July 31, 2010

Language and Expansionary of an Ideology.

Language.Ideology.Two different disciplines, yet are forming an interdependent relationship in the survival of both entities.

The needs to understand both disciplines, and uncover the salient effects of both entities are worth trying, in search for the new paradigm of the society idealism.

Basically, the logic behind language is as a means of communication, and ideology, as a means of ideas achieving goals.

So what do we really can relate and form in order to effectively interpret the ideas of achieving goals,as an efficient means of communication.

I do believe that the real answer can be obtained through the understanding of below questions, in no definite order.

  1. What is the real function of language,and how do the ideas of ideology bind behind the language functionality?
  2. How do we understand language, as an analogy to describe ideology?
  3. Is the language,either being use domestically or internationally, will reflect the types of ideology form?
  4. How do we maximise the usage of language in the expansionary means of ideology?
  5. What are the actual, basic characteristics of ideology that are interdependent and significantly related to the nature of the language itself?
  6. Is there any definite language, for the world,as we are implicating the usages of democracy, as the world mainstream ideologues?
  7. How do we be able to justify language and ideology expansionary method with the locality of the society involved?
  8. And finally, is there any limit to the ideological trajectory to the language potential projected within the same scope of functional characteristics?
The questions listed above were only some of the questions that we need be able to relate and prove the workability, as the searches for a definite ideologue of the society today, I believe, lays on the basic needs to understand the basic natures of both language and ideology, which is as a means of communication for the process of ideas, which do reflect the needs of the society.


  1. erm,tu la,sebab kadang kadang,ape yg ak fham pun,kegagalan untuk kita semua mencerna ideologi pun,kdang terhad pada bahasa penyampaian kita,contohnya,ada ke xde buku tentang sesuatu ideologi dalam bahasa yg selesa kita nak baca

  2. sebab tu aku amek tesl. belajar bahasa and at the same time ideologies. haha. nice post beb.