June 24, 2009

Strengthening politics of individualistic

Today,as a result of rapid growth of information technologies to the world,the affiliations and connections regarding any political beliefs and ideologies had greatly influence our way and perspectives regarding many hopes and dreams that can be achieved through the powers of politics.

Many have decided to be part of the systems,thus raising many doubts regarding the ability and productivity of the salient individuals quantity in many political systems of the world today.It is very important for the party people to be able to contribute for a better outcome of political objectives thus making the process of strengthening the individuals roles in the political society is very vital and significant for the party's survival.

It is a very healthy culture for a modern,civilized society to be able to adapt and practice the process of politics in a democracy manner.The most important aspects to increase the qualities of individual's participation is through the education of the political knowledge itself.The education process must be made a priority for the individual who want to believe in any political beliefs or ideologies.The process of political education must comprises of many different fields of study(history,social,economy) and must be made norms in various ways of intellectual measures such as the debates,talks and forums.

The other way to strengthen the knowledge of politics in individuals is through the actions and involvement in the political systems.The ability to celebrate and tolerate many different views and perspectives is indeed a quality that must be kept preserved and practiced in order to achieve the objectives in a consensus manner.Besides that,an individual with a clear principle and integrity regarding the political beliefs is also one of the important quality in strengthen the ability of individual contribution to the progress of the political ideologies.

Engagement of individual practical ideas also must be taken seriously in order to maintain the momentum of significant values thus resulting a positive culture in appreciating the democratization of thinking among the individual of the party.The ability of this situation to be manipulated is very important to enjoy various perspectives and views from an individual constructive thinking.This approaches is to refrain and restraint any direct influences to the individual opinions and avoid the retard and stagnant way of thinking.

Lastly,as an individual,we must be able to distinguish and differentiate the positives value for us to adapt in everyday life.We must not blindly support any approaches taken by the political systems as the superiority of the society must be led and governed by common humanity touch,and not through any oppressive natures of any political systems.

As a matter of facts,I hope,through these productive continuous efforts in political education by the individual,it will be a positive contagious culture for our society to produce a quality involvement thus celebrating the meaning of political power in different perspectives from the view of an individual.

June 21, 2009

Hypothesis of terrorism conspiracies in Southeast Asia

Ambalat,Patani,Myanmar,Batu Puteh and the disputes on borders between Thailand and Cambodia.These may be nothing or something.The name of the places and situations mentioned here may left us wondering what are the significant and important messages that I would like to share with the all the readers.

I am just thinking and hoping that my hypothesis and the revelations here should be made aware to the public and the authorities so that the negative implications and consequences can and should be retarded with any means of diplomatic measures to ensure our region is free from any terrorism conspiracies that may sparks or ignites the arms races between the country.

It is very common for any region in this world to be exposed to this kind of uncertainties,so it is better for us to understand and react to any possible consequences that might affect us,as a whole region of Southeast Asia in a long time to come.For examples of affected nations are such as the countries in Balkan region ( mass killing,ethnic genocide),Arabic region (terrorism affiliated with religion),African region (civil wars between tribes) and the contagion of terrorism involving the Asia region (terrorism affiliated with races,religion).

The similarities between all the places and situation here are the symbolic and significant influences and involvements of external factors motivated by the rampaging extension of political powers to achieve modern imperialism.I am not being skeptical here as the facts had shown that the modern imperialism nowadays really have the capability and ability to influence the much smaller country to follow their lead.

It is very important for all of us,as the Southeast Asian region's citizen to urge our country's authorities in accommodating,acquitting and being flexible to any matter regarding all the disputes that arises so that it can be solved within the region itself.It is vital for us to have a clear objectives on all of our foreign policies in giving the rightful acts and applications to ensure the stability of our region is being kept preserved.

The widely usages and involvements of heavy artilleries and ammunition in many recent attacks involving the public civilians really sparks and ignites the question and strengthen my hypothesis of terrorism conspiracies.I am very worried if these trends of manipulating disputes between civil country as a catalyst to a catastrophic consequences to ensure the economic advantages in certain imperial country to become a liability in many different aspects and circumstances thus resulting in affecting the efficiency of coping to another country.

As a conclusion,as an idea of the hypothesis,the spaces for any inferences are still open for us to discover the actual and possible conspiracies regarding the issues and manipulating the resultant forces in a positive ways.A bleak and chaotic situations,indeed,will emerge in our region if there are no practical and dynamic diplomatic measures are to be taken seriously by the authorities in governing and confronting any possibilities of unwanted essences and substances of terrorism in maintaining our region's sovereignty.

June 20, 2009

Remember the tragedies

I am demanding studies by the authorities and intellectuals around the world for the truth to be prevailed for all of us to share with the world that cruelty transcends and rise above the norms of our humanity.I hope,a transparent and free from any influences intellectual studies should be carried out for us to see the world in a different perspectives.

  • In Malaysia
  1. The Memali's tragedy in Baling,Kedah.
  2. The May 13th racial riot.
  3. The two weeks of Communist occupation in Peninsular.
  4. The Al Maunah's movement and involvement in Grik,Perak
  • In the other parts of the worlds
  1. The ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. The Muslim genocide in Yugoslavia.
  3. The mass killing of Sabra and Shatila involving the Palestinian peoples.
  4. The attacks of mosques in the South Thailand's province.
  5. The mass killing of Rohingya peoples in Myanmar.
  6. The public massacre of the minority Tamil in Sri Lanka.
  7. The civil wars between different tribes in Africa.
The lists of tragedies here should be examined for all of us to see the reality involving the deteriorating of humanity among the society today.We must act fast so that the facts and the truth can be shared for a better society to be moulded.I am urging all the intellectual bodies and persons to take responsibilities by using any means of manifestations to highlight the tragedies.
Thank you.

June 14, 2009

Hopes for new Malaysian political idealisms.

It must be said and done that our present world of today is really in need of a dependable,dynamic systems of political idealism.We have seen the best of the past,but the worst is still yet to come.The world's society must struggle for the continuous process to be achieved and strive for the perfection of the system.

I am not going to reveal the weakness or strength of any fail or successful systems but I would like to project and analyse holistically the new political idealism that all of us going to embrace and practice to ensure the objectives and the subjective of the social sphere ethics to be achieved here in Malaysia.

The new politic idealism must transcend and rise above the narrow thinking of any majority or even minority society.It must be a total new ideology which will be superior and surmount to celebrate the politics of multiculturalism of any society in this world.It must be said that the race based politics will only disallow and discourage the ability and worst,stunt the development of the race as a whole.It is very important to practice a free and absolute opportunity for those who really needs in terms of a good education to ensure a strong mould of globalized society.

The familiarization and adaptation of the new world to ensure the efficiency of the future needs based on the policies and plans either for long or short terms are very vital in the new political idealism.It must be affiliated with people oriented systems consists of the inclusion of any matter regarding the social sphere to ensure the effectiveness and accountability of the political idealism practices.

The process of liberalization and progression towards the maximum potential of our Malaysian society need to be strengthen and practice by instilling the positives cultures and values lead by example of the former systems and policies as a mould and the past failures as a indicator for the challenge that we must face.Supporting or adopting a policy is one thing,effectively implementing it is entirely another. The ability to implement the policies and plans will boost the quality of the society as a whole unit to ensure there is no discrimination toward any strata of the deserving Malaysian citizen.

Thus,it is very important for all of us,the Malaysian society, to take part in the nation building by using the right channel of democracy by participating and manipulating on how the systems of the policies or plans work to ensure the targets and objectives are being achieved.The difficulty involving the internal and external factors especially regarding the nation also should be a priority.It is very important to achieve the stability of priority,for example,the state of economy and the consequences of any political actions towards the society as a catalyst for the new hopes of idealism.

I have to admit that this piece of mine is not a perfect one as I am not fully touching on certain topics hollistically but I do hope it will open a new chapter of any political idealism specifically in Malaysia regarding where and what we should do next to ensure the effectiveness and the relevant idea to stay afloat to survive the rigorous climate of the political world today.

June 7, 2009

On becoming a democratic society

Democracy.How important is it to mould a society based on the values and principles of democratic society?It is such a brittle argument for me to blindly support or even oppose the idea of democracy.I believe it is such an important system for us, but how far it will goes before any type of authoritarian and anarchist actions took place in limiting the ability of celebrating the human liberties?

There are two main principle that we must understand clearly that I would like to propose on becoming a democratic society.The first principle is that all members of the society have equal access to power and the second is that all members enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties.It is very important for all of us to practise these two types of principles to ensure the value and identity of democracy is clearly being highlighted and projected for a better system to appear.

On becoming a total democratic society,it is very important to be able to engage to different strata of society regardless of ideologies,religions,and ethnicity.The key for a success democratic society is through the contribution and exchanging of ideas in accord to the priority of the social liberties and sphere.It is very common for us to hear heated argument based on race and ethnicity when actually the primary problem laid in the value of human liberties that has being tarnished and raped through many ways by the narrow minded and totalitarian thinking of certain quarters of the authority.For an example,is it too much for us to have the same status,the same opportunities,the same chances in many different scopes of life such as the education?

Democratization of thinking is badly needed in our society as it is the most dependable catalyst in any process of revolution to achieve and celebrate the beauty of a democratic society.There are so much that we must change for this idea to be able to be a reality.The significant and salient way of change is through communication and interaction of constructive ideas and policies.The involvement of the society indeed, will bring many positive outcome especially most of the unresolved problems and policies usually affecting the quality of life.For an example,the public transportation system and health care policies.

It is a symbiotic democratic process of the society resulting in a greater effect thus making the opportunity for any reliable sources of stability among the society.The success of the democratization of thinking must be the first manifestations to attempt awareness and a catalyst to create the mobilisation of the society in order for it to be achieved.The involvement and mobilisation of the society is very badly needed to ensure it is a total process of revolution to create total understanding among the society as the society will play an important and pivotal part in projecting the credibility and suitability of the process to ensure the cultures and values of the national heritage to be kept preserved for our future scion and heir of the state.

As an idea,the process on becoming a democratic society is still along way to go and can be considered an illusion for those who did not believe in the idea.I believe,the Achilles heel of any idea on becoming a democratic society is on how we will eventually differentiate lines or borders between the process and how the society is going to react and respect towards the freedom and democracy they want to receive and celebrate.Or is it?

Maturing process of Malaysian society.

It has been almost 52 years of our country independence yet we are still lost in the maturing process of empowering and strengthening the citizen of our society as a whole unit of country to ensure it is on the right track of becoming a respected nation rather than a failed nation.There are many different aspects and perspectives of views must be considered to ensure the objectives to be taken seriously and holistically by the society of our nation.

It must be done through the new perspectives where all the involvement of our country plural society are being taken of regardless of their races,religions,,ethnics,etc.The democracy of thinking must be stimulated and expressed by practising the good value of many different ideologies and principles as long as the preservation of our national culture and identity are norms in accordance to our nation's piece of Constitution as our country's backbone.

In all the way and methodology to mature the society that I would like to propose here,this method must be put in a high places of any process of that,the education.It must be done as I believe that the secret of any development process can be done through the effective education of why are we,the society,at the first place are here,in Malaysia,blessed with different diversity.The maturing process can be done through the learning and crystal clear understanding of the national history itself.It must be made compulsory for any citizen to take part in any medium provided to express and discuss intellectual contents of the national history.

Any intellectual studies on significant event and history happened in our country must be done to be able for us to stimulate the new beginning of the maturing process through many different perspectives to ensure that the effect of these histories are being clearly felt by the society as a whole nation.The involvement of many different institutions of studies through academicians and scholars can only enrich the ideas and understanding of the future consequences.The best way to engage the history is by focusing on the practicality of the event and how we can relate it to our modern society.The education process must be done holistically focusing on the objectives and subjectives of the idea on education.

Besides that,the catalyst for any maturing process of our country diversity is by understanding the 'social sphere' of hopes and fears consisting of economics,politics and social matters of the society.These process can only be call a success when the liberalization of the new approaches are being work out and implement regardless of the races,religions and ethnicity of the citizen.

The approach that can be carried out by the responsible authorities is by laying out the policy and work forces willing to serve the civil society.This process will take a long time to be efficient as we need to start from the scratch of the whole idea.The involvement of the society is badly needed through the brainstorming of ideas by taking part in debates and talks to maximise the whole understanding of information and exposition.

Malaysia had achieved so much through the maturing process since it was first born.We, as the whole society have experience many different world climates and geopolitics, so it will do no harms if further maturing process of our society are needed to ensure the relevant and survival of our beloved country to endure the reality to achieve the fantasy.