December 31, 2009

Revisited People's Power Movement

It is vital for us,and for the country.
There are no countries, that are not being born by its peoples movements.
So, why are peoples are so scared to show and demonstrates?
It is in the Constitution, it is all the rights that we should being celebrated,
to celebrate our differences, and not just our equality.

I do hope,that 2010,will promise us with better participation from the peoples,
like we do it in the past.

Let us revisited some of the most prominent events of people's power movements that took place in our mother land of Malaysia.
  1. A picket led by Hamid Tuah and the peasants of Sungai Sirih,Selangor in reclaiming their hard earned lands around the year 1959.
  2. The Malays against the Malayan Union formation.
  3. Hartal by all Malaysian on 20th October 1947
  4. The Utusan Melayu workers against the take over by the Perikatan governments on 21st July 1961. The freedom of speech were never recovered after that incident,until today.
It is time for us, to make a pledge for our country,
to achieve the historical victory of the majority masses against the minorities authorities.
Lets move on,for a better Malaysia.

December 21, 2009

Remembering the Memali’s tragedy

It was being manipulated to put the blame on the peasant society.

Deviant teachings, they said.

So, they killed 14 peoples from them.

InsyaAllah, the martyrs they had become.

So what’s up with the trial?

For those who do not know,

The culprits are still alive and kicking,

Talking craps to the media.

Are we conscious enough not to let this tragedy be in vain?

Al Fatehah for them, the martyrs of Memali.

December 17, 2009

GST and Corruption,The Oppresor and the Oppresed

It is being projected that we can received up to RM 14 billion on the first year of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation,
but how many more can we save if we are seriously fighting the corruption to its core?
Maybe you can say its a different thing altogether,
but can you see the rationale thing behind losing our tax money,
to the many cases of corruption,then.

Who Cares About 1 MALAYSIA?

What we really need now is the society social integration rather than assimilation rhetoric,
wake up peoples of all Malaysian from the different races, ethnicity,and religions,
when what we are supposed to fight is the paranoia among us,
not the differences among us,
so, who cares about 1 Malaysia?

December 13, 2009

Are We Doing Enough?

The government would be aware of their independent, emancipated peoples,when the peoples are aware of various social spectrums of their conscious needs. Are we doing enough?

December 4, 2009

Malaysia,Between Anarchism And Dictatorships

The long history of our country has noted various remarkable times in surviving different political milieu of ideology practises. We had experienced both, the dictatorships of the theocratic element before the creation of the nation called Malaysia and the post independent era of mild anarchism in our country, the 1998, where the supporters of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, had resorted in making public rally and demonstration to object the sudden resignation which had being perceived by the public as the political assassination.

The tussles for power, as all of us know, are addictive. James Madison, the backbone behind the Constitution of the United States of America had left us with very useful minders on how we should understand the power, absolute power. He said that the problem, where men govern other men is two fold. First, you have to ensure that the government has the capacity to govern and is in control. Otherwise, anarchy will follow. Equally important is that the same government obliges itself to some control and limits. If not, it will be a dictatorship.

There is no clear, visible parameter on how we can create and protect the core fabric of our society entities and cultural purities (the ethnicity, religions, races, etc) in creating the much needed reform of our country unless we can be brave in facing the reality of the ever changing structure of the society, mould in the principles and disciplines understand by all entities representing both, the majority and the minority of our nation, which lays on the purity of the powers that leads and follows.

The success in setting good precedents of implementing the separations of power between the government organs, within the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, are seen as a vital element in creating a balance society, thus projecting an ideal political landscape which combine all the important necessities of the much needed nation building process, which have being marginalised by our own ignorance toward its essentiality in ensuring the survival of our own social sphere qualities.

Continuous and progressive participation through various democratic approaches and mediums means by the civil society must be encouraged in stimulating the sense of consciousness towards the responsibilities in creating the “check and balance” forces to protect the actual interest affecting the majority masses in the most democratic manner, full of virtues and morality, in line with our nation Constitution regardless of our affiliations and beliefs.

The constant reliabilities factors in enforcing the sets of laws and acts amended by the authorities must be seen, and proved to be biased towards the social justice, must be uphold and not hold, by the chains of any undemocratic, oppressive manners in revolutionising the culture of our nation in a way full of virtues. It must be made in order for the current progress of our national agenda not to be stopped, and being stagnated due to the inability of the minority authorities in addressing the actual needs of society.

We must bear in our mind that, the reality gap prevailed between the anarchism and dictatorship is insignificant yet dangerous and harmful for our national social fabric, thus the needs for our consciousness towards the understanding for the ultimate extent of democratic practise must be projected in the most suitable manner of achieving the contradicts, to complement the needs of Malaysia.

December 1, 2009

Escapisms of Stagnant Ideologies

In what way does any ideological practise of our society remain relevant in term of its practicality and suitability to be able for it to be seen holistic in addressing the needs of the ever changing society?

The answer is that it will remain a great discovery of experiment for those who are willing to question the social practises of our today’s society. It is indeed a very remarkable achievement by the former world ideologist in institutionalising the societies towards the desired ideological approaches to ensure continuous power of the authoritarian by certain quarters of the corrupt powers of the world that we have seen today.

The process of the ideological stagnation of the peoples today will affect the acceleration of the people’s movement in understanding the prospect of the future social needs. It is time for us to escape the retardation of human ideological collision by any means that we can think of.

Non conventional approaches are needed to address the different strata of human social ideological implementations to ensure continuous progress of human civilisation. Holistic studies of the ideology are meant to be the catalyst in providing practical alternatives of our modern world today.

Stimulation process through consistent social approaches of the society in providing the masses with ability and sufficient realisation of social needs in eradicating the ideological poverty are seen as a revolutionary way to ensure the flow of ideas and opinions to be understood clearly. These processes require total participation and willingness by the masses in erecting the foundations of the humanitarian beliefs to be the basic constitution in projecting the ideas of ideology.

The understanding and strengthening process of the basic human thinking ideology must be continuously challenged by the majority masses of the society. Ideological development must be seen as a priority in evaluating the many contradictions and differences that we are experiencing today, as a result of our own deeds in neglecting the importance of thinking.

Continuous critical and analytical challenges must be made towards the point of authority in creating positive collision of social perspectives regarding the needs of new ideology in balancing the significant negative impact of the spiritual and material demand from being manipulated to create totalitarian reigns of the modern day history.

As a conclusion, ideological strands of human ideologies must be seen as a positive outcome in celebrating modern human civilisation by establishing the symbiotic relationship between all the qualities of the ideologies exists as a mean in protecting the quantities of today’s society by making the peoples movement as the real opportunist in charge.