June 23, 2010

Questions on Terrorism,Media and Society.

Is it true that there is terrorism?

Or is it just a serious media manipulation in manufacturing consent regarding the situation?

Or are the terrorists merely react towards the reactionary inputs they receive from the media,thus satisfying the media reflective outputs?

The media does reflects the society.

How do our medias are being reflective of our current state of society?

June 16, 2010

Roles of Exploitation and Discriminations and Its Effects.

The nature of human, to gain profit and to practice racism, for examples, is an unnatural act within the civilized human society, which clearly deteriorate the norms of our most fundamental, and basic social construction mediums and significantly giving regressed effects onto the oppressed entities.

It must be understood, that the roles of certain divisive qualities lays in the roles of exploitation and discrimination regarding the needs of human essentialisms, both in the material and non material segments.

It is best to define human essentialism in two broad and general definitions, which can be categorized into material and non material essentialisms. The first category, which is of human material essentialism, it can be said, it is relatively related to the roles of exploitation, said the labor force.

In this particular conditions, to provide human essentialism in term of material being, the conservative, current means of doing things that is being implemented clearly gives salient divisive edge to both entities implicate, the labor and capitalists, in providing the exact output of material human essentialism, thus stimulating another formation of divisive factors of non material human essentialism, with the methods of discriminations.

As the first result of exploitation oriented methods, the latter effects of discrimination are much more devastated, where the whole pattern of human social construction can solely being build in form of policies and implementations based on sentiments, examples, referring to the extreme ideologies(religions, political views, races, etc) interpretations of and denying the natural nomadic behavior of scattering human population in searching for a better life, in particular for a better human essentialisms edge.

The practices of discriminatory in line with the conscious ignorance and perpetual isolation practices in the society, in the long term prospects will justify the undermining of human essentialisms, in a critical scarcity of human needs, examples, in medical scopes and expansionary of knowledge, and worst, if we are analyzing the discriminatory effects in a much more micro perspectives of a nation.

Human essentialism potential should be based on pure needs, with the exclusion of exploitation and discrimination to be left out from any ideology aspirations, in order to achieve the desire outcome which is not just a mere mirage, but a reality, with the key bridge in between them is the rational tolerances.

It is a total challenge for any ideologue to be perceived perfect in implementations and practices, but the trial and error within any rational interpretations, without a doubt, will soon spark a serious enlightment era to the implicate segment of the society, with the oppressed as the objectives of struggles for the betterment of the sick world of ours.

June 14, 2010

Races, In Means of Economical Exploitation

Radically said,I am no longer believe in races,unless as a means of highlighting and celebrating cultural diversity.

I do believe,in order to sustain the world, we must start looking from the same humanitarian perspectives in order for the betterment of the society can be carried out holistically.

The ability to implement the revolutionary way of doing things,should be much applauded by the society,minus the races as the factors in human building.

There are no forward in future days, unless all the stigmas are being abandoned by guts and glory of understanding ourselves of one races. Human races.

Races, ethnicity, or even natives entities, plays a very deteriorating factors in our quest for economic inclusivity policies, as the true means of social engineering construction.

Back to the roots of social construction, it is the economical edge, that continue to be the effective tools in the segregation of the races, in achieving the manipulation of political polity process.

Democratic practices, through this means of segregation, is the actual hidden power in making discrimination,said racism, a reality.

A continuous proposal and implementations in avoiding the actual interpretations of social diversity, remains the blockade in understanding the needs of economy, as the methods in resolving the woes involving racial issues and its usages to maintain political grips using races as the potent camouflage.

Resolving the issues of the races must be started by the willingness of us, the human races, to start understand that we are made up of the same material needs with the actual segregation catalyst lays within our enjoyment in enjoying the greeds of power,mainly political power to maintain economical advantage in the name of races.

As a matter of facts, the symbiotic relationship between racial discrimination and political power, in order to maintain economical manipulations is being strengthened day by day, making the world free of discrimination, is only a mere illusion.

It is nothing new to be able to present a rational argument of condemning the racial tones in our society nowadays, but the success of implementations are for us to chase with the actual believe in inclusivity idealism, starting with what we believe as the human essentialisms factors, as the pillar of changes in our way out of this misery.

Human essentialisms

(healthcare, education, absentee in any form of material or non material poverty through non discrimination channel)


It is a shame.Pure shame.

I have no doubt that here in Malaysia,there are so many of us did not have proper house,and worst,even did not have a proper sanitary systems.

Yet,our leader of today,proudly build a castle with the overall cost ballooning,for almost 100%.

I do not give a damn,if it is your money,but it is our money.The people's money.

June 9, 2010

Chartering Prospects of The New Forces.

Recent uprising of a new political bloc, comprises of Brazil, Russia, India and China with the notable acronym of BRIC, and surprisingly the Muslim populated nations of Iran and Turkey, both with a long history of civilizations, will surely chartering a new direction and prospects for the betterment or even an absolute risk of failure within the current hegemonic grips of United States and its loyalist ally, of United Kingdom.

Back with natural resources, strategically located, prominent contributor to advancement of technologies, quality and effective leaderships persona, are some of the qualities in reflections of the progressive new front of forces, but what are the actual prospects for them, in taking up the challenges for making the world a better place with the many challenges ahead.

Critical analysis must be made, through active participation of the world civil society, in order for us, to be benefit under the new flags of power with the whole disciples of human essentialism, can be thoroughly review and intensively implement.

It is the nature of power, to stimulate greed, and it is not an exclusion factor for the listed nation, unless they seriously take the forefront lead in reaching out the empowerment of its society, and best, with the participation of the whole world society within the humanity scopes comprises of their openness to articulate the ideas in economic, politics and socials, with the absolute beneficiary, is the world populations.

The biggest distractions, on reviving the needs, common needs, of the world today, come from the inability of the respective nations in working out within the same framework, for example, in human rights issues, where clearly, some of the potential nations, are still struggling to cope with the demanding needs of human rights issues to be addressed, as continuous refutations by the authorities, and worst, by the people themselves, seriously leading us away from the actual unity in building a serious power to be reckoned with.

In order to achieve the respectable positive output, there must a serious input, starting by the readiness of the top authorities, to address any matter within the scopes of humanitarian essentialisms face by any nations, in inclusive manner, rather than practicing selective exclusivity in order to gain political mileage, thus creating unnecessary consequences regarding the building up process of the much needed regenerated entities to bind people, with the world as its priority.

I do believe that the ongoing practices of divisive factors, within the nations, to protect the so called 'sovereignty' of the country, is an absolute illusion, as the people should be aspired to be guided under the same platform of humanity essentialism, which is the way forward in making the idea to be relevant, in the search for a new base of idealism, with the essentialism based humanity should be prioritized in order to propel the future power, to a new standard of responsibilities.

Justifications through the people participations, on all aspects of societal disciples, economic, and politics, are seen as the main catalyst, in enhancing the needs for democratic platform, in ensuring, that the actual objectives in setting up the new sets of world powers, is not to acquire precedents from the current imperialistic minded nations, unless to emancipate the whole world populations to a higher degree of humanity practices ,not only in their respective countries, but the world as a whole.

June 8, 2010

Of Boycotting the Egypt, and Reformations in the OIC.

The nature of this boycotting campaign is more towards as a reactionary protest of the Egypt government, rather than the people of the nation as a result of the unpopular moves of shutting down the Rafah Border taken in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Continuous condemnation, must be channel straight to the authority of Egypt, who continues to be more inclined towards the United States foreign policy rather than the masses of the Egyptian country, whom I believed in taking up an independent stance as a sovereign country.

The first steps, is by reviewing its places in the Organisations of Islamic Conferences (OIC), and holistically, taken a drastic changes to the structural of the OIC, to be an independent entities, instead of being divided under the nation flags, which clearly send a wrong message in uniting the ummah.

Secondly, OIC, must take a serious stance in highlighting the needs of the peoples comprises of economic,political and social strategically, and views human rights as the main catalyst in regenerating the reformation within the peoples movement, led by the people themselves as clearly, human rights violation is a salient rampage in most of the Muslim populated countries.

Thirdly, building an intellectual fronts comprises of scholars from various school of thoughts, in addressing the actual needs of the Ummah, instead of sidelining on the authorities of the corrupted government incapable of making a changes,as a result religious camouflages approaches, building a neo-fascism which disallow healthy and democratic debates in order to stimulate a knowledgeable society,as a whole. .

Fourthly, there must be an independent body, in every OIC states, responsible in ensuring the universalism values and essentialism needs of all the peoples society, such as the importance and enhancing of educations proggrames, are being put in line, to ensure the uniformity of people's priorities.

Fifthly,the practices of putting the religious body under the government authorities, must be intensively review, based on the meritocracy of the proposed guidelines based on the capability and ability in putting through the much needed reformation of societal interpretation based on religious intellectual disciples.

Lastly,although I believe that this should be the number one in the list, is our society must be guided by the Quran and the Sunnah, and must be seen as an important sets of constitutions,especially in the OIC political structure.

The modest lists of mine, are far from convincing and complete, as it is merely touching on the basic deeds of reformations of the OIC, instead of the whole Ummah, but I believe that OIC, is the most realistic platforms in relishing the reformations of our society, in the most democratic ways, as uphold by most Muslims.

The actual reformations process are far from being started, nor it will be started in the near future, unless we, as the Ummah, clearly have the capacity in justifying the needs, in the same social wavelength, in building, not just another political power front, unless we clearly embedded our mind that we are not going to be just another warfare based imperialistic mind, but to focus on the human, as a whole rationally, and not sentimentally.