the social fabric of our country in creating imbalance strand in terms of healthy developments of political idealisms.

So,what do we have to say regarding this worrying isolation trends of our youth society?
Is it worth of our country future?

Deferring formation of Malaysian identity.

What are the main causes of that situation to our society today?
Is it the anxiety,a feeling of inferiority and suspicion and mistrust of other races,among us all?
What are we doing in term of nation building,except for all the political rhetorics to gain the political mileages?
Where do the suspicion and rejection manifests itself in term of symbiotic relationship of our society?
Do we understand,our own important roles in relishing the objectives of becoming the catalyst of our nation movement?
And at the first place,how do we start the formation of the Malaysian identity?

January 23, 2010

Zionisms, a thought of our country.

Zionisms, is an idealisms transcends the race usages, where racism, supremacist and distant religions notions perceived to prime in our modern world.
Guess who is practicing it now, in our country?

State of Malaysian civilisation?

Ibnu Arabi had stated in his studies, that there are three types and states of civilisation process.

The first one is the civilisation pioneered by the religious movement and interference.

The second one is being triggered by the development and improvement and knowledge guided by the wisdom of the civilised peoples.

And lastly, the collapse of the civilisation process through the lust guided incompetence characters in articulating the needs of the peoples.

Is there anything that we can relate for our country social standing now, in the wake of the issues regarding the Allah usages for non Muslim to our own state of civilisation?

Clearly, we are not using the first and second one, but we are using the third one.

Do think, and change.

A Second Thought of the Internal Security Acts.

We must start to think now,what is Malaysia,after the draconian law of ISA is sucessfully being repealed?
We must look at it,in a new perspective, a non partisan strand of view.
Is Malaysia has an adequate sets of acts and laws to control the unexpected scenarios regarding our social fabric?
Is the whole systems of justice ready to undergo the transition, to handle the cases of the unexpected scenarios?
How can we define the cases that can affected our social milieu?
There are many others things to be considered.
Before making a decision.
Let us think before act.
Still,the ISA need to be abolished.

January 7, 2010

Call for all of us.

There is no other way to show our anger.
Let us get down to the street,demonstrating.
They are using the 3 R,royalty,races and religions only for themselves.
I do hope, there will be a concious movement among all of us.
Sincerity,tolenrancy,it is all gone.
It is for us to find one.
One for our country.
Unite people of my country!