June 14, 2010

Races, In Means of Economical Exploitation

Radically said,I am no longer believe in races,unless as a means of highlighting and celebrating cultural diversity.

I do believe,in order to sustain the world, we must start looking from the same humanitarian perspectives in order for the betterment of the society can be carried out holistically.

The ability to implement the revolutionary way of doing things,should be much applauded by the society,minus the races as the factors in human building.

There are no forward in future days, unless all the stigmas are being abandoned by guts and glory of understanding ourselves of one races. Human races.

Races, ethnicity, or even natives entities, plays a very deteriorating factors in our quest for economic inclusivity policies, as the true means of social engineering construction.

Back to the roots of social construction, it is the economical edge, that continue to be the effective tools in the segregation of the races, in achieving the manipulation of political polity process.

Democratic practices, through this means of segregation, is the actual hidden power in making discrimination,said racism, a reality.

A continuous proposal and implementations in avoiding the actual interpretations of social diversity, remains the blockade in understanding the needs of economy, as the methods in resolving the woes involving racial issues and its usages to maintain political grips using races as the potent camouflage.

Resolving the issues of the races must be started by the willingness of us, the human races, to start understand that we are made up of the same material needs with the actual segregation catalyst lays within our enjoyment in enjoying the greeds of power,mainly political power to maintain economical advantage in the name of races.

As a matter of facts, the symbiotic relationship between racial discrimination and political power, in order to maintain economical manipulations is being strengthened day by day, making the world free of discrimination, is only a mere illusion.

It is nothing new to be able to present a rational argument of condemning the racial tones in our society nowadays, but the success of implementations are for us to chase with the actual believe in inclusivity idealism, starting with what we believe as the human essentialisms factors, as the pillar of changes in our way out of this misery.

Human essentialisms

(healthcare, education, absentee in any form of material or non material poverty through non discrimination channel)


  1. yeah. true. time to slow down on material progression and focus on building humanitarian aspect of society.

  2. yes,non material progression never can be achieved through this sets of economy,
    in muhammad yunus books,hes clearly stated that,in asian country,we are easily enticed by cash,instead,in european country,they no longer fight for the money,but fighting for a much more sustainable human essentialism.
    this is what actually we have to fight in order to build sustainable developement in our social construction,worst,if races are being seen as tools of discrimination instead of diversity privileges.