June 14, 2009

Hopes for new Malaysian political idealisms.

It must be said and done that our present world of today is really in need of a dependable,dynamic systems of political idealism.We have seen the best of the past,but the worst is still yet to come.The world's society must struggle for the continuous process to be achieved and strive for the perfection of the system.

I am not going to reveal the weakness or strength of any fail or successful systems but I would like to project and analyse holistically the new political idealism that all of us going to embrace and practice to ensure the objectives and the subjective of the social sphere ethics to be achieved here in Malaysia.

The new politic idealism must transcend and rise above the narrow thinking of any majority or even minority society.It must be a total new ideology which will be superior and surmount to celebrate the politics of multiculturalism of any society in this world.It must be said that the race based politics will only disallow and discourage the ability and worst,stunt the development of the race as a whole.It is very important to practice a free and absolute opportunity for those who really needs in terms of a good education to ensure a strong mould of globalized society.

The familiarization and adaptation of the new world to ensure the efficiency of the future needs based on the policies and plans either for long or short terms are very vital in the new political idealism.It must be affiliated with people oriented systems consists of the inclusion of any matter regarding the social sphere to ensure the effectiveness and accountability of the political idealism practices.

The process of liberalization and progression towards the maximum potential of our Malaysian society need to be strengthen and practice by instilling the positives cultures and values lead by example of the former systems and policies as a mould and the past failures as a indicator for the challenge that we must face.Supporting or adopting a policy is one thing,effectively implementing it is entirely another. The ability to implement the policies and plans will boost the quality of the society as a whole unit to ensure there is no discrimination toward any strata of the deserving Malaysian citizen.

Thus,it is very important for all of us,the Malaysian society, to take part in the nation building by using the right channel of democracy by participating and manipulating on how the systems of the policies or plans work to ensure the targets and objectives are being achieved.The difficulty involving the internal and external factors especially regarding the nation also should be a priority.It is very important to achieve the stability of priority,for example,the state of economy and the consequences of any political actions towards the society as a catalyst for the new hopes of idealism.

I have to admit that this piece of mine is not a perfect one as I am not fully touching on certain topics hollistically but I do hope it will open a new chapter of any political idealism specifically in Malaysia regarding where and what we should do next to ensure the effectiveness and the relevant idea to stay afloat to survive the rigorous climate of the political world today.

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  1. ouch..
    so touching(jz jokin)..
    ur articles xpress neither soft nor rabid opinions bout certain matter,but things dat easy to swallow..
    anyway keep on writin