June 8, 2010

Of Boycotting the Egypt, and Reformations in the OIC.

The nature of this boycotting campaign is more towards as a reactionary protest of the Egypt government, rather than the people of the nation as a result of the unpopular moves of shutting down the Rafah Border taken in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Continuous condemnation, must be channel straight to the authority of Egypt, who continues to be more inclined towards the United States foreign policy rather than the masses of the Egyptian country, whom I believed in taking up an independent stance as a sovereign country.

The first steps, is by reviewing its places in the Organisations of Islamic Conferences (OIC), and holistically, taken a drastic changes to the structural of the OIC, to be an independent entities, instead of being divided under the nation flags, which clearly send a wrong message in uniting the ummah.

Secondly, OIC, must take a serious stance in highlighting the needs of the peoples comprises of economic,political and social strategically, and views human rights as the main catalyst in regenerating the reformation within the peoples movement, led by the people themselves as clearly, human rights violation is a salient rampage in most of the Muslim populated countries.

Thirdly, building an intellectual fronts comprises of scholars from various school of thoughts, in addressing the actual needs of the Ummah, instead of sidelining on the authorities of the corrupted government incapable of making a changes,as a result religious camouflages approaches, building a neo-fascism which disallow healthy and democratic debates in order to stimulate a knowledgeable society,as a whole. .

Fourthly, there must be an independent body, in every OIC states, responsible in ensuring the universalism values and essentialism needs of all the peoples society, such as the importance and enhancing of educations proggrames, are being put in line, to ensure the uniformity of people's priorities.

Fifthly,the practices of putting the religious body under the government authorities, must be intensively review, based on the meritocracy of the proposed guidelines based on the capability and ability in putting through the much needed reformation of societal interpretation based on religious intellectual disciples.

Lastly,although I believe that this should be the number one in the list, is our society must be guided by the Quran and the Sunnah, and must be seen as an important sets of constitutions,especially in the OIC political structure.

The modest lists of mine, are far from convincing and complete, as it is merely touching on the basic deeds of reformations of the OIC, instead of the whole Ummah, but I believe that OIC, is the most realistic platforms in relishing the reformations of our society, in the most democratic ways, as uphold by most Muslims.

The actual reformations process are far from being started, nor it will be started in the near future, unless we, as the Ummah, clearly have the capacity in justifying the needs, in the same social wavelength, in building, not just another political power front, unless we clearly embedded our mind that we are not going to be just another warfare based imperialistic mind, but to focus on the human, as a whole rationally, and not sentimentally.

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