September 25, 2009

What is now for the former Internal Security Act detainees?

The recent releases of Internal Security Acts (ISA) detainees involving five peoples,
1. Mat Sah Mohd Satray
2. Dr Abdullah Daud
3. Mohd Nasir Ismail
4. Mohd Kamil Hanafiah
5. Mohd Amir Hanafiah
must be a clear stepping stone in increasing the awareness in our society’s understanding to the real issues affecting the human rights allocate by our nation’s pieces of Constitution.
Different perspectives, mainly from the individual and organisation, on the ISA issues must be articulated and studied holistically as a means of education in the liberalisation process of human rights in Malaysia.
The opportunities to maximise and utilise the primary sources as a chains of information by the detainees must be made to ensure the truths of the Acts can be prevailed and exposed as a precedent of human rights struggles in the near future.
Active annotation regarding the oppressive process and procedures of the Acts in the forms of educational literature (memoirs, thesis, poems, etc) must be made available in order for us, the society, to understand the situations better and works together as an act of upholding humanity values.
The mobilisation of intellectual parties involving various quarters and segments of the public’s society is badly needed to educate the public’s on their rights. The real concerns involve the lacks of understanding regarding the basic information of the Acts among the society.
The recognitions of the public’s society towards the mental and physical plights face by the former detainees must be a catalyst to prevail the malicious intent of the supreme authorities under the name of national security in curbing the democratic manner of the conscious peoples.
It should be evident that the arguments here are meant to serve and prepare us with the best possible understanding of the continuous struggles faced by the commoners of our country in making the oppressive, draconian set of laws, a history.


  1. all we can say is,
    if the gov didn't do anything at this moment to tackle unemployment,then we are going to have 5 more jobless Malaysians on top of thousands more......

  2. it is just not about the unemployment that we need to look is more than that, together, we are responsible in creating a healthy civil society in urging for a better human right recognitions....thanks for the comment though.......

  3. i personally think that ISA has been overly sensationalised, or should i say overly politicized by certain attention-seeking parties, since ISA itself is concerned with political detentions...
    if we are aiming to strive for better standard of human rights, the focal point should be detention without trial in which natural justice is evidently isn't just about ISA, there are several other laws that permit detention without trial, one of which is dangerous drugs act...

    regarding "mobilisation of intellectual educate the public’s on their rights", efforts have been made by amnesty and suaram and several other NGOs but then again, human rights issues fail to capture public's attention..perhaps it's the way the campaigns are conducted...

    anyway, your articles are very well written and it's good to know that there are students who do care about the current shits happening in our country :)