October 25, 2009

Needs in Understanding the Future Energy Sources

The future sources of power supply are depleting from time to time. The inability to understand the importance of generating our own supply of power sources would spell a doom for our nation’s survival in the instable climate of geopolitical environment.

The modern world had experienced three types and levels of energy power supplies, the coal engine, the steam engine, and current power supplies, the diesel and petrol engine driven. Most of the power supplies did not last long and the race for the next, future power supplies are already on the card.

There are two types of energy, renewable and non renewable sources of energy. The alternatives are for us to consider, and I believe, the best is through the intensive research and development projects involving the agriculture based products, mainly, the palm.

In order to strengthen my points on the topic, I would love to list down some of the relevant perspectives to be taken into consideration,

1. From the economic perspectives

· The raw material supplies are stable as Malaysia is the leading exporter of palm plantation.
· The cost can be minimised as the feasibility (in terms of expertise, mobilisation, etc) of the material can be achieved.
· The self generate economic potential can be a reliable future prospects for our country.
· Security in terms of power supplies frequency, thus resulting in stable economic conditions.
· Increase the rate of employment.
· Generates national income in a long term prospects.

2. From the social perspectives

· Create and provide a better, standard of living as a result of new opportunities.
· Creating new field of studies, produce more local expertise.
· Creating a conducive and holistic environment for the society, it is proved that agricultural based power supplies are less harmful towards the environment.

3. From the political perspectives

· Provide stability and security for the country.
· Increase our national flexibility and independent quality in terms of providing national power supply.
· Reduce political interference from any potential negative influences.
· Enhance and stimulate the standards of our country’s quality (research and development, education).
The list of arguments here are meant to be an eye opener of the importance of energy power supplies to create an independent nation, in becoming the fore front pioneer entities of changes in terms of the world power supplies revolution


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