January 23, 2010

Zionisms, a thought of our country.

Zionisms, is an idealisms transcends the race usages, where racism, supremacist and distant religions notions perceived to prime in our modern world.
Guess who is practicing it now, in our country?

State of Malaysian civilisation?

Ibnu Arabi had stated in his studies, that there are three types and states of civilisation process.

The first one is the civilisation pioneered by the religious movement and interference.

The second one is being triggered by the development and improvement and knowledge guided by the wisdom of the civilised peoples.

And lastly, the collapse of the civilisation process through the lust guided incompetence characters in articulating the needs of the peoples.

Is there anything that we can relate for our country social standing now, in the wake of the issues regarding the Allah usages for non Muslim to our own state of civilisation?

Clearly, we are not using the first and second one, but we are using the third one.

Do think, and change.

A Second Thought of the Internal Security Acts.

We must start to think now,what is Malaysia,after the draconian law of ISA is sucessfully being repealed?
We must look at it,in a new perspective, a non partisan strand of view.
Is Malaysia has an adequate sets of acts and laws to control the unexpected scenarios regarding our social fabric?
Is the whole systems of justice ready to undergo the transition, to handle the cases of the unexpected scenarios?
How can we define the cases that can affected our social milieu?
There are many others things to be considered.
Before making a decision.
Let us think before act.
Still,the ISA need to be abolished.

January 7, 2010

Call for all of us.

There is no other way to show our anger.
Let us get down to the street,demonstrating.
They are using the 3 R,royalty,races and religions only for themselves.
I do hope, there will be a concious movement among all of us.
Sincerity,tolenrancy,it is all gone.
It is for us to find one.
One for our country.
Unite people of my country!