June 24, 2009

Strengthening politics of individualistic

Today,as a result of rapid growth of information technologies to the world,the affiliations and connections regarding any political beliefs and ideologies had greatly influence our way and perspectives regarding many hopes and dreams that can be achieved through the powers of politics.

Many have decided to be part of the systems,thus raising many doubts regarding the ability and productivity of the salient individuals quantity in many political systems of the world today.It is very important for the party people to be able to contribute for a better outcome of political objectives thus making the process of strengthening the individuals roles in the political society is very vital and significant for the party's survival.

It is a very healthy culture for a modern,civilized society to be able to adapt and practice the process of politics in a democracy manner.The most important aspects to increase the qualities of individual's participation is through the education of the political knowledge itself.The education process must be made a priority for the individual who want to believe in any political beliefs or ideologies.The process of political education must comprises of many different fields of study(history,social,economy) and must be made norms in various ways of intellectual measures such as the debates,talks and forums.

The other way to strengthen the knowledge of politics in individuals is through the actions and involvement in the political systems.The ability to celebrate and tolerate many different views and perspectives is indeed a quality that must be kept preserved and practiced in order to achieve the objectives in a consensus manner.Besides that,an individual with a clear principle and integrity regarding the political beliefs is also one of the important quality in strengthen the ability of individual contribution to the progress of the political ideologies.

Engagement of individual practical ideas also must be taken seriously in order to maintain the momentum of significant values thus resulting a positive culture in appreciating the democratization of thinking among the individual of the party.The ability of this situation to be manipulated is very important to enjoy various perspectives and views from an individual constructive thinking.This approaches is to refrain and restraint any direct influences to the individual opinions and avoid the retard and stagnant way of thinking.

Lastly,as an individual,we must be able to distinguish and differentiate the positives value for us to adapt in everyday life.We must not blindly support any approaches taken by the political systems as the superiority of the society must be led and governed by common humanity touch,and not through any oppressive natures of any political systems.

As a matter of facts,I hope,through these productive continuous efforts in political education by the individual,it will be a positive contagious culture for our society to produce a quality involvement thus celebrating the meaning of political power in different perspectives from the view of an individual.

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