May 30, 2009

Nature of revolution application

It is all despair and real pessimism in the face of imminent and total destruction thus making the rise of a bright,new and just world system and order seem very illogical from the very beginning.This situation has created and should be replaced by optimism and hope of revolutionary thinking lead by all of us,the leader of tomorrow,who are willing to care and dream of a better system for many different field such as politics,economics,relation and etc.

The supremacy of this revolution should be uphold and believed,not by recruiting,but through the rigorous implementation of understanding.It should be very open and critical by providing the best medium for all the citizens of the society who support the aims and principles.It should be kept simple.Works as an intellectual body rather than political movement thus making the core of the way of thinking is through education and maximum research of different branches of knowledge.

Pure education of the system should be received by diferent strata of society to ensure the truth about the system that we are proposing can be used againts any repressive and oppresive nature of any future for a just system of the world to become reality.Many ways and means can be used in order for the best outccome of the movement to be achieved.Firstly,as stated above,through education where different class of citizen can be part of it,without any restriction of different opinion of ideologies and any religious matter.As long as the quality and competency in ensuring the noble human liberties can be achieved and practised without fear of uncertainty outcome.

Secondly,we should develop strategic and optimistic plans and strategies comprises of different generation of professional irrespective of their field as long as we can work very hard to push the revolution of the whole system to the maximum for a better outcome to the society.The reform of the system should be carried out based on the quality of past system,whether it is liberalism,socialism or even the dying system of capitalism.

This association of recruiting thinking citizen should be able to mix and involve people of any ideologies to achieve greater understanding to maximise the true potential of the people helping them to give total contribution towards the process of liberalisation of the society's system comprises of many variation of dicisplines of knowledge and application. This process will ensure a healthy competitions of knowledge thus helping the quality of the objectives and subjectives of the future system to be achieved and applied to many perspective of daily application.

Some of us may be afraid to believe in any revolution action,even when we are hearing the word revolution,it will ignite and spark doubt of uncertainty on the future of the system that we are going to live with.For me,it is different and wrong to talk on revolution of action without consulting the state of our mind evolution.As a conclusion,every steps that we take,it should be accompany with our mental preparation to achieve the best of the past,the gift of present and opportunity of the future for any of the revolution system and action to be taken.


  1. where did u get this revolution idea at the first place?

    anwar perhaps? zahid hamidi ka?

    don't tell me it's ilham while sleepin,
    cause i gona believe ur janngut

  2. haha
    kerna diri ku begitu bahagia

  3. it shoild be our priority to put these ideas straight to where it belong la mat
    haha.......change wat we shud change for a better malaysia