May 25, 2010

Reminder for Us

Continuous suppression on workers are daily, and worst, we did not even care to do something.
What we do really care, is how to use exclusivity instead of inclusivity in making a policies, neglecting the masses.
What are we becoming of actually?
Everyday, we are fighting on races and creeds basis, forget that we all need the same thing in our life.
Remember this.
Poverty does not account your color, so does your willingness to make a difference.


  1. good writing. cuma yang nak dipersoalkan adalah, how to implement these ideas? the politician nowadays have become so obedient to their partys leadership that the mass of them keep quiet even when the decision made by their leaders are idiotic. When this happen, yb-yb are not fighting for the rakyat who voted for them. but they are fighting for their own existence in the field of politics. Thats why people say nowadays politic is bs.

  2. erm,ak rsa,bnda yg ak tulis dlm blog nie pn,too idealistic,smpai kdg2,realisme dia pn dh hilang sbb ak x ikut current sgt,ak tolak current,tp bg ak, tu la yg terbaik...sbb kte dh lama sgt ikut current...n psal politic is seen as bs,its our obligation la to ensure that only the best to enter the politic,and its not a one man responsibilities,its our responsibilities,so kna start skarang la kot..
    nk join x?