May 18, 2010

Media Failures on War Against Terrorism

The understanding of recent terrorist acts occur around the world today can be traced back and analyze based on several integral factors embedded in the issues surrounding the terrorism itself. One of the factor worth to argue lays in our roots of dogmatic, biased understanding of different culture in affiliations within our own media practices.

The media ability in articulating reports regarding terrorism can only make the perception of religious-based terrorism worsen day by day in our new, globalised era of information as in the study by Noam Chomsky on the Iraq invasion by the United States which had created " a sevenfold increase in the yearly rate of fatal jihadist attacks",which clearly justify the needs to reform how the new form of media should be maximized in order to minimize the impact of terrorism,in years to come.

It must be understood by all, that most terrorism acts are being catalyzed, by self ignorance and isolation of the society, towards the roots of dogmatic lies being spread out as a result of sidelining the media potential, as relevant medium in portraying the much needed information.

Various sources of information in revealing the current acts of terrorism, within affiliations scopes, whether it is religion or nation, are something to be condemned off. It must be spared in mind that, terrorism has no affiliation, except as a result of our own affiliation's ignorance.

For an example, take the case of Faisal Shahzad,the alleged terrorist Pakistan born American by citizen. In this particular case, there is a significant growing dillusionment with his own country system failure in addressing the needs in building a bridge of cultural understanding, and the failure of the media in reflecting unbiased information, which is getting scarce day by day and it is not a minority cases affecting our milieu today.

The medium of media information now, is no longer just a mere information carrier, it has being used as an effective political warfare tools in carrying propaganda against terrorism as it is now, but I do believe that this kind of media practice will only produce more harm than good, in infiltrating more damages towards the relation of terrorism and on the implication of affected nation.

The quick allegation of the media especially on terrorism acts in making various statements and claims towards certain affiliations is a sheer regret, as it does implicate a serious complication in fighting and winning the war of terrorism, which is producing more and more potential terrorist as a result of misinformation in affiliations within the terrorist networking, mainly operating where there are continuous suppression and oppression in the region by the so called authorities of the world.

Logically said, why are there continuous occupations by United States, in those region unless to spark a new risk and potential of rebel terrorism?

Is that the only way in spreading the idea of democracy, which is through undemocratic preaches, which is the war?

These are some of the question that the media of the day need to answer, before implicating any acts of terrorism within any scopes of affiliations, in order to divert the war on terrorism to its right place, which is our ignorance in celebrating our own differences.


  1. As for me. I believe,the media has not fail. In fact, it is their victory that they successfully spread the society from real information and thus creating fitna. This is what they want. Not to tell us the truth. Create lies so that ignorance society will believe in something not true and blame religion, Islam particularly. For the society to believe in democracy as freedom when in fact democracy is their channels of spreading their influences. Democracy is their propaganda while the media is their weapon.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. Allah knows best.

  2. true,indeed.the media have never failed us,but it is the mainstream media that continue to haunt us in the process of prevailing the truth.
    for example,global media,everyday trying to portray the muslim in palestine,as a suicide bomber,but what they are not reporting are the ongoing silent suffering of the muslim there,even here in malaysia,the paper did not highlight the woes of the palestinian.
    Same goes with our brothers and sisters in thailand,its the peoples,they want to portray as terroirst,when at the first place,its the government and the media who failed to contain the truth in exposing the contributory factors of terrorism.