June 16, 2010

Roles of Exploitation and Discriminations and Its Effects.

The nature of human, to gain profit and to practice racism, for examples, is an unnatural act within the civilized human society, which clearly deteriorate the norms of our most fundamental, and basic social construction mediums and significantly giving regressed effects onto the oppressed entities.

It must be understood, that the roles of certain divisive qualities lays in the roles of exploitation and discrimination regarding the needs of human essentialisms, both in the material and non material segments.

It is best to define human essentialism in two broad and general definitions, which can be categorized into material and non material essentialisms. The first category, which is of human material essentialism, it can be said, it is relatively related to the roles of exploitation, said the labor force.

In this particular conditions, to provide human essentialism in term of material being, the conservative, current means of doing things that is being implemented clearly gives salient divisive edge to both entities implicate, the labor and capitalists, in providing the exact output of material human essentialism, thus stimulating another formation of divisive factors of non material human essentialism, with the methods of discriminations.

As the first result of exploitation oriented methods, the latter effects of discrimination are much more devastated, where the whole pattern of human social construction can solely being build in form of policies and implementations based on sentiments, examples, referring to the extreme ideologies(religions, political views, races, etc) interpretations of and denying the natural nomadic behavior of scattering human population in searching for a better life, in particular for a better human essentialisms edge.

The practices of discriminatory in line with the conscious ignorance and perpetual isolation practices in the society, in the long term prospects will justify the undermining of human essentialisms, in a critical scarcity of human needs, examples, in medical scopes and expansionary of knowledge, and worst, if we are analyzing the discriminatory effects in a much more micro perspectives of a nation.

Human essentialism potential should be based on pure needs, with the exclusion of exploitation and discrimination to be left out from any ideology aspirations, in order to achieve the desire outcome which is not just a mere mirage, but a reality, with the key bridge in between them is the rational tolerances.

It is a total challenge for any ideologue to be perceived perfect in implementations and practices, but the trial and error within any rational interpretations, without a doubt, will soon spark a serious enlightment era to the implicate segment of the society, with the oppressed as the objectives of struggles for the betterment of the sick world of ours.

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