May 12, 2010

Urge for All Young People.

The task in reviving the spirit of the young generation, must be put in line now, for those who believe in real reformation of our country, by thinking above partisan line, but full of principle in virtues of what a reasonable country man, would do and not do, in understanding the real, significant problems lies, in the roots of the Malaysian society.

Egalitarianism in terms of treat is a mere illusion of our struggle as there is no clear hope in our survival, thus making the reality far from convincing unless there is a revolution of society mindset, in understanding of where the problems rooted.

We do and are expecting nothing from those in current authorities, except for continuous aggression and baseless propaganda of 3R,the Races, Royalty and Religions, as the tools of majority manipulative medium, in curbing the vocation of the young people's responsibilities.

The decaying and rotting institutions, of the political, societal and economical milieu of our country, should be seen, as the real opportunity in diverting the axis of traditional power, to the real, dynamic, energetic people’s power led by the young people, with young minds of idealisms.

In fact, it is something extremely very important in creating forces of idealism and forces of implementations, in terms of the masses, with the young people as the catalyst of the movement.

It may be seem to be idealistic in nature, but the nature of the reality now in Malaysia, is a way far more worrying, and if the trends of isolation and ignorance within the young to continue, it will only lead to one thing, the disarray of Malaysia, as the whole nation, and remarkable failure of a fail country once a power to be.

Continuation of the young in making the silent majority a base of their options, are and should not be encouraged, as it is the mental and physical toughness of us, that prevail the true caliber ,in order to address the societal calamities, involving every roots of our nation woes.

Discouragement of the silent majority culture must be seen as the ignition in creating the much needed reformations within the corrupt institutions of ours, by creating significant mobilizations, participation, through holistic approach of the power to behold, on why and how the systems are working within the Malaysian society structural, in general, and the world, as a whole.

History has always repeated itself, and it would not be a failure, for us, the young people to triumph above the stagnant idealisms of the old in creating the world of ours. We should not be the victim of the struggle, unless the victor in our clashes of war.

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