August 20, 2010

Political Culture of Schizophrenia.

The understanding of where we belong and being affiliated in the systems of society, purposely putting us into a sense of urgency in ensuring that the true connections of ideologue can be established organically, and seen as natural process of ideologue assimilation, with some of the confusion regarding the needs and practicality of the ideologue, thus making the question that were being posted here, will be an enlightenment process in reflecting the essential of an ideologue, within the scope of the society itself.

In what sense does the elements of schizophrenia are rooting in our culture?

What scopes of domestical affiliations are being affected and experienced deterioration, as a result of these phenomenon?

How does the individual, as in a unit and the masses, as in the populist measures can be identified with having a cultural schizophrenia?

At what states, does the symptoms eventually affecting the structural systems of the society?

How do we be able to distinguish and differentiate between the confusion and deterioration within the scopes of cultural aspects?

What is lacking, in term of our understanding regarding the confusion cause by self culture, involving traditional elements, says the monarch system in modern system polity?

In what limits does the cultural schizophrenia are affecting the expansionary process of domestic ideologue?

How do we establish the relation between needs and wants in cultural practices, to avoid confusion and deterioration in terms of forming a symbiotic relationship within aspects of cultural obligation and cultural progression?

In what sense does the expectation in understanding of the cultural schizophrenia will help us to assimilate between different disciplines of modern knowledge, into cultural preferences?

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