September 13, 2010

Knowledge and Its Factors of Expansionary Process in Malaysia.

Understanding of knowledge as primary priority in embarking a new sense of civilisation progress is worth to be understood by all major spectrum of society,thus leaving us with diverse range of questions of' 'what is a knowledge,actually?' and what does it meant for Malaysian?

Therefore, in a micro perspective level,I would like to list the arguments within Malaysian scopes,in order to understand the expansionary process in a localised and understandable manner of our domestic society, in no particular order.

  • At what level does knowledge comes as the priority in our society?This argument is really important to create the much needed relation between knowledge,and other symbiotical entities of social affiliation.Examples,religions,ethnicity,etc.
  • How did the penetration of knowledge literacy was first being introduced and integrated to the masses, as a whole in our social structure?In relation to the point of discussion,does structural hiearachy and bueracracy affecting the result of penetration,and what are the example of social medium responsible in providing infrastructures in the expansionary process of knowledge?
  • In what sense does the expansionary process of knowledge accumulation is being developed during three different era of Malay Sultanate,pre independence and post independence of Malaysia?This is to ensure subjective and objective observation can be determined, for a better analysis in relation in line with the time frame set up.
  • When is the exact range of time where the conciousness of knowledge were being actively elaborated?Are there any particular time range where there is sudden awareness of knowledge?It is very important to allow better understanding of the 'catalyst' involve in the process of knowledge expansionary.
  • What are the social entities representing the needs for knowledge elaborative process?examples,unions,agencies,intellectual bodies,etc.
  • Are there any blockade regarding the elaborative process of knowledge, in term of issues on social entities, for examples,stigmas,taboos,etc?And how does its affect the knowledge elaborative measures?Does the elaborative process of knowledge experience stagnation within the society milieu?says,as result of oppression,authocratic usages of authorative tools,example,government agencies?
  • Is the global social,economical and political climate affect the output of the expansionary process of knowledge?for example in term of political perspectives , the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the rises of Islamic groups in our nation political landscape?
  • Are there any definite possibilities of any sorts of cultural exchanges process responsible for the process of knowledges exchanges within the region?Such as,amalgamation, integration,assimilation and acculturation activities that occurred in the time frame proposed here.

In order to understand the needs for knowledge and its expansionary process in Malaysia, retrospective views of historical accounts regarding social, political and economical scopes of studies must be taken into account for further enhancement,especially in the needs to prioritizes our strands of knowledges for future social construction of our society fabric.

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