June 21, 2009

Hypothesis of terrorism conspiracies in Southeast Asia

Ambalat,Patani,Myanmar,Batu Puteh and the disputes on borders between Thailand and Cambodia.These may be nothing or something.The name of the places and situations mentioned here may left us wondering what are the significant and important messages that I would like to share with the all the readers.

I am just thinking and hoping that my hypothesis and the revelations here should be made aware to the public and the authorities so that the negative implications and consequences can and should be retarded with any means of diplomatic measures to ensure our region is free from any terrorism conspiracies that may sparks or ignites the arms races between the country.

It is very common for any region in this world to be exposed to this kind of uncertainties,so it is better for us to understand and react to any possible consequences that might affect us,as a whole region of Southeast Asia in a long time to come.For examples of affected nations are such as the countries in Balkan region ( mass killing,ethnic genocide),Arabic region (terrorism affiliated with religion),African region (civil wars between tribes) and the contagion of terrorism involving the Asia region (terrorism affiliated with races,religion).

The similarities between all the places and situation here are the symbolic and significant influences and involvements of external factors motivated by the rampaging extension of political powers to achieve modern imperialism.I am not being skeptical here as the facts had shown that the modern imperialism nowadays really have the capability and ability to influence the much smaller country to follow their lead.

It is very important for all of us,as the Southeast Asian region's citizen to urge our country's authorities in accommodating,acquitting and being flexible to any matter regarding all the disputes that arises so that it can be solved within the region itself.It is vital for us to have a clear objectives on all of our foreign policies in giving the rightful acts and applications to ensure the stability of our region is being kept preserved.

The widely usages and involvements of heavy artilleries and ammunition in many recent attacks involving the public civilians really sparks and ignites the question and strengthen my hypothesis of terrorism conspiracies.I am very worried if these trends of manipulating disputes between civil country as a catalyst to a catastrophic consequences to ensure the economic advantages in certain imperial country to become a liability in many different aspects and circumstances thus resulting in affecting the efficiency of coping to another country.

As a conclusion,as an idea of the hypothesis,the spaces for any inferences are still open for us to discover the actual and possible conspiracies regarding the issues and manipulating the resultant forces in a positive ways.A bleak and chaotic situations,indeed,will emerge in our region if there are no practical and dynamic diplomatic measures are to be taken seriously by the authorities in governing and confronting any possibilities of unwanted essences and substances of terrorism in maintaining our region's sovereignty.

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