May 13, 2010

What's up,PERKASA?

It is a basic logic, for you to gain support, you should have the support of the majority, and it is what PERKASA has been doing intensively within the last two years, post of 12th general election.

They claimed that, the Malays are being threatened to lose their stake of their own mother soil. Or is it?

Behind every logic, there is reason, and for PERKASA to claim that, they should provide us, the rakyat, with some statistics and facts to support its logics, which they did not and fail to do so, except for playing with sentiment driven propagandas.

I do think and believe that, it is not merely the power, it is the lust of power, within the so called nationalist scope of ideologue, that they are continue to suffer the disillusionment of losing power. It is the protectionism of the Malay Borguise, hiding behind the Malay peasent, in order to tighten and maintain the grip of power, in order to sustain the wealth of the status quo, manipulatic minds of powers within our country.

In order to justify that, we should look at the PERKASA's so called struggle all this while, are they really fighting for the oppressed majority Malay?

I am daring to say NO. Just have a really good sense of mind, and do think.

  1. Are they fighting against the government implementations of the Goods and Services Tax, which clearly affect 60 percent of the Malays majority household?
  1. Are they fighting for the minimum wage requirement for all the Malay, to be able for them to lead a better life?
  1. Are they fighting against the usage of English, instead of our national language for Mathematics and Science in our school?
  1. Are they fighting against the government actions of relocating and taking the land from the people of Berembang, Segambut and Plentong Jaya?
  1. Are they against the government usage of all the oppressive acts (Internal Security Act, University and College University Acts, etc) which clearly affect the Malay majority?
  1. Are they against the FELDA policies, which clearly have gone to be used as some to enrich only themselves?
  1. Are they against the maksiat, of all kinds in our top national leaderships?
  1. And most importantly, at the first place, are they setting a good example, of how a good Muslim should behave and embrace their brothers and sisters of different religions, races and creeds?

Justifications of races or any chauvinist minded idealism, as a platform of political struggle is something that we must avoid in relishing the construction of a true Malaysian state, in achieving what, we as a Malaysian really deserve for our country future.

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