June 7, 2009

Maturing process of Malaysian society.

It has been almost 52 years of our country independence yet we are still lost in the maturing process of empowering and strengthening the citizen of our society as a whole unit of country to ensure it is on the right track of becoming a respected nation rather than a failed nation.There are many different aspects and perspectives of views must be considered to ensure the objectives to be taken seriously and holistically by the society of our nation.

It must be done through the new perspectives where all the involvement of our country plural society are being taken of regardless of their races,religions,,ethnics,etc.The democracy of thinking must be stimulated and expressed by practising the good value of many different ideologies and principles as long as the preservation of our national culture and identity are norms in accordance to our nation's piece of Constitution as our country's backbone.

In all the way and methodology to mature the society that I would like to propose here,this method must be put in a high places of any process of that,the education.It must be done as I believe that the secret of any development process can be done through the effective education of why are we,the society,at the first place are here,in Malaysia,blessed with different diversity.The maturing process can be done through the learning and crystal clear understanding of the national history itself.It must be made compulsory for any citizen to take part in any medium provided to express and discuss intellectual contents of the national history.

Any intellectual studies on significant event and history happened in our country must be done to be able for us to stimulate the new beginning of the maturing process through many different perspectives to ensure that the effect of these histories are being clearly felt by the society as a whole nation.The involvement of many different institutions of studies through academicians and scholars can only enrich the ideas and understanding of the future consequences.The best way to engage the history is by focusing on the practicality of the event and how we can relate it to our modern society.The education process must be done holistically focusing on the objectives and subjectives of the idea on education.

Besides that,the catalyst for any maturing process of our country diversity is by understanding the 'social sphere' of hopes and fears consisting of economics,politics and social matters of the society.These process can only be call a success when the liberalization of the new approaches are being work out and implement regardless of the races,religions and ethnicity of the citizen.

The approach that can be carried out by the responsible authorities is by laying out the policy and work forces willing to serve the civil society.This process will take a long time to be efficient as we need to start from the scratch of the whole idea.The involvement of the society is badly needed through the brainstorming of ideas by taking part in debates and talks to maximise the whole understanding of information and exposition.

Malaysia had achieved so much through the maturing process since it was first born.We, as the whole society have experience many different world climates and geopolitics, so it will do no harms if further maturing process of our society are needed to ensure the relevant and survival of our beloved country to endure the reality to achieve the fantasy.


  1. malaysia is yet to reach its puberty stage
    we were just passin mumayiz last nite