June 7, 2009

On becoming a democratic society

Democracy.How important is it to mould a society based on the values and principles of democratic society?It is such a brittle argument for me to blindly support or even oppose the idea of democracy.I believe it is such an important system for us, but how far it will goes before any type of authoritarian and anarchist actions took place in limiting the ability of celebrating the human liberties?

There are two main principle that we must understand clearly that I would like to propose on becoming a democratic society.The first principle is that all members of the society have equal access to power and the second is that all members enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties.It is very important for all of us to practise these two types of principles to ensure the value and identity of democracy is clearly being highlighted and projected for a better system to appear.

On becoming a total democratic society,it is very important to be able to engage to different strata of society regardless of ideologies,religions,and ethnicity.The key for a success democratic society is through the contribution and exchanging of ideas in accord to the priority of the social liberties and sphere.It is very common for us to hear heated argument based on race and ethnicity when actually the primary problem laid in the value of human liberties that has being tarnished and raped through many ways by the narrow minded and totalitarian thinking of certain quarters of the authority.For an example,is it too much for us to have the same status,the same opportunities,the same chances in many different scopes of life such as the education?

Democratization of thinking is badly needed in our society as it is the most dependable catalyst in any process of revolution to achieve and celebrate the beauty of a democratic society.There are so much that we must change for this idea to be able to be a reality.The significant and salient way of change is through communication and interaction of constructive ideas and policies.The involvement of the society indeed, will bring many positive outcome especially most of the unresolved problems and policies usually affecting the quality of life.For an example,the public transportation system and health care policies.

It is a symbiotic democratic process of the society resulting in a greater effect thus making the opportunity for any reliable sources of stability among the society.The success of the democratization of thinking must be the first manifestations to attempt awareness and a catalyst to create the mobilisation of the society in order for it to be achieved.The involvement and mobilisation of the society is very badly needed to ensure it is a total process of revolution to create total understanding among the society as the society will play an important and pivotal part in projecting the credibility and suitability of the process to ensure the cultures and values of the national heritage to be kept preserved for our future scion and heir of the state.

As an idea,the process on becoming a democratic society is still along way to go and can be considered an illusion for those who did not believe in the idea.I believe,the Achilles heel of any idea on becoming a democratic society is on how we will eventually differentiate lines or borders between the process and how the society is going to react and respect towards the freedom and democracy they want to receive and celebrate.Or is it?


  1. no need principle
    neither democratization of thinking

    all we are lack of is lampu penyumpah! yeah!

    - now u realy sound like a politician

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