March 6, 2010

On Proposing Realistic Relation Between Studying and Working Milieus.

The understanding of working ethics according to Freidrich Engels is for someone to to enrich themselves in a continuous learning process in order to be independent,to survive in the constant evolution of working milieu.

Significantly,the contradictions of the learning process approaches within the working environment had changed the process and method,and worst,affecting the basic foundation of the process itself,the education,as a whole structure of symbiotic relationship between the relevant of studying and working environment.

Is it only a coincidence that we are seeing peoples are being hindered of their chances in terms of social sphere exposure of studying thus affecting the scopes of works prospects based on the inability to rationalize and adapt the Engels ideas of working ethics?

Or are we facing the ignorance on the most fundamental basis of our social systems comprises of the social,economical and political perception towards the deteriorating efficiency of the systems in use of our current modern society in celebrating the ethics of works as proposed by Engels?

Chances that we are,the majority of the masses of the human race,lagging behind is as a result of continuous discrimination policy in creating salient relationship between working and studying,thus affecting the whole strata of our society in understanding the 'Domino effect' between working and studying in a long term prospects towards the modern civilizations of ours thus rely heavily in our responsibilities to change our way of articulating the power of education.

So what are we doing in order for the consciousness of the people regarding the understanding of the education and working to be achieved,in order to liberate us from denying us of celebrating the diversity of knowledge disciples in studying and the applications during practices to create the much needed relevancy of affiliation between studying and working?

Or is it just a mere illusions of Engels's idealisms himself?

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