May 16, 2010

The Unbecoming of Party Oriented Nation.

The failure of civil society in recognizing the much needed reform in projecting the political orientation of our country will lead us into oblivion perspectives in our nation development.

Indeed, the confusion of party, as the platform of nation struggle, should be put to an end in order to path the new way of struggle within the society, which is through their total participation, minus the involvement of the political party as their base of movement.

The struggle movement of the civil society, should instead focus on widen their societal ideologue comprises of nation interest, above any political strand available in our nation political landscape to enhance the effectiveness in overcoming the woes of the nation.

Sets of arguments should be tolerated, by those who believe for truth to prevail, and not unveil, unless by the participation of the society at large and not just confine to the party views and dictatorships of its related authorities figures.

The ability for society to take charge of the political progress of the nation, should be seen as the pure democracy practices and the way forward in relishing the real opportunity of creating a utopia society.

The confinement of party, as the movement of people, should be seen as a deteriorate medium, as the movement of the peoples are being oriented by the rigid party principles, and not the principle virtues of the people themselves.

In order to understand the needs of the party, we should first understand its factor of party's formations, which mainly consists of majority supported affiliations concept, for example, religions, races or even idealism based party.

As stated above, affiliation is the most significant factor of party formation, but how about those in civil society, who have different sets of argument? Are they will be sidelined as a result of the so called majority?

So, how is the process of democracy going to take place, within the confinement of the narrow parties perspectives, when at the first place there is real, significant neglection in our part of society?

It is our time and duty of relishing a total holistic approach of democracy, in celebrating the needs of multi stranded ideology in political orientation by avoiding any forms of selected and biased democracy practices among the peoples of the Malaysian state.

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