July 24, 2009

Basic Failures of Malaysian Nationalists

The process of globalization. It is happening, very fast indeed. The ability of not adapting to the process will be a disadvantage opportunity for the party involved in the spreading of nationalism ideology. There will be useless and disappointing consequences marking the ending of the nationalism practices in protecting the local interests in terms of the national social sphere priority.

The ability in adapting to the needs of globalization hidden agenda will be an advantage for the nationalist to differentiate and distinguish the capability and the ability for them in making and abiding to the nature of nationalist agenda. It is very important for the nationalist, in nature, to give an analytical thinking and thoughts in projecting holistic approaches in addressing the needs of the national agenda in terms of the social sphere as a whole.

One of the main challenges in the agenda of a nationalist is the ability in preserving the local features such as, the language. Sadly, here in Malaysia, the so called, nationalist and protector of the soil, hiding behind the rapid process of globalization, have been seen in neglecting and sidelining the importance of the mother tongue language. The education policies and many others’ flip flop’ decisions are being made to satisfy the blind hunger and stupidity of a trap, imperialist state of mind.

The deteriorating confidences among the premier authority in giving and expanding the usage of the national language as a language of knowledge is very disheartening. Some of the proclaim nationalist proudly stated that our language is never being able to compete as language of knowledge. It is one of the most stupid accusation and opinion made by one high profile stature of the society elected by the people to serve the country national agenda.

Based on facts, eighty percent of the science terms in English rooted from many other older languages from the empire of Greece and Rome. This situation has clearly justified the importance of productive measures in translating the knowledge into our own language. Another clear example is by studying our history on how, the most successful empire of our country, the Mallaca empire strived in terms of science and technologies particularly, in the fields of maritime and agriculture aspects without depending on other language.

So much damage has being done, yet so much measure must be taken in order to preserve and strengthen the deteriorated functions of the national language. The situation on this matter must be taken seriously by the entire citizen, in taking the responsibility of making the agenda a success in reality adaptations of our modern society. The skeptical and rhetoric approaches must be decline in a first place to ensure the true movers of the agenda comprising of the educators and language lovers in making necessary revolutionary measures to heal the wound created by many undue influence and mistrust in strengthening the pillar of our culture.

What we have seen and experienced, sadly, here in Malaysia, is not an entirely a true nationalism ideology responsible in protecting and guarding the national and local interest perspective but unfortunately, an exaggerate, impractical, and quixotic works and acts of an opportunistic nationalist in securing the power and wealth of the country that will destroyed itself as a result of the inability to cope and face the continuous and principles identities of the nationalist agendas of our own country.

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