September 25, 2009

What is now for the former Internal Security Act detainees?

The recent releases of Internal Security Acts (ISA) detainees involving five peoples,
1. Mat Sah Mohd Satray
2. Dr Abdullah Daud
3. Mohd Nasir Ismail
4. Mohd Kamil Hanafiah
5. Mohd Amir Hanafiah
must be a clear stepping stone in increasing the awareness in our society’s understanding to the real issues affecting the human rights allocate by our nation’s pieces of Constitution.
Different perspectives, mainly from the individual and organisation, on the ISA issues must be articulated and studied holistically as a means of education in the liberalisation process of human rights in Malaysia.
The opportunities to maximise and utilise the primary sources as a chains of information by the detainees must be made to ensure the truths of the Acts can be prevailed and exposed as a precedent of human rights struggles in the near future.
Active annotation regarding the oppressive process and procedures of the Acts in the forms of educational literature (memoirs, thesis, poems, etc) must be made available in order for us, the society, to understand the situations better and works together as an act of upholding humanity values.
The mobilisation of intellectual parties involving various quarters and segments of the public’s society is badly needed to educate the public’s on their rights. The real concerns involve the lacks of understanding regarding the basic information of the Acts among the society.
The recognitions of the public’s society towards the mental and physical plights face by the former detainees must be a catalyst to prevail the malicious intent of the supreme authorities under the name of national security in curbing the democratic manner of the conscious peoples.
It should be evident that the arguments here are meant to serve and prepare us with the best possible understanding of the continuous struggles faced by the commoners of our country in making the oppressive, draconian set of laws, a history.

September 17, 2009

Building Young Patriotism

The nation understanding towards building and instilling patriotism among the young generation, the foundations of our country is a very vital part in enhancing the nation building process of our country.

The inability to do so will cause serious damages to the entities of the country thus creating many negative implications and consequences in reaching the pinnacle of our understanding towards the participation of the young in the process of nation building process.

The ways in creating the awareness among the younger generation of our country towards the importance of the nation history must be an obligation in articulating the effects and causes of various important situations happened in our country.

Ability to understand the history will be a salient part in stimulating and simulating the patriotism in order to create crystal clear understanding of the early struggles and challenges involving the social sphere milieu; pre and post independence sequences of historical plots.

Responsible attitudes are meant for the younger generation to signify in maintaining the priority of our country. Various issues involving the nation must be made to be important to ensure holistic understanding of the reality face by the country. This is to stress out the importance of national problems from different perspectives of a young mind.

The application of patriotism among the young generation is very badly needed to ensure the sustainability and survival of one’s country. Active participation by the young in implementation of any and various policies drafted by the authorities must be made in a manner of responsible democratic attitudes in accordance to the Constitution.

Our rights to the country should be practise and understand in any means. We must opposed any intolerance, incompetence of the supreme leadership as the real owner, guardian of our country is every one of you. We have the rights.

It is time for the pillar, the future leadership of our country to be able to assimilate the real struggle of their predecessor by becoming the catalyst of changes and revolutions of the country’s social sphere structures.

September 16, 2009

Social Sphere Collision in Malaysia

The facts are there for us to read and analyse. The state of our country is declining day by the day, as a result of furious and rigorous social sphere collision affecting the various segments of the citizens in Malaysia.

The term ‘social sphere collision’ is referring to the situation where different segments of peoples are experiencing inequalities and injustices as a result of the fail policies in politics, economics and the development of the social milieu.

Segregations according to the races are still being widely practised, worst; it is being practised in our partisan political systems. The failure to understand the effects of the ideologies will stunt the development of our nation building process in a long term prospects.

Inability to counter such ideologies will create a gap between the country’s social strata thus resulting in various negative consequences and implications. The many races in Malaysia will remain segregated as a result of misunderstanding among us, apart from looking for the similarities of common humanity qualities and natures.

Besides that, the usages of various issues by the political parties involving mainly the topics of the races, religions and the royal institutions will create unease and will continue to haunt our country. The illusions of collisions created by some quarters to maintain their corrupt power should be stopped by any means of people’s democratic powers.

The second main point is the collision happen in the economic situation. The widening gap of the economic status between the citizens must be analysed holistically and systematically, regardless of our races. It is times for us to create a meritocracy based economic systems and policies to curb any negatives influences such as cronyisms and nepotisms which had becomes the cancers in our society.

Our economic policies must be made, in a manner of equality, to preserve the qualities of our citizens to compete. People’s centric economic welfare plans and policies should be made compulsory and priority to avoid further collision. It must be held in our mind, that all of us deserved the basic rights of economic potential in our own country.

Thirdly, our understanding and adaptation towards the changes of the social environment around us are very important. The social related issues of education had remained woes for all of us. The ineffective education policies drafted by the responsible authorities continued to fail us all. For an example, the lack of education funds and scholarship for the deserving Malaysians, are clearly an indication that the collision happen will not be able to recover unless we start to understand the importance of education potential, for all Malaysian.

It is time, we must be rationale in giving the opportunity of education, without politicising the situation, to avoid further crisis of the social collision among the citizens. Besides that, racial problems are the example of social collision that we face today, as a result of continuous segregation according to the races, religions and worse, political ideologies, added by the language barrier and difficulties that we have to endure every day.

As a conclusion, we must not be in a state of denial, in avoiding any real, intellectual exchanges involving the collision of our social structure in order to hide the facts that we, the Rakyat, really need to mature to sustain any possibilities of the realities that we need to face in the near future.

September 5, 2009

Privatisation trend and its effects

By the end of the year 2009, we, as a whole society of our beloved country of Malaysia, will have to endure and experience the many negative implications regarding our two most important social needs of our modern day, the sources of power, the electricity and the modes of public transportations, as a result of continuous, significant rises of the charges that we have to pay.

It is very disheartening for me, personally, as I am an avid user of public transportations. I know that these moves will greatly affect the lower and middle income groups that we must bear and endure the daily economical burdens. It is a very pessimistic and backwards move by the government ever, in increasing and promoting the usages of public transportations.

The moves to an almost annual hike of public commodities have left me, sometimes with anger and impractical consequences to the government’s inability in managing our country wealth and revenues, resulting in many high profiles cases of corruption and graft, totaling up to billions of our money being wasted. The same lame excuses were being used to justify the capitalistic moves in diverting the actual needs of our society.

One of the main excuses that we are force to swallow is that the services provider experience losses. It is so untrue, as for an example, the intercity train services, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad(KTMBH), is the services manipulator of our daily public transportation. One of the questions that I want to raise is how and why, the ability and capability of the train services can be upgrade to a better standard when it is so salient and remarkable that the services and managements are deteriorating from day to day?

It is the roots of the problems that we must first, be able to understand and tackle to ensure the needs of the society to be a priority. I believe that the actual roots of the problems we have to face today, is a result of privatization trends of public needs, such as the power supply(water, electricity) and public transportations(trains, buses) in our government economic policies. I am never against these kinds of moves, as it is proven that, it will help to enhance healthy competitions and services, but, here in Malaysia, it is being used as a tool of manipulations to satisfy the capitalisms agendas. The affiliations of the certain companies to political entities are a real disaster in providing the basic needs of our modern day lives. It will leads to many exposed negatives implications and measures such as nepotisms, cronyisms that will lead to incompetence services.

It is a very serious measure that we must take into account as we are living in a very vulnerable region, exposed to many kinds of dangerous elements of terrorism and instability. The ability to understand these situations will help us to prioritize our plan and organize our people centric agendas in providing the basic commodities without any interruptions and negative consequences. It is very clear, that most of the recent continuous hikes of prices regarding our public services have profitable motive. I have a fear for them, and doubt towards their readiness of making a sacrifices especially when there are uncertainties struck our beloved country, as clearly, the companies that responsible in providing the public services, are more attracted to make profit, rather than improving their services.

It is very obvious, that we become highly dependent to the privatization trends, that we, becoming less aware to the facts that it is a very serious measures especially when, all of our public related commodities are being manipulated to certain quarters without any serious interventions and relations of our government in making any concrete stands regarding the citizen’s welfare.

I am urging and hoping that the government can seriously considering and reviewing the trend of making the public related services an easy target to satisfy the hunger of capitalisms. It is time, for us to show and understand the reality in instilling awareness of our Malaysian citizens, in demanding better service to achieve what we really deserves.