May 31, 2009

What I want for my Malaysia

This list of mine is being juggled and mixed not according to its important but to how my heart felt to write it at the first place.

  1. Society that uphold the supremacy of the Constitution
  2. A democratic and just government
  3. Economic growth for the progress of the nation and the welfare of people
  4. Economic and social justice
  5. Complete religious freedom
  6. The elimination of poverty
  7. A national system of education in the national language produce a society that is knowledgeable, rational, progressive, dynamic and creative
  8. A qualitynational health care system
  9. A quality public transport system
  10. Affordable and adequate housing scheme for the lower income group
  11. Respect for human rights
  12. An independent and just judiciary
  13. True separation of powers between the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary
  14. Independent,free and responsible media
  15. Balance development of many different fields of knowledge
  16. Appreciation of national literature and development of arts
  17. Active foreign relation and policy to achieve great understanding with the world

In order to achieve these aims, we must cooperate with all groups that will cooperate with us,within the country as well as without.

I really do hope that my humble list here would ignite your sense of patriotism and belonging towards our beloved Malaysia as I believe that all of us are responsible to make it happen in our own Malaysia.Thank you.


  1. hahah....besemangat more thing which i'm not so sure whether u mention it or not ; i want a much2 lower crime other word, crime rate which is rapidly growing has become a major problem in our country.. it has hindered people's means that polices have to start working much harder la....i don't know whether the already did that or what, tp kalau kita tgk masalah ni dok makin teruk, ape crita

  2. erm...x ingat nk habaq.thanks for mentioning it....
    the polices r not doing well enough xcept for arresting the wrong people who just exercise their right.......haha
    jus look at the case of nurin,sharlinie.......wonder where are they nw....even ayah pin is missing forever...haha...discrimination of cases..thanks for the comment