June 9, 2010

Chartering Prospects of The New Forces.

Recent uprising of a new political bloc, comprises of Brazil, Russia, India and China with the notable acronym of BRIC, and surprisingly the Muslim populated nations of Iran and Turkey, both with a long history of civilizations, will surely chartering a new direction and prospects for the betterment or even an absolute risk of failure within the current hegemonic grips of United States and its loyalist ally, of United Kingdom.

Back with natural resources, strategically located, prominent contributor to advancement of technologies, quality and effective leaderships persona, are some of the qualities in reflections of the progressive new front of forces, but what are the actual prospects for them, in taking up the challenges for making the world a better place with the many challenges ahead.

Critical analysis must be made, through active participation of the world civil society, in order for us, to be benefit under the new flags of power with the whole disciples of human essentialism, can be thoroughly review and intensively implement.

It is the nature of power, to stimulate greed, and it is not an exclusion factor for the listed nation, unless they seriously take the forefront lead in reaching out the empowerment of its society, and best, with the participation of the whole world society within the humanity scopes comprises of their openness to articulate the ideas in economic, politics and socials, with the absolute beneficiary, is the world populations.

The biggest distractions, on reviving the needs, common needs, of the world today, come from the inability of the respective nations in working out within the same framework, for example, in human rights issues, where clearly, some of the potential nations, are still struggling to cope with the demanding needs of human rights issues to be addressed, as continuous refutations by the authorities, and worst, by the people themselves, seriously leading us away from the actual unity in building a serious power to be reckoned with.

In order to achieve the respectable positive output, there must a serious input, starting by the readiness of the top authorities, to address any matter within the scopes of humanitarian essentialisms face by any nations, in inclusive manner, rather than practicing selective exclusivity in order to gain political mileage, thus creating unnecessary consequences regarding the building up process of the much needed regenerated entities to bind people, with the world as its priority.

I do believe that the ongoing practices of divisive factors, within the nations, to protect the so called 'sovereignty' of the country, is an absolute illusion, as the people should be aspired to be guided under the same platform of humanity essentialism, which is the way forward in making the idea to be relevant, in the search for a new base of idealism, with the essentialism based humanity should be prioritized in order to propel the future power, to a new standard of responsibilities.

Justifications through the people participations, on all aspects of societal disciples, economic, and politics, are seen as the main catalyst, in enhancing the needs for democratic platform, in ensuring, that the actual objectives in setting up the new sets of world powers, is not to acquire precedents from the current imperialistic minded nations, unless to emancipate the whole world populations to a higher degree of humanity practices ,not only in their respective countries, but the world as a whole.

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