May 30, 2010

Rationalization of Subsidies and Its Effects Towards Education

The rationalization of subsidies, as proposed by the government in order to control the deficit of the country's yearly budget which has steadily rose up to 7.4 percents every year since 2009 as a result of mismanagement and incompetence of the authority as projected by Malaysian Institute of Economic Research must be taken into consideration.
Still,I do believe that certain quarters of the industries should not be allowed to be interfere as a result of this so called 'rationalization of the subsidies'.

The certain quarters of sectors that need to have an absolute channeling of subsidies is the education sectors as in the objectives stated in the New Economic Model (NEM), which clearly promoting the three pillars consisting of sustainability, inclusiveness and high income trajectory for the population.

In order to implement the NEM, the failure in addressing the needs of education and its disbursement of an effective allocation towards education sector is a catalyst for a stagnant development in reaching out the objectives of inclusiveness within the nation populations.

It is my utmost fear that the resorts of slashing the subsidies for the education sectors, will negatively implicate the nation in the near future, as I believe that education should be seen as an investment for the people, and not to gain political mileage within the country political landscape.

The ability of the country premiership in securing the education towards its people, regardless of races and creeds, should be the priority in our national budget in ensuring sustainable development of the country in producing professional workforce can be achieved.

The educational literacy should be enhance, on par with the world standard, in order to gain result of the capital development for future expansionary educational process within the country, as I believe that, by providing dependable systems of education, then only the nation is in the right direction of becoming a developed country.

Once again, I am stressing that any process of cutting the education subsidies will only have stagnated implication on the seriousness of the government in creating a world class population in order to compete with the rest of the world.

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