May 30, 2010

Rationality Above Sentimentality.

Malaysia will be projected to be bankrupt in nine years time, and according to Idris Jala, the cause of the situation happen as a result of giving out subsidies.

I beg to differ, although the acts of supporting the subsidies is being made in a populist stance, we must understand where the country is going under this current corrupt and incompetent administration.

Surely, it is doom to fail, unless we are dare to change.

It is not merely just a change, it should be a revolution, in terms of our mind sets. We must start being total independent, and the rakyat should be the political capital in the acts of implementation, and not just another votes for the government that we are electing.

Rationality must always be above sentimentality. And it is time to do that.
Go read and participate. Spread the word.
Be part of it.

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