September 17, 2009

Building Young Patriotism

The nation understanding towards building and instilling patriotism among the young generation, the foundations of our country is a very vital part in enhancing the nation building process of our country.

The inability to do so will cause serious damages to the entities of the country thus creating many negative implications and consequences in reaching the pinnacle of our understanding towards the participation of the young in the process of nation building process.

The ways in creating the awareness among the younger generation of our country towards the importance of the nation history must be an obligation in articulating the effects and causes of various important situations happened in our country.

Ability to understand the history will be a salient part in stimulating and simulating the patriotism in order to create crystal clear understanding of the early struggles and challenges involving the social sphere milieu; pre and post independence sequences of historical plots.

Responsible attitudes are meant for the younger generation to signify in maintaining the priority of our country. Various issues involving the nation must be made to be important to ensure holistic understanding of the reality face by the country. This is to stress out the importance of national problems from different perspectives of a young mind.

The application of patriotism among the young generation is very badly needed to ensure the sustainability and survival of one’s country. Active participation by the young in implementation of any and various policies drafted by the authorities must be made in a manner of responsible democratic attitudes in accordance to the Constitution.

Our rights to the country should be practise and understand in any means. We must opposed any intolerance, incompetence of the supreme leadership as the real owner, guardian of our country is every one of you. We have the rights.

It is time for the pillar, the future leadership of our country to be able to assimilate the real struggle of their predecessor by becoming the catalyst of changes and revolutions of the country’s social sphere structures.

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