September 16, 2009

Social Sphere Collision in Malaysia

The facts are there for us to read and analyse. The state of our country is declining day by the day, as a result of furious and rigorous social sphere collision affecting the various segments of the citizens in Malaysia.

The term ‘social sphere collision’ is referring to the situation where different segments of peoples are experiencing inequalities and injustices as a result of the fail policies in politics, economics and the development of the social milieu.

Segregations according to the races are still being widely practised, worst; it is being practised in our partisan political systems. The failure to understand the effects of the ideologies will stunt the development of our nation building process in a long term prospects.

Inability to counter such ideologies will create a gap between the country’s social strata thus resulting in various negative consequences and implications. The many races in Malaysia will remain segregated as a result of misunderstanding among us, apart from looking for the similarities of common humanity qualities and natures.

Besides that, the usages of various issues by the political parties involving mainly the topics of the races, religions and the royal institutions will create unease and will continue to haunt our country. The illusions of collisions created by some quarters to maintain their corrupt power should be stopped by any means of people’s democratic powers.

The second main point is the collision happen in the economic situation. The widening gap of the economic status between the citizens must be analysed holistically and systematically, regardless of our races. It is times for us to create a meritocracy based economic systems and policies to curb any negatives influences such as cronyisms and nepotisms which had becomes the cancers in our society.

Our economic policies must be made, in a manner of equality, to preserve the qualities of our citizens to compete. People’s centric economic welfare plans and policies should be made compulsory and priority to avoid further collision. It must be held in our mind, that all of us deserved the basic rights of economic potential in our own country.

Thirdly, our understanding and adaptation towards the changes of the social environment around us are very important. The social related issues of education had remained woes for all of us. The ineffective education policies drafted by the responsible authorities continued to fail us all. For an example, the lack of education funds and scholarship for the deserving Malaysians, are clearly an indication that the collision happen will not be able to recover unless we start to understand the importance of education potential, for all Malaysian.

It is time, we must be rationale in giving the opportunity of education, without politicising the situation, to avoid further crisis of the social collision among the citizens. Besides that, racial problems are the example of social collision that we face today, as a result of continuous segregation according to the races, religions and worse, political ideologies, added by the language barrier and difficulties that we have to endure every day.

As a conclusion, we must not be in a state of denial, in avoiding any real, intellectual exchanges involving the collision of our social structure in order to hide the facts that we, the Rakyat, really need to mature to sustain any possibilities of the realities that we need to face in the near future.

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