May 11, 2010

New Paradigm of Democracy Interpretation,United Kingdom Post Election

The failure of three main political parties, Labour Party who reigned the premiership for 13 years, Liberal Democrat Party, the unlikely king maker of British political horsepower and Conservatives Party as led by David Cameron in making the first significant political breakthrough, to gain a comfortable majority and absolute mandate in the last general election of United Kingdom had spark a new dimension of understanding within our political milieu.

The question remains whether is there a new paradigm of understanding the meaning of democracy, in order to stimulate the much needed reform in our political faith?

I believe the answer is yes.

The recent democracy practices of electorate, is the main power in creating the much needed understanding of the new sets of democracy rules, where uncertainty of the government, meant as the real political power for the peoples

It may seem as anarchistic in nature, but the totalitarian state of the government is more dangerous in nature, as the whole state power, are within their own compound.

The real nature of democracy is from the people, for the people, as ruled by Abraham Lincoln and it must be understood, and cannot be underrated by any means of power, except by the people themselves .The utopian society of idealism, are within our reach as the basic roots of democracy, is being revived through the political understanding of ours.

It is time, for us, to have a clear, distinguish facts, in the argument of political government, whether we, the people who are leads, or are we just another political means of manipulation in achieving political consensus among the so called leaders of our day.

The logics behind these issues is that we are too vulnerable for all propaganda that are being spread out by the authorities, in example, how could the united kingdom government allow the continuation of suppression in Iraq, using war as the answer, when at the first place, I believe that most British peoples were against the idea of war at the first place as initiated by the former prime minister, Tony Blair in ordering its troops for an invasion of Iraq, with another allies?

The imbalance of representatives’ numbers in the system of Westminster, should put democracy of principle to their own test, sticking to a more people oriented approaches, in order to create a new significant symbiotic relationship between the people, and the government they have elected.

It would be a blessing of disguise, for those who believes in quality, instead of a strong quantity, if we can really articulate the idea of creating strength within principle as laid by the peoples themselves, implemented by the government, and not by numbers only, as logically said, quality does not mean quantity.

This idea is a pure hypothetical analysis on how we can stretch our power, instead on focusing on the power of authorities, which are supposedly in line with the majority of the peoples.

Hope are something that is not going to make us fail, and the hope in seeing these continuation of electoral trends is hypothetical, in achieving the balance notions between the idea of 'anarchistic' or pure 'totalitarian' in modern day practices of democracy.

Let us hope only the best to prevail.

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