June 20, 2009

Remember the tragedies

I am demanding studies by the authorities and intellectuals around the world for the truth to be prevailed for all of us to share with the world that cruelty transcends and rise above the norms of our humanity.I hope,a transparent and free from any influences intellectual studies should be carried out for us to see the world in a different perspectives.

  • In Malaysia
  1. The Memali's tragedy in Baling,Kedah.
  2. The May 13th racial riot.
  3. The two weeks of Communist occupation in Peninsular.
  4. The Al Maunah's movement and involvement in Grik,Perak
  • In the other parts of the worlds
  1. The ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. The Muslim genocide in Yugoslavia.
  3. The mass killing of Sabra and Shatila involving the Palestinian peoples.
  4. The attacks of mosques in the South Thailand's province.
  5. The mass killing of Rohingya peoples in Myanmar.
  6. The public massacre of the minority Tamil in Sri Lanka.
  7. The civil wars between different tribes in Africa.
The lists of tragedies here should be examined for all of us to see the reality involving the deteriorating of humanity among the society today.We must act fast so that the facts and the truth can be shared for a better society to be moulded.I am urging all the intellectual bodies and persons to take responsibilities by using any means of manifestations to highlight the tragedies.
Thank you.


  1. important to know the 'bullshit' involved behind those scene you stated..
    some of them happens bcoz ideological difference while some simply bcoz economic purpose

  2. personally,i think most of the real culprit in the tragedies are stil alive..........n some of the organisation are still running wild in our country........