December 31, 2009

Revisited People's Power Movement

It is vital for us,and for the country.
There are no countries, that are not being born by its peoples movements.
So, why are peoples are so scared to show and demonstrates?
It is in the Constitution, it is all the rights that we should being celebrated,
to celebrate our differences, and not just our equality.

I do hope,that 2010,will promise us with better participation from the peoples,
like we do it in the past.

Let us revisited some of the most prominent events of people's power movements that took place in our mother land of Malaysia.
  1. A picket led by Hamid Tuah and the peasants of Sungai Sirih,Selangor in reclaiming their hard earned lands around the year 1959.
  2. The Malays against the Malayan Union formation.
  3. Hartal by all Malaysian on 20th October 1947
  4. The Utusan Melayu workers against the take over by the Perikatan governments on 21st July 1961. The freedom of speech were never recovered after that incident,until today.
It is time for us, to make a pledge for our country,
to achieve the historical victory of the majority masses against the minorities authorities.
Lets move on,for a better Malaysia.

December 21, 2009

Remembering the Memali’s tragedy

It was being manipulated to put the blame on the peasant society.

Deviant teachings, they said.

So, they killed 14 peoples from them.

InsyaAllah, the martyrs they had become.

So what’s up with the trial?

For those who do not know,

The culprits are still alive and kicking,

Talking craps to the media.

Are we conscious enough not to let this tragedy be in vain?

Al Fatehah for them, the martyrs of Memali.

December 17, 2009

GST and Corruption,The Oppresor and the Oppresed

It is being projected that we can received up to RM 14 billion on the first year of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation,
but how many more can we save if we are seriously fighting the corruption to its core?
Maybe you can say its a different thing altogether,
but can you see the rationale thing behind losing our tax money,
to the many cases of corruption,then.

Who Cares About 1 MALAYSIA?

What we really need now is the society social integration rather than assimilation rhetoric,
wake up peoples of all Malaysian from the different races, ethnicity,and religions,
when what we are supposed to fight is the paranoia among us,
not the differences among us,
so, who cares about 1 Malaysia?

December 13, 2009

Are We Doing Enough?

The government would be aware of their independent, emancipated peoples,when the peoples are aware of various social spectrums of their conscious needs. Are we doing enough?

December 4, 2009

Malaysia,Between Anarchism And Dictatorships

The long history of our country has noted various remarkable times in surviving different political milieu of ideology practises. We had experienced both, the dictatorships of the theocratic element before the creation of the nation called Malaysia and the post independent era of mild anarchism in our country, the 1998, where the supporters of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, had resorted in making public rally and demonstration to object the sudden resignation which had being perceived by the public as the political assassination.

The tussles for power, as all of us know, are addictive. James Madison, the backbone behind the Constitution of the United States of America had left us with very useful minders on how we should understand the power, absolute power. He said that the problem, where men govern other men is two fold. First, you have to ensure that the government has the capacity to govern and is in control. Otherwise, anarchy will follow. Equally important is that the same government obliges itself to some control and limits. If not, it will be a dictatorship.

There is no clear, visible parameter on how we can create and protect the core fabric of our society entities and cultural purities (the ethnicity, religions, races, etc) in creating the much needed reform of our country unless we can be brave in facing the reality of the ever changing structure of the society, mould in the principles and disciplines understand by all entities representing both, the majority and the minority of our nation, which lays on the purity of the powers that leads and follows.

The success in setting good precedents of implementing the separations of power between the government organs, within the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, are seen as a vital element in creating a balance society, thus projecting an ideal political landscape which combine all the important necessities of the much needed nation building process, which have being marginalised by our own ignorance toward its essentiality in ensuring the survival of our own social sphere qualities.

Continuous and progressive participation through various democratic approaches and mediums means by the civil society must be encouraged in stimulating the sense of consciousness towards the responsibilities in creating the “check and balance” forces to protect the actual interest affecting the majority masses in the most democratic manner, full of virtues and morality, in line with our nation Constitution regardless of our affiliations and beliefs.

The constant reliabilities factors in enforcing the sets of laws and acts amended by the authorities must be seen, and proved to be biased towards the social justice, must be uphold and not hold, by the chains of any undemocratic, oppressive manners in revolutionising the culture of our nation in a way full of virtues. It must be made in order for the current progress of our national agenda not to be stopped, and being stagnated due to the inability of the minority authorities in addressing the actual needs of society.

We must bear in our mind that, the reality gap prevailed between the anarchism and dictatorship is insignificant yet dangerous and harmful for our national social fabric, thus the needs for our consciousness towards the understanding for the ultimate extent of democratic practise must be projected in the most suitable manner of achieving the contradicts, to complement the needs of Malaysia.

December 1, 2009

Escapisms of Stagnant Ideologies

In what way does any ideological practise of our society remain relevant in term of its practicality and suitability to be able for it to be seen holistic in addressing the needs of the ever changing society?

The answer is that it will remain a great discovery of experiment for those who are willing to question the social practises of our today’s society. It is indeed a very remarkable achievement by the former world ideologist in institutionalising the societies towards the desired ideological approaches to ensure continuous power of the authoritarian by certain quarters of the corrupt powers of the world that we have seen today.

The process of the ideological stagnation of the peoples today will affect the acceleration of the people’s movement in understanding the prospect of the future social needs. It is time for us to escape the retardation of human ideological collision by any means that we can think of.

Non conventional approaches are needed to address the different strata of human social ideological implementations to ensure continuous progress of human civilisation. Holistic studies of the ideology are meant to be the catalyst in providing practical alternatives of our modern world today.

Stimulation process through consistent social approaches of the society in providing the masses with ability and sufficient realisation of social needs in eradicating the ideological poverty are seen as a revolutionary way to ensure the flow of ideas and opinions to be understood clearly. These processes require total participation and willingness by the masses in erecting the foundations of the humanitarian beliefs to be the basic constitution in projecting the ideas of ideology.

The understanding and strengthening process of the basic human thinking ideology must be continuously challenged by the majority masses of the society. Ideological development must be seen as a priority in evaluating the many contradictions and differences that we are experiencing today, as a result of our own deeds in neglecting the importance of thinking.

Continuous critical and analytical challenges must be made towards the point of authority in creating positive collision of social perspectives regarding the needs of new ideology in balancing the significant negative impact of the spiritual and material demand from being manipulated to create totalitarian reigns of the modern day history.

As a conclusion, ideological strands of human ideologies must be seen as a positive outcome in celebrating modern human civilisation by establishing the symbiotic relationship between all the qualities of the ideologies exists as a mean in protecting the quantities of today’s society by making the peoples movement as the real opportunist in charge.

November 23, 2009

Pushing For The Student Based Policies

It is time for us to urge the current authorities of our country to seriously considering the student welfare in terms of the social state in order to strengthen the core and pillar of our country future systems.

Some of the sectors that need reform in term of its state are the education, social and economic. It was hoped through this humble list of mine, it will be a catalyst for those who read this, to be able to understand that we still have a lot to do in championing the cause for our fellow student’s right.


1. To fight for the free and quality education, regardless of the races, religions, ethnics.

2. Learning opportunities for all stages of education, regardless of the races, religions, ethnics.

3. Respecting all types of school systems, while working and progressing in strengthening the national school.

4. By setting up the education committee member made up of the student leader to discuss on matter involving the state of education.

5. Pushing for all meritocracy based systems within an inclusive matter, such as the economic status of the student.

6. Focusing on the application based oriented studies in creating true potential and chances in producing a world class work force.

7. Strengthen the education institution and systems through various reforms in terms of learning methodologies and education approaches.

8. Introducing new systems of creating education syllabus and curriculum with the participation of all entities related to the education systems. (parents, students, teachers)

9. By setting up authorities in producing holistic and systematic approaches of education.


1. By encouraging participation of students activities in various fields and discipline of knowledge.
2. By allowing open discussion on various issues affecting the social milieu of the students.

3. Understand the needs in protecting the civil rights of the students in accordance to the Constitution of our country.

4. By disembarking any oppressive measures in curbing the student activities.

5. By amending set of laws in protecting and secure the social rights of the students.

6. By stopping all doctrinaire and propagandas activities in purpose of creating tension and hatred relating to the race, ethnic, religion and political ideologies.


1. By providing student allocation on every parliamentary seats to provide basic education necessities regardless of the races, ethnic, religions or ideologies.

2. Setting up of special committee made up of the society related to the education industry in reviewing, checking of the allocation’s distribution.

3. By reducing the taxes of educational material.

4. Prioritise on strategic development of public infrastructure and amenities. (Public transportations, libraries)

5. The strengthening process of the libraries institutions in providing quality references.

6. By making easier loans, funds and scholarships applications available and being distribute carefully towards the targeted student areas and networks.

7. All research and development process must be funded by the respective government agencies if the projects are benefiting for the society purpose.

8. Encouraging the social responsibilities of both, the private and government sectors in providing security in term of jobs prospects.

9. By implementing the minimum wage requirement, to ensure continuous quantity and quality of future workforce.

I am very convinced that our current policies of education are not benefitting both, the student community and the government in a long term prospect in providing the will needed to change our nation from the current structure to a much stable and firm situation to be able to compete in possible highest level of progressive nature.

These are only some of the suggestions from me, and further criticisms are needed to ensure the relevance of the education policies for the Malaysian society’s building revolution.

November 20, 2009

Achieving Malaysian Media Solidarity

The Malaysian media of today should understand what they are capable of doing in term of infiltration and influencing the Rakyat of Malaysia. The doctrination, the propaganda that we, the society, are facing today, cannot be tolerated anymore. It is time, for the Malaysian media to practise responsible journalism to ensure defamations, hatreds and malicious intentions of our country’s society to be at its end.
The main ideas of the solidarity that the media can achieve are such as:
1. By practising the most democratic manner in journalism accordance to the Constitution of our country.

2. Means of circulating the message in the most professional ethics and disciplines of journalism.

3. By understanding the needs of the information for the actual truth.

4. As an effective tools in reflecting the social states of our country.

5. Serve as an intellectual means in propagating the minds of the society.

6. To uphold the needs in addressing the importance issues of the country.
7. To ensure the availability of the information to reach out to the target groups.

8. By denying any oppressive forces of authorities factors in ensuring the credibility and integrity of information institutions.

9. To serve as a mediums of discussions, interactions and communications within the diverse social strand of our country.

10. By abiding and understanding the responsibilities in pushing the maturity of the society.

For me, it is an honour if all the media mediums in our country can achieve the main solidarity among them, in creating and focusing to the reflections of our country’s state of social milieu as a medium in circulating the message of the majority masses to the minority authorities of our country

November 16, 2009

Revolution Towards Malaysian Art Cultures

What is it so important with the revolution of the art cultures?
This question will remain unless we change our attitude towards it, in trying to understand the importance of the art, as the tools of physical and emotional ways of liberties and emancipations of our Malaysian societies.
There are several proposals in making these a reality to ensure understanding of the arts entities to be taken seriously by us.
It is time for the society, to change the attitude in reflecting the needs and importance of the subjects by focusing on the education of arts as a serious indicator to ensure serious progress of the arts revolution. As a matter of fact, there is no art school dedicated within the secondary and primary school systems in Malaysia.
The strengthening process of fundamental and core unit of systematics and hollistic studies of art educations approaches must be made and provided in order for us to be able to create the much needed conciousness of Malaysian towards the importance of arts.
Means of identifying the symbiotic relationships of our diverse social strata will only leave us with a great opportunity in learning the complexity structure of our society in order to project better articulation of our society.
The input of heavy critisms and analytical studies towards of all the social value of the milieu must be echoed through art in order for it to be seen relevant in order for us to interpret the idea in different, new perspectives.
The mediums in achieving the arts revolution in Malaysia must be integrated with a very serious efforts involving the whole sructures of the old and new media opportunities for the messages to be told to the masses.
The availibility of the art sources remains an important catalyst in order for the culture of arts to be seen as an intellectual insight of the Malaysian society. The participation of all education entities must be enhanced and stimulated through various quarters and mediums to ensure further studies can be carried out in a manner of professionalisms.
The needs in addresing the arts revolution as a critical methodology of intellectual collision will only provide us with the opportunity in creating a whole new Malaysian society as a tools of social expression in our country.

October 25, 2009

Needs in Understanding the Future Energy Sources

The future sources of power supply are depleting from time to time. The inability to understand the importance of generating our own supply of power sources would spell a doom for our nation’s survival in the instable climate of geopolitical environment.

The modern world had experienced three types and levels of energy power supplies, the coal engine, the steam engine, and current power supplies, the diesel and petrol engine driven. Most of the power supplies did not last long and the race for the next, future power supplies are already on the card.

There are two types of energy, renewable and non renewable sources of energy. The alternatives are for us to consider, and I believe, the best is through the intensive research and development projects involving the agriculture based products, mainly, the palm.

In order to strengthen my points on the topic, I would love to list down some of the relevant perspectives to be taken into consideration,

1. From the economic perspectives

· The raw material supplies are stable as Malaysia is the leading exporter of palm plantation.
· The cost can be minimised as the feasibility (in terms of expertise, mobilisation, etc) of the material can be achieved.
· The self generate economic potential can be a reliable future prospects for our country.
· Security in terms of power supplies frequency, thus resulting in stable economic conditions.
· Increase the rate of employment.
· Generates national income in a long term prospects.

2. From the social perspectives

· Create and provide a better, standard of living as a result of new opportunities.
· Creating new field of studies, produce more local expertise.
· Creating a conducive and holistic environment for the society, it is proved that agricultural based power supplies are less harmful towards the environment.

3. From the political perspectives

· Provide stability and security for the country.
· Increase our national flexibility and independent quality in terms of providing national power supply.
· Reduce political interference from any potential negative influences.
· Enhance and stimulate the standards of our country’s quality (research and development, education).
The list of arguments here are meant to be an eye opener of the importance of energy power supplies to create an independent nation, in becoming the fore front pioneer entities of changes in terms of the world power supplies revolution

October 17, 2009

Poems of Conciousness (Reflections of Our Responsibilities for Our Country)

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where the words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms toward perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action -
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father,
Let my country awake.
By Rabindranath Tagore,Bengali poet and political activist, Nobel Prize winner 1913

September 25, 2009

What is now for the former Internal Security Act detainees?

The recent releases of Internal Security Acts (ISA) detainees involving five peoples,
1. Mat Sah Mohd Satray
2. Dr Abdullah Daud
3. Mohd Nasir Ismail
4. Mohd Kamil Hanafiah
5. Mohd Amir Hanafiah
must be a clear stepping stone in increasing the awareness in our society’s understanding to the real issues affecting the human rights allocate by our nation’s pieces of Constitution.
Different perspectives, mainly from the individual and organisation, on the ISA issues must be articulated and studied holistically as a means of education in the liberalisation process of human rights in Malaysia.
The opportunities to maximise and utilise the primary sources as a chains of information by the detainees must be made to ensure the truths of the Acts can be prevailed and exposed as a precedent of human rights struggles in the near future.
Active annotation regarding the oppressive process and procedures of the Acts in the forms of educational literature (memoirs, thesis, poems, etc) must be made available in order for us, the society, to understand the situations better and works together as an act of upholding humanity values.
The mobilisation of intellectual parties involving various quarters and segments of the public’s society is badly needed to educate the public’s on their rights. The real concerns involve the lacks of understanding regarding the basic information of the Acts among the society.
The recognitions of the public’s society towards the mental and physical plights face by the former detainees must be a catalyst to prevail the malicious intent of the supreme authorities under the name of national security in curbing the democratic manner of the conscious peoples.
It should be evident that the arguments here are meant to serve and prepare us with the best possible understanding of the continuous struggles faced by the commoners of our country in making the oppressive, draconian set of laws, a history.

September 17, 2009

Building Young Patriotism

The nation understanding towards building and instilling patriotism among the young generation, the foundations of our country is a very vital part in enhancing the nation building process of our country.

The inability to do so will cause serious damages to the entities of the country thus creating many negative implications and consequences in reaching the pinnacle of our understanding towards the participation of the young in the process of nation building process.

The ways in creating the awareness among the younger generation of our country towards the importance of the nation history must be an obligation in articulating the effects and causes of various important situations happened in our country.

Ability to understand the history will be a salient part in stimulating and simulating the patriotism in order to create crystal clear understanding of the early struggles and challenges involving the social sphere milieu; pre and post independence sequences of historical plots.

Responsible attitudes are meant for the younger generation to signify in maintaining the priority of our country. Various issues involving the nation must be made to be important to ensure holistic understanding of the reality face by the country. This is to stress out the importance of national problems from different perspectives of a young mind.

The application of patriotism among the young generation is very badly needed to ensure the sustainability and survival of one’s country. Active participation by the young in implementation of any and various policies drafted by the authorities must be made in a manner of responsible democratic attitudes in accordance to the Constitution.

Our rights to the country should be practise and understand in any means. We must opposed any intolerance, incompetence of the supreme leadership as the real owner, guardian of our country is every one of you. We have the rights.

It is time for the pillar, the future leadership of our country to be able to assimilate the real struggle of their predecessor by becoming the catalyst of changes and revolutions of the country’s social sphere structures.

September 16, 2009

Social Sphere Collision in Malaysia

The facts are there for us to read and analyse. The state of our country is declining day by the day, as a result of furious and rigorous social sphere collision affecting the various segments of the citizens in Malaysia.

The term ‘social sphere collision’ is referring to the situation where different segments of peoples are experiencing inequalities and injustices as a result of the fail policies in politics, economics and the development of the social milieu.

Segregations according to the races are still being widely practised, worst; it is being practised in our partisan political systems. The failure to understand the effects of the ideologies will stunt the development of our nation building process in a long term prospects.

Inability to counter such ideologies will create a gap between the country’s social strata thus resulting in various negative consequences and implications. The many races in Malaysia will remain segregated as a result of misunderstanding among us, apart from looking for the similarities of common humanity qualities and natures.

Besides that, the usages of various issues by the political parties involving mainly the topics of the races, religions and the royal institutions will create unease and will continue to haunt our country. The illusions of collisions created by some quarters to maintain their corrupt power should be stopped by any means of people’s democratic powers.

The second main point is the collision happen in the economic situation. The widening gap of the economic status between the citizens must be analysed holistically and systematically, regardless of our races. It is times for us to create a meritocracy based economic systems and policies to curb any negatives influences such as cronyisms and nepotisms which had becomes the cancers in our society.

Our economic policies must be made, in a manner of equality, to preserve the qualities of our citizens to compete. People’s centric economic welfare plans and policies should be made compulsory and priority to avoid further collision. It must be held in our mind, that all of us deserved the basic rights of economic potential in our own country.

Thirdly, our understanding and adaptation towards the changes of the social environment around us are very important. The social related issues of education had remained woes for all of us. The ineffective education policies drafted by the responsible authorities continued to fail us all. For an example, the lack of education funds and scholarship for the deserving Malaysians, are clearly an indication that the collision happen will not be able to recover unless we start to understand the importance of education potential, for all Malaysian.

It is time, we must be rationale in giving the opportunity of education, without politicising the situation, to avoid further crisis of the social collision among the citizens. Besides that, racial problems are the example of social collision that we face today, as a result of continuous segregation according to the races, religions and worse, political ideologies, added by the language barrier and difficulties that we have to endure every day.

As a conclusion, we must not be in a state of denial, in avoiding any real, intellectual exchanges involving the collision of our social structure in order to hide the facts that we, the Rakyat, really need to mature to sustain any possibilities of the realities that we need to face in the near future.

September 5, 2009

Privatisation trend and its effects

By the end of the year 2009, we, as a whole society of our beloved country of Malaysia, will have to endure and experience the many negative implications regarding our two most important social needs of our modern day, the sources of power, the electricity and the modes of public transportations, as a result of continuous, significant rises of the charges that we have to pay.

It is very disheartening for me, personally, as I am an avid user of public transportations. I know that these moves will greatly affect the lower and middle income groups that we must bear and endure the daily economical burdens. It is a very pessimistic and backwards move by the government ever, in increasing and promoting the usages of public transportations.

The moves to an almost annual hike of public commodities have left me, sometimes with anger and impractical consequences to the government’s inability in managing our country wealth and revenues, resulting in many high profiles cases of corruption and graft, totaling up to billions of our money being wasted. The same lame excuses were being used to justify the capitalistic moves in diverting the actual needs of our society.

One of the main excuses that we are force to swallow is that the services provider experience losses. It is so untrue, as for an example, the intercity train services, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad(KTMBH), is the services manipulator of our daily public transportation. One of the questions that I want to raise is how and why, the ability and capability of the train services can be upgrade to a better standard when it is so salient and remarkable that the services and managements are deteriorating from day to day?

It is the roots of the problems that we must first, be able to understand and tackle to ensure the needs of the society to be a priority. I believe that the actual roots of the problems we have to face today, is a result of privatization trends of public needs, such as the power supply(water, electricity) and public transportations(trains, buses) in our government economic policies. I am never against these kinds of moves, as it is proven that, it will help to enhance healthy competitions and services, but, here in Malaysia, it is being used as a tool of manipulations to satisfy the capitalisms agendas. The affiliations of the certain companies to political entities are a real disaster in providing the basic needs of our modern day lives. It will leads to many exposed negatives implications and measures such as nepotisms, cronyisms that will lead to incompetence services.

It is a very serious measure that we must take into account as we are living in a very vulnerable region, exposed to many kinds of dangerous elements of terrorism and instability. The ability to understand these situations will help us to prioritize our plan and organize our people centric agendas in providing the basic commodities without any interruptions and negative consequences. It is very clear, that most of the recent continuous hikes of prices regarding our public services have profitable motive. I have a fear for them, and doubt towards their readiness of making a sacrifices especially when there are uncertainties struck our beloved country, as clearly, the companies that responsible in providing the public services, are more attracted to make profit, rather than improving their services.

It is very obvious, that we become highly dependent to the privatization trends, that we, becoming less aware to the facts that it is a very serious measures especially when, all of our public related commodities are being manipulated to certain quarters without any serious interventions and relations of our government in making any concrete stands regarding the citizen’s welfare.

I am urging and hoping that the government can seriously considering and reviewing the trend of making the public related services an easy target to satisfy the hunger of capitalisms. It is time, for us to show and understand the reality in instilling awareness of our Malaysian citizens, in demanding better service to achieve what we really deserves.

August 27, 2009

Rukun Negara,way to understand unity.

As Malaysians prepare to mark the 52nd Merdeka anniversary, allow me to stress once again the fundamentals that have brought us together, the principles of Rukun Negara.
Rukun Negara, formulated in 1970, sets out to achieve a minimum consensus with regard to national aspirations among the various communities regardless of their geographical location or ethnic character.

The five tenets of Rukun Negara- belief in god, loyalty to king and god, upholding of constitution, rule of law, and good social behaviour and morality-have formed the principles of our nationhood and these can be instilled in our younger generation, the future leaders of the country.
Rukun Negara is a shared vision for national unity. Its principles should always be upheld and practised.

Many people take unity for granted.

This is not a healthy development, for in a multicultural, multireligious and multiracial country like Malaysia, continuous efforts must be made by all Malaysians to nurture and reinforce unity.
Malaysians should start accepting each other as Malaysians regardless of their race and religion and should not be preoccupied with ethnic origin.

Being Malaysian does not make anyone less Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban. People should be proud to identify themselves first and last as a Malaysian.

All plans for the nation’s economic growth and all measures to address the country’s social imbalances will be meaningful only if they are geared towards national unity.

Programmes of actions for Malaysian of all races should continue to aim at nurturing and strengthening the spirit of love and loyalty for the country.

Malaysian cannot run away from the reality that to attain a cohesive and united Malaysia, they need to be against any racial prejudice of any elements through any means of ways. We should start by thinking; all of us are brothers and sisters, to speak by one voice to eliminate any negative influences of racism from invading our Malaysia as every Malaysian irrespective of race has a rightful place under the Malaysia sun.

The creation and sustenance of national unity must be given the highest priority. Major policy issues and development projects must be studied to ensure that they benefit the nation in terms of forging unity.

Let us all be committed to promote a real, not a political rhetoric, of Malaysian unity, based on justice and fair play for all irrespective of race, colour or creed.

True meaning of justice

For those who are in support of Internal Security Acts, if you are a Muslim or whether you are seeking for the truth, I would gladly for you to read and understand the true meaning of justice by holistically understand and articulate the meaning of the true justice from an Islamic point of view.

These are some of the excerpts from the Holy Quran that clearly stated the principle of justice:
1. An -Nisa,58
2. As-Syura,15
3. An-Nahl,90
4. Al-Imran,105 and 110

I do hope that you can clearly understand and willing to share it with someone you know about these. It is time for us to show that we are unite, to act together to abolish this draconian, oppressive law of manipulation. For a better society.

August 1, 2009

Walking with pride

I am walking,sometimes running,the dogs with their forces are chasing,my spirit is never wavering,

The days for THEM are ending,I am proud,the sweats and pains are nothing,but the gain is for my Malaysia.

One big cheers for my fellow Malaysian.

July 26, 2009

One year from now

It is an open secret for all Malaysian to understand and to forget.The choice is yours to make.

I am very sure that most of us are willing to forget this case and let them just go in vain.

Some of the many cases in our Malaysia that all of us not going to remember in one year time.
  1. The brutal killing of Nurin.
  2. The disappearance of Sharlinie and Mawi.
  3. Case of death in police custody involving the late A.Kugan.
  4. The analysis and reports on Sultan Mizan Stadium in Terengganu.
  5. The death of Teoh Beng Hock during the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission interrogation.
These are some of the cases, I believe, there will more to prevail unless we really to change.
We can a make a difference.For a better Malaysia.

July 24, 2009

Basic Failures of Malaysian Nationalists

The process of globalization. It is happening, very fast indeed. The ability of not adapting to the process will be a disadvantage opportunity for the party involved in the spreading of nationalism ideology. There will be useless and disappointing consequences marking the ending of the nationalism practices in protecting the local interests in terms of the national social sphere priority.

The ability in adapting to the needs of globalization hidden agenda will be an advantage for the nationalist to differentiate and distinguish the capability and the ability for them in making and abiding to the nature of nationalist agenda. It is very important for the nationalist, in nature, to give an analytical thinking and thoughts in projecting holistic approaches in addressing the needs of the national agenda in terms of the social sphere as a whole.

One of the main challenges in the agenda of a nationalist is the ability in preserving the local features such as, the language. Sadly, here in Malaysia, the so called, nationalist and protector of the soil, hiding behind the rapid process of globalization, have been seen in neglecting and sidelining the importance of the mother tongue language. The education policies and many others’ flip flop’ decisions are being made to satisfy the blind hunger and stupidity of a trap, imperialist state of mind.

The deteriorating confidences among the premier authority in giving and expanding the usage of the national language as a language of knowledge is very disheartening. Some of the proclaim nationalist proudly stated that our language is never being able to compete as language of knowledge. It is one of the most stupid accusation and opinion made by one high profile stature of the society elected by the people to serve the country national agenda.

Based on facts, eighty percent of the science terms in English rooted from many other older languages from the empire of Greece and Rome. This situation has clearly justified the importance of productive measures in translating the knowledge into our own language. Another clear example is by studying our history on how, the most successful empire of our country, the Mallaca empire strived in terms of science and technologies particularly, in the fields of maritime and agriculture aspects without depending on other language.

So much damage has being done, yet so much measure must be taken in order to preserve and strengthen the deteriorated functions of the national language. The situation on this matter must be taken seriously by the entire citizen, in taking the responsibility of making the agenda a success in reality adaptations of our modern society. The skeptical and rhetoric approaches must be decline in a first place to ensure the true movers of the agenda comprising of the educators and language lovers in making necessary revolutionary measures to heal the wound created by many undue influence and mistrust in strengthening the pillar of our culture.

What we have seen and experienced, sadly, here in Malaysia, is not an entirely a true nationalism ideology responsible in protecting and guarding the national and local interest perspective but unfortunately, an exaggerate, impractical, and quixotic works and acts of an opportunistic nationalist in securing the power and wealth of the country that will destroyed itself as a result of the inability to cope and face the continuous and principles identities of the nationalist agendas of our own country.

July 1, 2009

Agrarian reformation

The ability to understand the rigorous geopolitical world climate is a key to understand the most influential economic potential of the world today, the agriculture. Indeed, the scenario today clearly shown the effects on the population as the recent statistic released by the United Nation stated that one in every six people battling and are vulnerable to the negative consequences of starvation and malnutrition. It is better for us to work fast in recognizing the possibilities and importance of agriculture as a priority for the core of our economic policies and plans in order for us to focus on the objective on being an agrarian country to be able to achieve the desirable consequences of the true potential.

We are clearly having a crisis of food security among the society with all the problems of staple foods shortage, increasing cost of production and worsening inflation, yet, we are so proud of our impractical and burdening industrial field in order to satisfy the ego and childish manner for some political mileage. It is time for us to take a more realistic and drastic policies, which is to diverge our country’s policies from industrial to agriculture. Yes, it is a very serious idea in helping to cope with the instability sources and the depleting incomes and revenues of our country through the petroleum and gas industry. Let us all be very serious on the objectives of the proposed policies as the ability and the capability in determining and projecting the country’s direction is in our hands, the future leader of Malaysia.

We can see clearly, on how certain countries in the world are using foods as a tool of economic manipulation to influence the sovereignty of affected and vulnerable country as a result of lacking in proper,future planning and implementations regarding the agriculture industries . The best example is the United States foreign policy of using foods as an exchange for oil in Sudan.This situation mentioned here clearly justified the importance regarding on the relevance issue thus making the agrarian reformation is something that we must be able to carry out and implement en masse to provide our country with security and safety from any political interferences as a result of our exposed and dependent economic activities.

The most important aspects on agrarian reformation is through an effective,active policies regarding the flexibility of fertile lands in our country.I am proposing,that all consortium or company affiliated with agriculture must be states owned to ensure healthy and rapid competitions among them.It is also better to amend special laws regarding the importance of agriculture,for an example,Agriculture Land Reserve Acts in helping to assist any matter regarding the potential usages of land to avoid any further negatives complications or consequences.The acquisition and owning of the lands must be made by the authorities to ensure that a truly quality fertile lands are being used as a medium of plantation.This proposal will ensure maximum potential of mass production targets in terms of quantity.

Besides that,it is also very critical for us to preserve the quality of the agriculture products as it is being categorized as perishable items.The most practical ways in doing that is by specialization of certain places as the center of production to achieve a stable circulation of agriculture products among the target areas thus reducing the cost of production and transportation.I am very convince and confident of these particular idea in helping the society in minimizing their expenditures,resulting a healthy economic values,and most important,to increase and stabilizes the lifestyles of the society,as a whole unit.

It is also very important for a priority allocations being made available by the respective authorities as a social responsibility to enhance the potential of agriculture in terms of science and technologies developments through the extensive research and development lead by our own workforce.The rapid growth of progressions in this industry demand us to be aware and cautious on the availability of any potential possibilities on maximizing the ability of agriculture.The authorities are encourage in making continuous positive contributions towards the betterment of the agrarian reformation by any means of ways and measures especially in ensuring,both,the unskilled and skilled workforce societies of our country as a catalyst for a mass involvement in these important survival steps for an inclusive nations to strive as an independent entity.

As a conclusion,I do hope that my ideas here can be shares for all of us to criticize as most of the ideas here,I have to admit, are expose to many negative consequences which can be easily manipulated by the incompetent and worst,the cases involving conflict of interest among the authorities which will eventually resulting in redundant and retardation of this agrarian reformation which is supposed to increase the agility and variations of our country's economics ability.

June 24, 2009

Strengthening politics of individualistic

Today,as a result of rapid growth of information technologies to the world,the affiliations and connections regarding any political beliefs and ideologies had greatly influence our way and perspectives regarding many hopes and dreams that can be achieved through the powers of politics.

Many have decided to be part of the systems,thus raising many doubts regarding the ability and productivity of the salient individuals quantity in many political systems of the world today.It is very important for the party people to be able to contribute for a better outcome of political objectives thus making the process of strengthening the individuals roles in the political society is very vital and significant for the party's survival.

It is a very healthy culture for a modern,civilized society to be able to adapt and practice the process of politics in a democracy manner.The most important aspects to increase the qualities of individual's participation is through the education of the political knowledge itself.The education process must be made a priority for the individual who want to believe in any political beliefs or ideologies.The process of political education must comprises of many different fields of study(history,social,economy) and must be made norms in various ways of intellectual measures such as the debates,talks and forums.

The other way to strengthen the knowledge of politics in individuals is through the actions and involvement in the political systems.The ability to celebrate and tolerate many different views and perspectives is indeed a quality that must be kept preserved and practiced in order to achieve the objectives in a consensus manner.Besides that,an individual with a clear principle and integrity regarding the political beliefs is also one of the important quality in strengthen the ability of individual contribution to the progress of the political ideologies.

Engagement of individual practical ideas also must be taken seriously in order to maintain the momentum of significant values thus resulting a positive culture in appreciating the democratization of thinking among the individual of the party.The ability of this situation to be manipulated is very important to enjoy various perspectives and views from an individual constructive thinking.This approaches is to refrain and restraint any direct influences to the individual opinions and avoid the retard and stagnant way of thinking.

Lastly,as an individual,we must be able to distinguish and differentiate the positives value for us to adapt in everyday life.We must not blindly support any approaches taken by the political systems as the superiority of the society must be led and governed by common humanity touch,and not through any oppressive natures of any political systems.

As a matter of facts,I hope,through these productive continuous efforts in political education by the individual,it will be a positive contagious culture for our society to produce a quality involvement thus celebrating the meaning of political power in different perspectives from the view of an individual.

June 21, 2009

Hypothesis of terrorism conspiracies in Southeast Asia

Ambalat,Patani,Myanmar,Batu Puteh and the disputes on borders between Thailand and Cambodia.These may be nothing or something.The name of the places and situations mentioned here may left us wondering what are the significant and important messages that I would like to share with the all the readers.

I am just thinking and hoping that my hypothesis and the revelations here should be made aware to the public and the authorities so that the negative implications and consequences can and should be retarded with any means of diplomatic measures to ensure our region is free from any terrorism conspiracies that may sparks or ignites the arms races between the country.

It is very common for any region in this world to be exposed to this kind of uncertainties,so it is better for us to understand and react to any possible consequences that might affect us,as a whole region of Southeast Asia in a long time to come.For examples of affected nations are such as the countries in Balkan region ( mass killing,ethnic genocide),Arabic region (terrorism affiliated with religion),African region (civil wars between tribes) and the contagion of terrorism involving the Asia region (terrorism affiliated with races,religion).

The similarities between all the places and situation here are the symbolic and significant influences and involvements of external factors motivated by the rampaging extension of political powers to achieve modern imperialism.I am not being skeptical here as the facts had shown that the modern imperialism nowadays really have the capability and ability to influence the much smaller country to follow their lead.

It is very important for all of us,as the Southeast Asian region's citizen to urge our country's authorities in accommodating,acquitting and being flexible to any matter regarding all the disputes that arises so that it can be solved within the region itself.It is vital for us to have a clear objectives on all of our foreign policies in giving the rightful acts and applications to ensure the stability of our region is being kept preserved.

The widely usages and involvements of heavy artilleries and ammunition in many recent attacks involving the public civilians really sparks and ignites the question and strengthen my hypothesis of terrorism conspiracies.I am very worried if these trends of manipulating disputes between civil country as a catalyst to a catastrophic consequences to ensure the economic advantages in certain imperial country to become a liability in many different aspects and circumstances thus resulting in affecting the efficiency of coping to another country.

As a conclusion,as an idea of the hypothesis,the spaces for any inferences are still open for us to discover the actual and possible conspiracies regarding the issues and manipulating the resultant forces in a positive ways.A bleak and chaotic situations,indeed,will emerge in our region if there are no practical and dynamic diplomatic measures are to be taken seriously by the authorities in governing and confronting any possibilities of unwanted essences and substances of terrorism in maintaining our region's sovereignty.

June 20, 2009

Remember the tragedies

I am demanding studies by the authorities and intellectuals around the world for the truth to be prevailed for all of us to share with the world that cruelty transcends and rise above the norms of our humanity.I hope,a transparent and free from any influences intellectual studies should be carried out for us to see the world in a different perspectives.

  • In Malaysia
  1. The Memali's tragedy in Baling,Kedah.
  2. The May 13th racial riot.
  3. The two weeks of Communist occupation in Peninsular.
  4. The Al Maunah's movement and involvement in Grik,Perak
  • In the other parts of the worlds
  1. The ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. The Muslim genocide in Yugoslavia.
  3. The mass killing of Sabra and Shatila involving the Palestinian peoples.
  4. The attacks of mosques in the South Thailand's province.
  5. The mass killing of Rohingya peoples in Myanmar.
  6. The public massacre of the minority Tamil in Sri Lanka.
  7. The civil wars between different tribes in Africa.
The lists of tragedies here should be examined for all of us to see the reality involving the deteriorating of humanity among the society today.We must act fast so that the facts and the truth can be shared for a better society to be moulded.I am urging all the intellectual bodies and persons to take responsibilities by using any means of manifestations to highlight the tragedies.
Thank you.

June 14, 2009

Hopes for new Malaysian political idealisms.

It must be said and done that our present world of today is really in need of a dependable,dynamic systems of political idealism.We have seen the best of the past,but the worst is still yet to come.The world's society must struggle for the continuous process to be achieved and strive for the perfection of the system.

I am not going to reveal the weakness or strength of any fail or successful systems but I would like to project and analyse holistically the new political idealism that all of us going to embrace and practice to ensure the objectives and the subjective of the social sphere ethics to be achieved here in Malaysia.

The new politic idealism must transcend and rise above the narrow thinking of any majority or even minority society.It must be a total new ideology which will be superior and surmount to celebrate the politics of multiculturalism of any society in this world.It must be said that the race based politics will only disallow and discourage the ability and worst,stunt the development of the race as a whole.It is very important to practice a free and absolute opportunity for those who really needs in terms of a good education to ensure a strong mould of globalized society.

The familiarization and adaptation of the new world to ensure the efficiency of the future needs based on the policies and plans either for long or short terms are very vital in the new political idealism.It must be affiliated with people oriented systems consists of the inclusion of any matter regarding the social sphere to ensure the effectiveness and accountability of the political idealism practices.

The process of liberalization and progression towards the maximum potential of our Malaysian society need to be strengthen and practice by instilling the positives cultures and values lead by example of the former systems and policies as a mould and the past failures as a indicator for the challenge that we must face.Supporting or adopting a policy is one thing,effectively implementing it is entirely another. The ability to implement the policies and plans will boost the quality of the society as a whole unit to ensure there is no discrimination toward any strata of the deserving Malaysian citizen.

Thus,it is very important for all of us,the Malaysian society, to take part in the nation building by using the right channel of democracy by participating and manipulating on how the systems of the policies or plans work to ensure the targets and objectives are being achieved.The difficulty involving the internal and external factors especially regarding the nation also should be a priority.It is very important to achieve the stability of priority,for example,the state of economy and the consequences of any political actions towards the society as a catalyst for the new hopes of idealism.

I have to admit that this piece of mine is not a perfect one as I am not fully touching on certain topics hollistically but I do hope it will open a new chapter of any political idealism specifically in Malaysia regarding where and what we should do next to ensure the effectiveness and the relevant idea to stay afloat to survive the rigorous climate of the political world today.

June 7, 2009

On becoming a democratic society

Democracy.How important is it to mould a society based on the values and principles of democratic society?It is such a brittle argument for me to blindly support or even oppose the idea of democracy.I believe it is such an important system for us, but how far it will goes before any type of authoritarian and anarchist actions took place in limiting the ability of celebrating the human liberties?

There are two main principle that we must understand clearly that I would like to propose on becoming a democratic society.The first principle is that all members of the society have equal access to power and the second is that all members enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties.It is very important for all of us to practise these two types of principles to ensure the value and identity of democracy is clearly being highlighted and projected for a better system to appear.

On becoming a total democratic society,it is very important to be able to engage to different strata of society regardless of ideologies,religions,and ethnicity.The key for a success democratic society is through the contribution and exchanging of ideas in accord to the priority of the social liberties and sphere.It is very common for us to hear heated argument based on race and ethnicity when actually the primary problem laid in the value of human liberties that has being tarnished and raped through many ways by the narrow minded and totalitarian thinking of certain quarters of the authority.For an example,is it too much for us to have the same status,the same opportunities,the same chances in many different scopes of life such as the education?

Democratization of thinking is badly needed in our society as it is the most dependable catalyst in any process of revolution to achieve and celebrate the beauty of a democratic society.There are so much that we must change for this idea to be able to be a reality.The significant and salient way of change is through communication and interaction of constructive ideas and policies.The involvement of the society indeed, will bring many positive outcome especially most of the unresolved problems and policies usually affecting the quality of life.For an example,the public transportation system and health care policies.

It is a symbiotic democratic process of the society resulting in a greater effect thus making the opportunity for any reliable sources of stability among the society.The success of the democratization of thinking must be the first manifestations to attempt awareness and a catalyst to create the mobilisation of the society in order for it to be achieved.The involvement and mobilisation of the society is very badly needed to ensure it is a total process of revolution to create total understanding among the society as the society will play an important and pivotal part in projecting the credibility and suitability of the process to ensure the cultures and values of the national heritage to be kept preserved for our future scion and heir of the state.

As an idea,the process on becoming a democratic society is still along way to go and can be considered an illusion for those who did not believe in the idea.I believe,the Achilles heel of any idea on becoming a democratic society is on how we will eventually differentiate lines or borders between the process and how the society is going to react and respect towards the freedom and democracy they want to receive and celebrate.Or is it?

Maturing process of Malaysian society.

It has been almost 52 years of our country independence yet we are still lost in the maturing process of empowering and strengthening the citizen of our society as a whole unit of country to ensure it is on the right track of becoming a respected nation rather than a failed nation.There are many different aspects and perspectives of views must be considered to ensure the objectives to be taken seriously and holistically by the society of our nation.

It must be done through the new perspectives where all the involvement of our country plural society are being taken of regardless of their races,religions,,ethnics,etc.The democracy of thinking must be stimulated and expressed by practising the good value of many different ideologies and principles as long as the preservation of our national culture and identity are norms in accordance to our nation's piece of Constitution as our country's backbone.

In all the way and methodology to mature the society that I would like to propose here,this method must be put in a high places of any process of that,the education.It must be done as I believe that the secret of any development process can be done through the effective education of why are we,the society,at the first place are here,in Malaysia,blessed with different diversity.The maturing process can be done through the learning and crystal clear understanding of the national history itself.It must be made compulsory for any citizen to take part in any medium provided to express and discuss intellectual contents of the national history.

Any intellectual studies on significant event and history happened in our country must be done to be able for us to stimulate the new beginning of the maturing process through many different perspectives to ensure that the effect of these histories are being clearly felt by the society as a whole nation.The involvement of many different institutions of studies through academicians and scholars can only enrich the ideas and understanding of the future consequences.The best way to engage the history is by focusing on the practicality of the event and how we can relate it to our modern society.The education process must be done holistically focusing on the objectives and subjectives of the idea on education.

Besides that,the catalyst for any maturing process of our country diversity is by understanding the 'social sphere' of hopes and fears consisting of economics,politics and social matters of the society.These process can only be call a success when the liberalization of the new approaches are being work out and implement regardless of the races,religions and ethnicity of the citizen.

The approach that can be carried out by the responsible authorities is by laying out the policy and work forces willing to serve the civil society.This process will take a long time to be efficient as we need to start from the scratch of the whole idea.The involvement of the society is badly needed through the brainstorming of ideas by taking part in debates and talks to maximise the whole understanding of information and exposition.

Malaysia had achieved so much through the maturing process since it was first born.We, as the whole society have experience many different world climates and geopolitics, so it will do no harms if further maturing process of our society are needed to ensure the relevant and survival of our beloved country to endure the reality to achieve the fantasy.

May 31, 2009

What I want for my Malaysia

This list of mine is being juggled and mixed not according to its important but to how my heart felt to write it at the first place.

  1. Society that uphold the supremacy of the Constitution
  2. A democratic and just government
  3. Economic growth for the progress of the nation and the welfare of people
  4. Economic and social justice
  5. Complete religious freedom
  6. The elimination of poverty
  7. A national system of education in the national language produce a society that is knowledgeable, rational, progressive, dynamic and creative
  8. A qualitynational health care system
  9. A quality public transport system
  10. Affordable and adequate housing scheme for the lower income group
  11. Respect for human rights
  12. An independent and just judiciary
  13. True separation of powers between the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary
  14. Independent,free and responsible media
  15. Balance development of many different fields of knowledge
  16. Appreciation of national literature and development of arts
  17. Active foreign relation and policy to achieve great understanding with the world

In order to achieve these aims, we must cooperate with all groups that will cooperate with us,within the country as well as without.

I really do hope that my humble list here would ignite your sense of patriotism and belonging towards our beloved Malaysia as I believe that all of us are responsible to make it happen in our own Malaysia.Thank you.

May 30, 2009

Nature of revolution application

It is all despair and real pessimism in the face of imminent and total destruction thus making the rise of a bright,new and just world system and order seem very illogical from the very beginning.This situation has created and should be replaced by optimism and hope of revolutionary thinking lead by all of us,the leader of tomorrow,who are willing to care and dream of a better system for many different field such as politics,economics,relation and etc.

The supremacy of this revolution should be uphold and believed,not by recruiting,but through the rigorous implementation of understanding.It should be very open and critical by providing the best medium for all the citizens of the society who support the aims and principles.It should be kept simple.Works as an intellectual body rather than political movement thus making the core of the way of thinking is through education and maximum research of different branches of knowledge.

Pure education of the system should be received by diferent strata of society to ensure the truth about the system that we are proposing can be used againts any repressive and oppresive nature of any future for a just system of the world to become reality.Many ways and means can be used in order for the best outccome of the movement to be achieved.Firstly,as stated above,through education where different class of citizen can be part of it,without any restriction of different opinion of ideologies and any religious matter.As long as the quality and competency in ensuring the noble human liberties can be achieved and practised without fear of uncertainty outcome.

Secondly,we should develop strategic and optimistic plans and strategies comprises of different generation of professional irrespective of their field as long as we can work very hard to push the revolution of the whole system to the maximum for a better outcome to the society.The reform of the system should be carried out based on the quality of past system,whether it is liberalism,socialism or even the dying system of capitalism.

This association of recruiting thinking citizen should be able to mix and involve people of any ideologies to achieve greater understanding to maximise the true potential of the people helping them to give total contribution towards the process of liberalisation of the society's system comprises of many variation of dicisplines of knowledge and application. This process will ensure a healthy competitions of knowledge thus helping the quality of the objectives and subjectives of the future system to be achieved and applied to many perspective of daily application.

Some of us may be afraid to believe in any revolution action,even when we are hearing the word revolution,it will ignite and spark doubt of uncertainty on the future of the system that we are going to live with.For me,it is different and wrong to talk on revolution of action without consulting the state of our mind evolution.As a conclusion,every steps that we take,it should be accompany with our mental preparation to achieve the best of the past,the gift of present and opportunity of the future for any of the revolution system and action to be taken.

May 29, 2009

Of revolution,evolution and the society

Evolution and revolution have played a pivotal roles in the modern and past civilisation to mould different way of thinking.Both have the opportunity to shine in what we all believe as the catalyst of optimistic thinking value to ease the burden of diffrent strata of society.Different ideologies have being created to fulfill the needs of evolution and revolution happened according to the time and action taken whether it is drastically or slowly being implemented.Some may last.Some may not.It is all up to the system and way of reviving the true forces and momentum for it to achieve what is being desired by the avant garde thinker of many different targets and beliefs to fulfill different groups of obligations.
Muhammad S.w.t, Isa,Che Guevara,Charles Darwin,Stalin and many more have succeed and failed to achieve what they believe.Different ideologies have being created but the true movers of the ideas behind every revolution and evolution is the true understanding and manipulation of the society in practising the culture of thinking.It was widely being recorded in the history of many parts in the world that responsible society mainly the different class of them combined together in order to believe and save their ideas.
The responsibilities of the society and their ability should not be wasted.Their flow of free thinking should not be barred by any means just to ensure certain class of people society to achieve their own thought of survival.It is so wrong,morally,to be able to achieve the minds restriction especially when the understanding and implementation among the society is far more greater than the government that are being elected or many different institutions that are being uphold proudly when the true strata of societies are suffering from the irresponsible consequences of incompetence administration.
What are being seen as importance sometimes can be represent in many ideas of the revolution and evolution whether it is really a good or subtle way.Or just an idea to be achieve in a greater or smaller scale.Quantity over quality.Or vice versa.Is it really the way of life represent the true nature of society or is it how are we gonna endure many different aspects of society obligation.Sometimes,the scale success in a small way is better than a big way.The way of different thinking must be oppose by facts,not emotion.The participation of different class of thinkers are better to strengthen both the formal and informal education and understanding receive by the society.
It is better to conclude that revolution and evolution must be achieved by the society own's accord and there should not be any harm of indifferencess or merely a fault should be highlighted as a result of many way of thinking collided to produce greater momentum.What we really need to exercise and trust is by taking part as there is no way we can believed and succeed in a quest of many falling dominoes of the world ideologies of revolution and evolution except for our willingness to participate