May 29, 2009

Of revolution,evolution and the society

Evolution and revolution have played a pivotal roles in the modern and past civilisation to mould different way of thinking.Both have the opportunity to shine in what we all believe as the catalyst of optimistic thinking value to ease the burden of diffrent strata of society.Different ideologies have being created to fulfill the needs of evolution and revolution happened according to the time and action taken whether it is drastically or slowly being implemented.Some may last.Some may not.It is all up to the system and way of reviving the true forces and momentum for it to achieve what is being desired by the avant garde thinker of many different targets and beliefs to fulfill different groups of obligations.
Muhammad S.w.t, Isa,Che Guevara,Charles Darwin,Stalin and many more have succeed and failed to achieve what they believe.Different ideologies have being created but the true movers of the ideas behind every revolution and evolution is the true understanding and manipulation of the society in practising the culture of thinking.It was widely being recorded in the history of many parts in the world that responsible society mainly the different class of them combined together in order to believe and save their ideas.
The responsibilities of the society and their ability should not be wasted.Their flow of free thinking should not be barred by any means just to ensure certain class of people society to achieve their own thought of survival.It is so wrong,morally,to be able to achieve the minds restriction especially when the understanding and implementation among the society is far more greater than the government that are being elected or many different institutions that are being uphold proudly when the true strata of societies are suffering from the irresponsible consequences of incompetence administration.
What are being seen as importance sometimes can be represent in many ideas of the revolution and evolution whether it is really a good or subtle way.Or just an idea to be achieve in a greater or smaller scale.Quantity over quality.Or vice versa.Is it really the way of life represent the true nature of society or is it how are we gonna endure many different aspects of society obligation.Sometimes,the scale success in a small way is better than a big way.The way of different thinking must be oppose by facts,not emotion.The participation of different class of thinkers are better to strengthen both the formal and informal education and understanding receive by the society.
It is better to conclude that revolution and evolution must be achieved by the society own's accord and there should not be any harm of indifferencess or merely a fault should be highlighted as a result of many way of thinking collided to produce greater momentum.What we really need to exercise and trust is by taking part as there is no way we can believed and succeed in a quest of many falling dominoes of the world ideologies of revolution and evolution except for our willingness to participate

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