November 23, 2009

Pushing For The Student Based Policies

It is time for us to urge the current authorities of our country to seriously considering the student welfare in terms of the social state in order to strengthen the core and pillar of our country future systems.

Some of the sectors that need reform in term of its state are the education, social and economic. It was hoped through this humble list of mine, it will be a catalyst for those who read this, to be able to understand that we still have a lot to do in championing the cause for our fellow student’s right.


1. To fight for the free and quality education, regardless of the races, religions, ethnics.

2. Learning opportunities for all stages of education, regardless of the races, religions, ethnics.

3. Respecting all types of school systems, while working and progressing in strengthening the national school.

4. By setting up the education committee member made up of the student leader to discuss on matter involving the state of education.

5. Pushing for all meritocracy based systems within an inclusive matter, such as the economic status of the student.

6. Focusing on the application based oriented studies in creating true potential and chances in producing a world class work force.

7. Strengthen the education institution and systems through various reforms in terms of learning methodologies and education approaches.

8. Introducing new systems of creating education syllabus and curriculum with the participation of all entities related to the education systems. (parents, students, teachers)

9. By setting up authorities in producing holistic and systematic approaches of education.


1. By encouraging participation of students activities in various fields and discipline of knowledge.
2. By allowing open discussion on various issues affecting the social milieu of the students.

3. Understand the needs in protecting the civil rights of the students in accordance to the Constitution of our country.

4. By disembarking any oppressive measures in curbing the student activities.

5. By amending set of laws in protecting and secure the social rights of the students.

6. By stopping all doctrinaire and propagandas activities in purpose of creating tension and hatred relating to the race, ethnic, religion and political ideologies.


1. By providing student allocation on every parliamentary seats to provide basic education necessities regardless of the races, ethnic, religions or ideologies.

2. Setting up of special committee made up of the society related to the education industry in reviewing, checking of the allocation’s distribution.

3. By reducing the taxes of educational material.

4. Prioritise on strategic development of public infrastructure and amenities. (Public transportations, libraries)

5. The strengthening process of the libraries institutions in providing quality references.

6. By making easier loans, funds and scholarships applications available and being distribute carefully towards the targeted student areas and networks.

7. All research and development process must be funded by the respective government agencies if the projects are benefiting for the society purpose.

8. Encouraging the social responsibilities of both, the private and government sectors in providing security in term of jobs prospects.

9. By implementing the minimum wage requirement, to ensure continuous quantity and quality of future workforce.

I am very convinced that our current policies of education are not benefitting both, the student community and the government in a long term prospect in providing the will needed to change our nation from the current structure to a much stable and firm situation to be able to compete in possible highest level of progressive nature.

These are only some of the suggestions from me, and further criticisms are needed to ensure the relevance of the education policies for the Malaysian society’s building revolution.

November 20, 2009

Achieving Malaysian Media Solidarity

The Malaysian media of today should understand what they are capable of doing in term of infiltration and influencing the Rakyat of Malaysia. The doctrination, the propaganda that we, the society, are facing today, cannot be tolerated anymore. It is time, for the Malaysian media to practise responsible journalism to ensure defamations, hatreds and malicious intentions of our country’s society to be at its end.
The main ideas of the solidarity that the media can achieve are such as:
1. By practising the most democratic manner in journalism accordance to the Constitution of our country.

2. Means of circulating the message in the most professional ethics and disciplines of journalism.

3. By understanding the needs of the information for the actual truth.

4. As an effective tools in reflecting the social states of our country.

5. Serve as an intellectual means in propagating the minds of the society.

6. To uphold the needs in addressing the importance issues of the country.
7. To ensure the availability of the information to reach out to the target groups.

8. By denying any oppressive forces of authorities factors in ensuring the credibility and integrity of information institutions.

9. To serve as a mediums of discussions, interactions and communications within the diverse social strand of our country.

10. By abiding and understanding the responsibilities in pushing the maturity of the society.

For me, it is an honour if all the media mediums in our country can achieve the main solidarity among them, in creating and focusing to the reflections of our country’s state of social milieu as a medium in circulating the message of the majority masses to the minority authorities of our country

November 16, 2009

Revolution Towards Malaysian Art Cultures

What is it so important with the revolution of the art cultures?
This question will remain unless we change our attitude towards it, in trying to understand the importance of the art, as the tools of physical and emotional ways of liberties and emancipations of our Malaysian societies.
There are several proposals in making these a reality to ensure understanding of the arts entities to be taken seriously by us.
It is time for the society, to change the attitude in reflecting the needs and importance of the subjects by focusing on the education of arts as a serious indicator to ensure serious progress of the arts revolution. As a matter of fact, there is no art school dedicated within the secondary and primary school systems in Malaysia.
The strengthening process of fundamental and core unit of systematics and hollistic studies of art educations approaches must be made and provided in order for us to be able to create the much needed conciousness of Malaysian towards the importance of arts.
Means of identifying the symbiotic relationships of our diverse social strata will only leave us with a great opportunity in learning the complexity structure of our society in order to project better articulation of our society.
The input of heavy critisms and analytical studies towards of all the social value of the milieu must be echoed through art in order for it to be seen relevant in order for us to interpret the idea in different, new perspectives.
The mediums in achieving the arts revolution in Malaysia must be integrated with a very serious efforts involving the whole sructures of the old and new media opportunities for the messages to be told to the masses.
The availibility of the art sources remains an important catalyst in order for the culture of arts to be seen as an intellectual insight of the Malaysian society. The participation of all education entities must be enhanced and stimulated through various quarters and mediums to ensure further studies can be carried out in a manner of professionalisms.
The needs in addresing the arts revolution as a critical methodology of intellectual collision will only provide us with the opportunity in creating a whole new Malaysian society as a tools of social expression in our country.