November 12, 2010

De-Prioritized of Priority.

Read this and this, fellow comrade.
It is very clear, the collapsing in determining the priority of the government of the day, any government, really should spark a concern for those who care.
Greater direct action between all strata of oppressed people must be put at a very high level, for us to push for a better understanding of the real issues plaguing our society nowadays.
We are seeing the collapsing of the governmental institution and structures as a result of
de-prioritized of our society issues that continue to plague and badly affecting the nature of our society.
If they can fund a war, why not for education?
There is no time to spare in this struggle. Do it in every way we can.
Education as an investment, not a business.


  1. ku sokong Botak!!!
    education > menara warisan!!!
    hidup Melayu!!! hidup Melayu!
    eh2, silap pula
    hahaha :D :D :D
    kalau sakit nak baik kena bayar
    kalau bodoh nak pandai kena bayar
    kalau miskin nak projek kena bayar
    aduh, penatlah macam ni
    harap2 ke depan ni ada perubahan. :)

  2. perubahan itu bukan terletak pada parti,
    tapi terletak pada jitu jati pertiwi.

    emancipate urselves from mental slavery,
    none but ourselves can free our mind.