February 26, 2010

Thoughts on Potential Civilization's Assimilation.

The needs for the emergence of thinking regarding assimilation of civilization should be understand holistically to ensure the survival of the human kind in their own natures and milieus.

The consequences of historical civilizations are one of the most important structures of our historical entities,in understanding the symbiotic relationship between the elements of the civilization,and the discipline applications towards the social sphere milieus itself.

There is a need for thoughts to counter the theory of 'The Clash of Civilization' as proposed by Samuel P. Huntington to ensure the survival of the civilizations to be prevailed by its own qualities and values,and not by its reasons of deteriorations factors.

In order to propose the assimilation factors of civilization,we must first be able to understand the issues comprises of the relevance ideas regarding the subjects hold.Here, I would like to share some of the ideas related to the matter of discussion.

  1. How do we integrate the differences and similarities prevail in our history of civilization?
  2. Is there any possibilities that the continuous process of civilization can be proceed,without the needs of the civilization destruction?
  3. What are the mains catalyst of civilization assimilation factors?
  4. How do we articulate and understand the levels and process of civilization in our history?
  5. What are the main objectives of assimilation process in relation to the survival of the civilization?
  6. How long does does it takes for a civilization to be established based on the universalism of its approaches?

Conclusions are far from being achieved here,as it is only a matter of time,before we can fully understand the actual needs of an assimilations theory for our civilization comprises of the exclusivity and inclusivity of the social sphere to achieve the continuity and survival of the human races.

February 17, 2010

Youth Isolation of Political Idealisms.

The practicing of political idealisms regarding our society today is a worrying and unhealthy trends of our national landscape in terms of the isolation participation from the youth through the sets of repressive law such as University and College University Acts (AUKU) being imposed on them as a tools to manipulate and means of preserving the status quo of the authorities.

I do believe that it will only lead to two astray condition of our future society,the sheer ignorance and fanactisms,thus affecting the social fabric of our country in creating imbalance strand in terms of healthy developments of political idealisms.

So,what do we have to say regarding this worrying isolation trends of our youth society?
Is it worth of our country future?

Deferring formation of Malaysian identity.

What are the main causes of that situation to our society today?
Is it the anxiety,a feeling of inferiority and suspicion and mistrust of other races,among us all?
What are we doing in term of nation building,except for all the political rhetorics to gain the political mileages?
Where do the suspicion and rejection manifests itself in term of symbiotic relationship of our society?
Do we understand,our own important roles in relishing the objectives of becoming the catalyst of our nation movement?
And at the first place,how do we start the formation of the Malaysian identity?