November 18, 2010

Roots of Thought 1

Read this fellow comrade.
The intention is real, but the hegemony is seriously depressing, the claws of power are still clinging in the disparity of human social, created to allow oppression to run from the veins of the children,maturing through times.
Bursting into illusion created,creating a continuous enigma of our deteriorating society,where being truthful means being in vain.
Wake up people, it is for ours to be conscious!

November 12, 2010

De-Prioritized of Priority.

Read this and this, fellow comrade.
It is very clear, the collapsing in determining the priority of the government of the day, any government, really should spark a concern for those who care.
Greater direct action between all strata of oppressed people must be put at a very high level, for us to push for a better understanding of the real issues plaguing our society nowadays.
We are seeing the collapsing of the governmental institution and structures as a result of
de-prioritized of our society issues that continue to plague and badly affecting the nature of our society.
If they can fund a war, why not for education?
There is no time to spare in this struggle. Do it in every way we can.
Education as an investment, not a business.