December 31, 2009

Revisited People's Power Movement

It is vital for us,and for the country.
There are no countries, that are not being born by its peoples movements.
So, why are peoples are so scared to show and demonstrates?
It is in the Constitution, it is all the rights that we should being celebrated,
to celebrate our differences, and not just our equality.

I do hope,that 2010,will promise us with better participation from the peoples,
like we do it in the past.

Let us revisited some of the most prominent events of people's power movements that took place in our mother land of Malaysia.
  1. A picket led by Hamid Tuah and the peasants of Sungai Sirih,Selangor in reclaiming their hard earned lands around the year 1959.
  2. The Malays against the Malayan Union formation.
  3. Hartal by all Malaysian on 20th October 1947
  4. The Utusan Melayu workers against the take over by the Perikatan governments on 21st July 1961. The freedom of speech were never recovered after that incident,until today.
It is time for us, to make a pledge for our country,
to achieve the historical victory of the majority masses against the minorities authorities.
Lets move on,for a better Malaysia.

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