November 16, 2009

Revolution Towards Malaysian Art Cultures

What is it so important with the revolution of the art cultures?
This question will remain unless we change our attitude towards it, in trying to understand the importance of the art, as the tools of physical and emotional ways of liberties and emancipations of our Malaysian societies.
There are several proposals in making these a reality to ensure understanding of the arts entities to be taken seriously by us.
It is time for the society, to change the attitude in reflecting the needs and importance of the subjects by focusing on the education of arts as a serious indicator to ensure serious progress of the arts revolution. As a matter of fact, there is no art school dedicated within the secondary and primary school systems in Malaysia.
The strengthening process of fundamental and core unit of systematics and hollistic studies of art educations approaches must be made and provided in order for us to be able to create the much needed conciousness of Malaysian towards the importance of arts.
Means of identifying the symbiotic relationships of our diverse social strata will only leave us with a great opportunity in learning the complexity structure of our society in order to project better articulation of our society.
The input of heavy critisms and analytical studies towards of all the social value of the milieu must be echoed through art in order for it to be seen relevant in order for us to interpret the idea in different, new perspectives.
The mediums in achieving the arts revolution in Malaysia must be integrated with a very serious efforts involving the whole sructures of the old and new media opportunities for the messages to be told to the masses.
The availibility of the art sources remains an important catalyst in order for the culture of arts to be seen as an intellectual insight of the Malaysian society. The participation of all education entities must be enhanced and stimulated through various quarters and mediums to ensure further studies can be carried out in a manner of professionalisms.
The needs in addresing the arts revolution as a critical methodology of intellectual collision will only provide us with the opportunity in creating a whole new Malaysian society as a tools of social expression in our country.

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