May 19, 2010

Understand and Criticizes of State's Relation.

Recent economic downturn of the United States of America, affecting its allies of powers around the world, really was a blessing in disguise for all those in power of our respective country to create and venture into another bilateral and unilateral relationship to distant ouselves, from the hegemony and imperialist politics approaches of the United States and its junior partners allies.

This radical idea of mine in forming a structurally solid government backed by the people centric alliance, are in purpose of creating a more credible, reliable relationship within the nations based on mutual respects, and to uphold the sovereignty of the respective country by the people themselves in order to isolate the power of the modern day imperialist.

The continuous oppression of the United States, especially in terms of their economic policies, were seen as an effective tools in creating a successful divide and rule bloc, by using the means of segregating the integral part of the world society in various exploitation incidences regarding the human rights, which only exposed us, the nations under the so called authorities of the world, both, to their own game of profit, for the allies, and poverty, for those who revolt.

Palestin-Israel conflict, for an example, continue to be the scapegoat of this kind of salient exploitation as a result of our strong dependency on United states foreign policy, deteriorating the functionality of a sovereign country in condemning any forms of human right issues. As a result of this situation, the foreign policy conscience the allies’ nation’s only to a limited scope of physical intervention, except for minimal impact objection, for an example, only during the United Nation meetings.

Worst, any means of democratic measures, involving the humanity means in forms of medical supplies to the badly affected areas of the Palestinian territories also being restricted as it is deem to be seen as against the policy ruled, and roughly being implemented by the United States to the people of Palestin.

It is an absolute shame and disgrace to the entire nation, who practises total silences in order to maintain the authoritive power within their own country, by any shameful means as the exploitation does not stop by stopping the United States only, as the real catalyst of the implementations success, are always the authorities of the nations themselves by agreeing in establishing a puppet regime, by repeatedly turning blind eyes to the real situation and deaf ear to the plight of the oppressed as a result of to satisfy the imperialist state of mind and own lust of power.

Indeed, there is no other suitable time of urging the peoples of all the nations, to have a very serious consideration regarding this situation except for now, by enhancing our respective bilateral and unilateral relationship between nations in creating understanding regarding this situation, to stop, total dependency of the economical grips by building sustainable allies of ourselves.

We must be on the forefront of this idea, through understanding of the real issues, which is our failure in creating an independent economic system, which is currently structurally exposed to various serious exploitation, by the introduction of the free market, which permit the United States of comfortable interference within our national landscape. And the recent economic downturn, I believe was a key turning point for all of us, who believe that egalitarianisms within people of nations should to be put in practices.

However, the questions will remain, whether we are really up to the challenges ahead, by creating formidable alliances, with those who believes that all nations and its people are created equal as to ensure the success of this idea of mine, with a great solidarity from the peoples to abandon the corrupted old regime system.

*As in the proposed idea of mine, I do believe that, the people should be put on top of the nation, to avoid any contradiction and conflict of interest within nation, by merely focusing on the state of its peoples, and the nations, only acts as the common platform of the people.

*United States was being choose, to portray what a dominant force could do, to the other part of the world, if the power is left unchecked.


  1. Hey hi nice article..i think everyone must have to think about to keep and maintain good relation between countries...


  2. thanks,
    erm,i do think that the real relationship between countries should be start by the people themselves,and not by the nations.
    the nations now,only purposely being formed to divide the people, with all types of segregation in its essential nature, like economic dependency, and social interaction in terms of racism.