May 12, 2010

Manipulation of Malay Votes,And Its Effects on Nation.

Circa 1999,the distribution of parliament seat was being made centrically among mixed race constituent, in order to maintain the status quo of the current government after post year 1998 Reformation, mainly to avoid the greater effect of Malay swing vote.

In 2008, the same seat allocation was still in practice, and a greater Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian swing vote happened, thus making the reduction in traditional government parliamentary seats especially in mixed constituents area.

We can conclude that, the so called nationalist of our country, are willing to manipulate the Malay vote’s bank, by using the issues of Malay supremacy, as their main political issues and continue to divert the needs and priorities of the nation, before parties.

The questions remained on the government side of the day, whether it is true, that they are fighting for Malay centric agenda, or is it just merely a political survival using race, as the camouflage?

I believe that, the justification of power survival is the main motive behind the reshuffling of parliamentary seats on year 1999 general elections, and we should continue our analysis for this upcoming general election, with I am predicting there will be a major overhaul within parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak, in order to maintain the status quo of the government.

Is it the status quo of the so called one race that we are going to defend, or the nation as a whole?

The choice is yours to make.

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